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Mnet 20s Choice Blue Carpet is nothing to rave about


The blue carpet at the 2nd Mnet 20’s Choice Awards on August 23rd 2008 was nothing to rave about. If anything, the fashions were either seasonally inappropriate (hello Big Bang) or just plain ol tacky (hello Suh In-young). Otherwise, check out the rest of the styles on the blue carpet.

Mnetbluecarpet_20080823_bigbangMnetbluecarpet_20080823_bigbang1Mnetbluecarpet_20080823_bigbang3Mnetbluecarpet_20080823_bigbang4Mnetbluecarpet_20080823_gdragon Big Bang. Fur in the middle of summer? Where is PETA when you need them?

Mnetbluecarpet_20080823_choiminsuh_parkshihooMnetbluecarpet_20080823_choiminsuh_parkshihoo1Mnetbluecarpet_20080823_choiminsuh_parkshihoo2Mnetbluecarpet_20080823_choiminsuh_parkshihoo3 Choi Minsuh & Park Shi-hoo. Ms Choi’s dress is a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. One small tug and she’ll be exposing nothing.

Mnetbluecarpet_20080823_choiyeojin Choi Yeo-jin strikes a pose.

Mnetbluecarpet_20080823_crownj Crown J also strikes a pose. Where is his woman?

Mnetbluecarpet_20080823_djkoo_hana DJ Koo & Hana are green.  Can you tell I have nothing to say?

Mnetbluecarpet_20080823_infinitygirls Infinity Girls all clash.

Mnetbluecarpet_20080823_junjinMnetbluecarpet_20080823_junjin1Mnetbluecarpet_20080823_junjin2 Jun Jin is starting to scare me. He is looking more and more plastic. Maybe it’s the heavy makeup?

Mnetbluecarpet_20080823_kimdaul Kim Daul is a model but should learn how to strike a better pose (below)

Mnetbluecarpet_20080823_kimnayoungMnetbluecarpet_20080823_kimnayoung1Mnetbluecarpet_20080823_kimnayoung2 Kim Na-young has long legs and wants to show them off.

Mnetbluecarpet_20080823_leeyoonjiMnetbluecarpet_20080823_leeyoonji1 Lee Yoonji thinks she is Mulan. Nice try.

Mnetbluecarpet_20080823_limsoyoung Lim So-young could have stitched together this linen dress herself. One pull on a random thread, and the dress will unravel.

Mnetbluecarpet_20080823_mightymouth_parkjisunMnetbluecarpet_20080823_mightymouth_parkjisun1Mnetbluecarpet_20080823_mightymouth_parkjisun2 Mighty Mouth and Park Ji-sun. Ms Park can’t believe she is hanging out with hunky boys.

Mnetbluecarpet_20080823_shineeMnetbluecarpet_20080823_shinee1 SHINee changes from bowl cuts to side swept hairstyle. It looks like their mommas licked it to the side.

Mnetbluecarpet_20080823_SNSDMnetbluecarpet_20080823_SNSD1 Girls Generation (SNSD) barely fit in the photo.

Mnetbluecarpet_20080823_yoochaeyoung Yoo Chae-young is practising her pose for when she is on-stage. It’s exactly the same.

Mnetbluecarpet_20080823_yooseungho Yoo Seungho is awkward. The boy still needs to grow into his hands.


64 Comments on “Mnet 20s Choice Blue Carpet is nothing to rave about”

  1. sweetiepie :) says:

    big bang and seungho <33333
    omigosh top and seungri~ they’re sooooo freaking sexy…
    best dresser for me- TOP

  2. donna says:

    big bang’s new concept: goth! seriously get back together big bang!

  3. ^^ says:

    contrary to wat PS said, i think lim so young and SNSD and all da other females look really good, cept for Infinity Girls, Kim Daul, Kim Na Young, Yoo Chae Young and course Park Ji Sun but she wasn’t really going for da glamour thing so yeah
    i really really like wat SNSD is wearing, and i don’t think wat suh in young is wearing is tacky at all.
    i also like so young’s coz it flatters her
    no idea wat GD and taeyang are wearing though…

  4. ^^ says:

    choi yeo jin’s suit flatters her figure very well
    choi minsuh’s isn’t bad at all
    i think ur a bit biased PS, coz lots of other celebs have worn little tiny things lyk dat, but u never bashed on them…
    i do agree wif da thing about Lee Yoonji’s hair though…
    yoo seungho kinda reminds me of nino from arashi kekeke
    looked at so young again, and i reckon she was da best dressed out of all da pics shown
    her dress is really flattering 2 her legs, and her hair looks really pretty
    and luv da shoes! ^^

  5. lolxx says:

    can’t balme g.d ..
    bcuz of their new album and they have to let others noe..
    He dressed sumthing lyk tat in the MV of OH MY FRIEND…
    can’t balme him!

  6. vivian0304 says:

    Junjin’s cool, love his outfit

  7. SNSD#1Fan says:

    I’m in love with SNSD!

    ❤ Jessica, Taeyeon, Yuri, Tiffany, SooYoung, Hyoyeon, Seohyun, Yoona, and Sunny!<3

    They’re the best!

  8. mad about u says:

    i really do love Big bang,and their song..and they all so hot,and sexy!i wish to meet them one day…but i cant believe that G dragon is Gay!Is that true!?please say that its false!anybody help me!

  9. laura says:

    lee yoonji looks finee.

  10. Eugene says:

    gdragon looks like a sea urchin..

  11. Babygirl says:

    I love what SNSD are wearing, and it’s great to see Lim so young look so mature and beautiful. She’s such a pretty pretty girl *∩_∩*

  12. keyri18 says:

    Big Bang & Shinee<3

  13. myra says:

    did you have to critisize every single picture?? even if they were good??

  14. Kye says:

    What’s with the negative comment on every single picture?

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