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Lee Dong-gun uses a long arm for Igawa Haruka


Netizens are getting worked up that Lee Dong-gun is romancing Japanese star, Igawa Haruka. But, the reality is that the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), creators of the unimaginative slogans, “Soul of Asia” and “Sparkling Korea,” (using green and red for the colors when the colors of Korea are red, white and blue, black) have pulled the wool over our eyes by using viral campaigning. Taking advantage of scandal-loving netizens, the government agency started a “rumor” that the two are a couple through Youtube, blogs, and other discussion sites to promote tourism in Korea.

Pretty crafty. Obviously, whoever thought of this at KTO  must be young and happening.

So has this rumor mill increased interest in visiting “Sparkling Korea”? Highly unlikely.

On the other hand, if KTO started a rumor with Song Seung-heon– now that would be a different story.

Incidentally, Igawa Haruka is married and Lee Dong-gun is currently single.



16 Comments on “Lee Dong-gun uses a long arm for Igawa Haruka”

  1. ♥이시아~ says:

    oh. the other is married & the other is single?. haha. Anyways, they look so cute together.~ Hope LDG could find his woman soon. haha. 😀

  2. noire says:

    “On the other hand, if KTO started a rumor with Song Seung-heon- now that would be a different story.”

    Hohoho, can’t help laughing at this statement ^^. Why, out of blue, mention SSH in this ? Why no JDG, BYJ or sb else ?lol.

  3. funkoffan says:

    Well, the colours of Korea’s flag are red, blue, white and black but if you look at the art work around the traditional palaces and gates – green and red are the most prominent colours.

  4. Korean Ajusshi says:

    I can definitely tell that he enlarged his eyes thru plastic surgery.

  5. Hero-JaeJoong says:

    Agreed with PS that starting a scandal prob wont attract anyone to visit korea.
    why nt focus more on other attractions besides the actors?

  6. boolie2woolie says:

    uhm… can’t differentiate that… anyway… he looks so cute! >_<” aw… oppa, saranghae~~~ ^0^’

  7. SP says:

    hahahah That’s funny!!

    Lee Dong Gun is good looking!!!

  8. BKJSuh says:

    Wish her luck. The 2nd vid is awesome.

  9. Taejus says:

    “Incidentally, Igawa Haruka is married and Lee Dong-gun is currently single.”

    LOL! Now you now THAT rumor aint gonna go around well…

  10. cdnpoint says:

    Think about this-why would a government agency want to send out a rumour about a non-couple? South Korea has libel laws so the article seems suspicous. I will look around to see how the story is being told online.

  11. lolz cute picture.

    they need to make more of thme “sparkling korea” commericals like the ones that Rain was in that come on like news channels lolz

  12. cdnpoint says:

    The campaign is aimed at the Japanese market so if you visit Korea Tourism Organization’s Japanese site, the story is posted there.

    I checked the English-International, English-Asian, and French sites for Korea Tourism Organization-no mention of the campaign.

    Guess the recognition value of the actors is what made this campaign an approved one. But it is still wrong to go for a scandal angle if actors value their images and a tourism agency wants to be reputable also.

  13. jenfraud says:

    im not a fan of LDG so i really don’t care who’s he’s dating or whatever…but then goodluck on his career

  14. Sierra says:

    But Lee Dong-gun is equally delicious… to me… haha!

    Not a very smart publicity stunt though… not sure what this was supposed to achieve… tourism? Naaahhh…

  15. chona says:

    She looks older than LDG, right? I think they are not compatible.

  16. piano lover says:

    will LDG reply the fans’ mail???? hope he will… wish 2 hear from him . goodluck wish his career….

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