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Kim A-joong has flyaways


Kim A-joong should have used haircare products that she endorsed to tame her flyaways.

Or maybe not. If anything, the hair adds some “boon-i-gi” or oomph to the plain outfits. Kim A-joong is the model for the Fall/Winter collection for domestic brand, Yetts. Don’t the pictures make you want to go out and buy the outfits?



37 Comments on “Kim A-joong has flyaways”

  1. Does she have a bellyache? Half the photos are her holding her hips and bending over.

  2. mai-mai says:

    i wouldn’t call them flyaways! more like frizz… :p

  3. rubylovefaith says:

    What with the awkward poses…….is she is pain or something……

  4. updtoday says:

    shes trying to MODEL… sorta high fashion style.

    awkward poses and frizzy hair work in thefashion world

  5. Taejus says:

    ^ no shes not. she’s trying to make the clothes pop.

    and those glasses are certainly helping.

    I want a pair!

  6. YOYOYO says:

    she’s flying YEAH to the hospital! wth is that?! u call that fashion?! i mean i no that im not lyke a fashion designer or anything but i saw many megazine photoshoot that came out way better than this…even if the clothes is not pretty, being a model…you have to pop it duh that’s y they hire her…not lyke its cheap to get her to model for your design….and she can do better than “OMG i NEED to TAKE A DUMP” shot….

  7. erick says:

    her hair seems stiff, good hair are waveing when you jump

  8. jenfraud says:

    i wouldn’t buy that hair product if its gonna make my hair flyway,though i like some of the clothes i find her poses irritating,she’s not even beautiful despite all of the PS she had done on her face,what makes her famous by the way aside from the movie 200-300 pound beauty blah whatever!!?

  9. Ria says:

    HER SHOES. I NEED THEM. I really like those gray leggings and tan boots. I like the first black boots too. OH MAN I need to go shopping.

    Okay, now to get back on topic: SHE IS SO GORGEOUS! OH MY GOD I CANT GET OVER IT!! I’m no lesbo, but WOW her profile and hair is perfection. I don’t even think this is photoshopped, or at least not that much. Gosh, just look at her in the pic with the blue trench. PLEASE TELL ME YETTS HAS AN ONLINE SHOP, AND THAT THEY SHIP TO USA.

  10. ss says:

    honestly these clothes…yeah i’ll wear them if i wanna be a street mime!
    her hair’s goofy. it’s a propeller, taking off CALLING CONTROL DECK!

    still, love her legs & figure (la la la…)

  11. Lynne says:

    I love the clothes in the 3rd photo and 8th photo. The clothes, hat’s, boots etc are awesome. I want clothes like that *___*

  12. headrushhh says:

    is she the middle of her monthlies or something?? holding her hip…and stomach and crouching like that…thinking…”ow…cramps”..??

  13. Minny says:

    I love the black blazer outfit with the green glasses.
    Kim A-Joong looks foreign? I couldn’t recognize her in the first pic.

  14. Isobel says:

    alright, enough with the lame cramp jokes. any model worth her salt knows that to do editorial modeling, you have to do awkward poses that almost make you look like you’re in pain. in fact, the bellyache one is a pretty common pose and everyone in the industry knows or have used it. haven’t you seen vogue?

  15. anay says:

    its called high fashion posing.

  16. -_- says:

    her face has to go but her body can stay.

  17. Hello says:

    Lol it’s so hilarious when actresses who have no idea about style awkwardly attempt high fashion poses.

  18. asianromance says:

    don’t really like the clothes…

  19. measuringsummer says:

    She’s not really successful in attempting the poses high fashion models do. Some people can bend their hips like what she does in the photos and still look natural and well.. high fashion.

  20. Annie says:

    “Lol it’s so hilarious when actresses who have no idea about style awkwardly attempt high fashion poses.”

    I’m pretty sure she didn’t chose any of those outfits. So, her sense of style probably didn’t have much affect on this photoshoot. So uhh.. what are you talking about.

  21. Sandyy says:

    She looks gorgeous and I love the clothes

  22. romar says:

    waaahhh! what is wrong with her? she looks awful… i wanna cut her hair! damn! geez and her poses are so stiff.

  23. bre` says:

    oooh i like that scary photo with her wearing a black suit with alien shades!
    she always does photoshoots with such interesting concepts!

  24. iROCK&WHUT! says:

    uh…..**blink** **blink**…her poses are kinda funnie..=D

  25. ♥이시아~ says:


  26. HAHAHA says:

    i can never forget her old face….keep thinking UGLY, so UGLY

  27. top_lover says:

    I don’t really think she is pretty! More like plastic fantastic,lol!

  28. mappy says:

    I have never considered Kim Ah-joong pretty. Never. No matter what angle it is.

  29. submit says:

    geez people
    a smile wouldn’t fit in these photoshoots.
    thats why models do something called high fashion.

  30. lev says:

    I think she models pretty good.
    The clothes aren’t great though. Let me rephrase that, they aren’t my style.

  31. tomoko says:

    uh, she’s hunched over in ONE PHOTO. and if i had a belly-ache, i wouldn’t be holding my hips.

  32. shuu says:

    her face has always felt plastic to me for some reason…maybe it is?

  33. heerie says:

    her face is so weird lookin’

  34. Jane. says:

    The outfits are adorable.

  35. kookee says:

    Here’s another example of a plastic fanatic thinking she can pull off high fashion poses. Her poses look as fake as her face. Very half-baked if you ask me.

    I have to admit, her profile views are beautiful.

  36. Shinji Lindström says:

    some of you people really don’t understand modelling. awkward is excepted in fashion..the poses are purposely done to look weird, not so she looks like she’s in pain. high fashion..heard of that?

  37. lukewarm.oasis says:

    I like her black boots on the first pic. . .her hair looks weird -_-

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