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Son Ye-jin got married !


No not really. The “wedding” was for Son Ye-jin‘s new film, “My wife is married,” (아내가 결혼했어요) with movie hubby, Kim Ju-hyuk. The “couple” added a fun twist to an otherwise boring press conference by showing up as bride and groom.

During the Q&A session, the 26 year old actress confessed that she felt a bit strange wearing a wedding dress but she likes the groom. Also, she added that shooting the “cute” undressing screens were fun . Really?

The press conference for “My wife is married” was held at the Seoul Plaza Hotel on September 23rd. The movie opens on October 23rd, 2008 in Korea.

The wedding dress is by U.S. designer Kenneth Pool.



Kim Ju-hyuk, Son Ye-jin



52 Comments on “Son Ye-jin got married !”

  1. asianromance says:

    she looks beautiful in the wedding dress and they look like a cute couple!

  2. Booyah! says:

    ^ yes she looks beautiful! ^^
    cute dress too

  3. jenfraud says:

    she’s always been beautiful!!!
    i love her in the movie the classic and a moment to remember

  4. dotdotdot says:

    waaa. soo nice dress.. 😀

  5. nozomi05 says:

    I can’t wait for the movie. I’ve always liked Sohn Ye-jin.

    I like the gown and it looks good on her.

  6. Vanessaly says:

    WOW I thought she really got married. She does look beautiful and the dress is gorgeous. They both look compatible to one another.

  7. HUMHUMHAHA says:

    she looks like she barely hv any make up on and she still looks really hott! OMG

  8. monalisa says:

    This actor is Kim Ji-su’s boyfriend, isn’t he?

  9. SP says:

    She’s sooo PRETTY!!!! She’s definitely one of my favorite Korean actress and I really hope she makes a movie with Jung Woo Sung once again!!!

    Love Son Ye Jin!!!! 😀

  10. Shaenna says:

    Man, I was on the verge of a freak out. PS you got me.

  11. Stephanie says:

    WOw i so shocked when the headlines said she got married

  12. nessa says:

    it’s just weird to me to see Kim Joo Hyuk as a couple with anyone else other than longtime girlfriend, Kim Ji Soo… unless they’re not together anymore? i don’t know, i haven’t been following the personal lives of Korean celebs lately.

    i guess on tv or in movies, that’s different… but here they’re dressed as bride and groom. both are lookin’ good, though!

  13. evvy says:

    She’s at the age anyway…

  14. rk says:

    For a second, i really believed it. lol. good one.

  15. live4music says:

    hahah i seriously believed it at first too! shw is soo gorgeous though! those outfits were a great idea

  16. nikeg says:

    GAH u scared me! Son ye jin is my fav actress hands down! looking forward to her new movie =D

  17. d.mon says:

    I love Soe ye jin.She is very beautiful.

  18. d.mon says:

    She is really cute.I like her.

  19. s123 says:

    she looks good in the dress and they look cute together..

  20. anna says:

    The plot for this movie is just weird ..she’s already married, but she wants to marry someone else ..while still marrying to her husband? I don’t know. I call flop.

  21. rahn says:

    i really like her innocent beauty

  22. jen T says:

    her gown is gorgeous. she looks surreal.

  23. XyLenT says:

    the guy was familiar…the girl is suuuu pretty…it seems liked she’s fully equiped with weapons…looked at her shoes…it was so thick and can be used to knocked her husband’s head when fooling around…^^

  24. qeera says:

    she is a great actress and i love she acts in alone in love and a moment to remember^-^

  25. […] A different chiffon dress by the same designer was recently worn by Son Ye-jin at the press conference for her new film, “My Wife is married.” […]

  26. caleb says:


    i nearly believed that she got married..
    love her. she’s really gorgeous and talented.. so nice!

  27. millie says:

    i love her smile! >.<

  28. avrilvirgo says:

    soe ye jin is my favorite actress
    so, she got married i very sorry
    i love soe yi jin
    her face is prettiest
    soe ye jin , are you very happy?
    good luck soe ye jin.

  29. ching says:

    im glad its only for the show..
    im a big fan of her, love her acting..
    its too early for her to get married though..
    goodluck! hope to see you doing films in hollywood..

  30. […] celebrity brides (both real and not) are loving U.S. based designer, Kenneth Pool’s glittery […]

  31. Laura says:

    She is so pretty. She is my favourite actress. I really love her. I would be happy if she got to marry for real soon. ♥

  32. cyrus lee says:

    She really beautiful !! She is my favourite actress !!!!! I like since she got the drama ( summer scent) !!!!she looked beautiful !!!!! so nice ^.^

  33. albertus dikki says:

    nice dress wedding…..that new movie son ye jin?

  34. MrTan says:


  35. joyo says:

    i love u son ye jin

  36. fhas says:

    i like sohn yee jin too… she got pretty smile… i started to like her since her drama sweet proposal….hope she will get married soon…

  37. Yu Fen says:

    She should act more with Jung Woo-Sung. They make a good couple in real life. I wish both of them become a real couple. Anyway I love the movie A moment to remember.

  38. jenluvjgs says:

    LUV SON YE JIN!!! she’s really beautiful…saranghae UNNI!

  39. CHIN says:

    OMG HER EYE SMILE JUST BEATS every idol ! even with no make up in personal taste drama she look as good as with one ! i think her eye smile is even better then snsd TIFFANY who need make up to hold a eye smile ,where else son ye jin does not even need make up for a BRIGHT EYE SMILE ^^

  40. adilah says:

    it’s great 🙂
    i like your performance 😀

  41. Cute one says:

    i love son ye jin.i like your performance.
    i miss u everytime 🙂

  42. ticka says:

    hopefully happy congratulations

  43. madlyinlove says:

    i love you son ye-jin! will you marry me??? 😀

  44. sexyA says:

    shes so pretty specially in the tv series “perfect match”.shes love team with lee min ho is so cute and they have good chemistry i wish son ye jin and lee min ho has many projects to come…

  45. pretty pink says:

    son ye jin is really very beautiful

  46. asssa says:

    yes! she is so pretty and she is the best actress of all i ever seen in the tv.

  47. ladycute says:

    i like the dress of son ye-jin. it is nice

  48. ladycute says:

    son ye-jin, we hope you can visit Philippines soon. we love you so much !!!!

  49. Son ye-Jin lover says:

    I hope I can meet her in a place where I can hand her a canned drink then she will smell my scent and we’ll never forget each other….

  50. LoveLate says:

    Should marry to Yuri

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