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Koh Ara does ELLE Girl


Koh Ara, known for her tiny face, brightens up the pages of the October 2008 issue of  Elle Girl Magazine (Korea) with saturated colors and barbie pink lipstick.




41 Comments on “Koh Ara does ELLE Girl”

  1. CutiejOy says:

    aw, she’s such a cutie!

  2. asianromance says:

    an okay actress, but got to admit that she’s gorgeous- even moreso without makeup.

  3. Bigbangin' says:

    A TERRIBLE actress, but definitely cute.

  4. pringLe says:


  5. Victor says:

    hazel eyes! XD

  6. Ann*e says:

    she’s adorable.
    she can make those outfits
    look cuteee :]

  7. Rin says:

    Very cute! 🙂

  8. T says:

    Her eyes are such a pretty shape.

  9. Dovey says:

    She’s pretty.

  10. updtoday says:

    shess super photogenic
    and super pretty

    but still i can’t put my finger on it but something bothers me about her.

  11. boldstripes says:

    like the pictures and some shot of her, but…there’s something weird about her, idk what…

  12. s123 says:

    she really has tiny face… it seems that the concept is more like w/ 80’s ambiance…

  13. TomatoJuice says:

    she somewhat resembles,, lee da hae & song hye kyo.. idk y? haha.

  14. ria says:

    Is this the girl from sex is zero? Can someone recommend a movie where she doesnt have to do anything gross?

  15. Draine says:

    Does anyone remember the movie “Mac and me”? Well, I don’t know why, but Koh Ara somewhat reminds me of the extra-terrestrial in that movie…. but she’s still cute.

  16. HxH says:

    Ya she is cute …


    she hv the face like seriously but not for model! her face is good for makeup brand but definitely not cut out to be a model…look at her…she is like a stick! but i definitely like some of her work!

  18. Popseoulovah says:

    Is she a virgin?

  19. HAHAHA says:

    photogentic face but she actually looks very plain in motion

  20. iNDiE says:

    i’m liking the photos. very elle.

  21. mirra says:

    she’s so cute and so so SO lucky to have light colored eyes! loved her in who are you!

  22. . says:

    gorgeous ❤ great actress too~

  23. yeyoung says:

    she is GORGEOUS. i like the last pic the best

  24. Jo says:

    first off, STOP with the comparisons.
    second, appreciate her for what she is and be glad that it is not your own ugly face on the cover of that elle magazine.
    third, stop scrutinizing people because they are skinny gawd.

  25. j says:

    Stfu jo. ur ugly face aint on it either. her face is the size of ur testicle

  26. j says:

    just keeding. :>

  27. nessa says:

    her beauty is really starting to grow on me… she looks different in a lot of her photoshoots. i used to think she was really plain in comparison to other young actresses, but now i think she’s really growing into her beauty. her eyes are especially stunning… she is undeniably a pretty girl.

  28. lalala says:

    i’m always so amazed at her eye color.
    look at them in the zoomed picture.

    it’s hazel-ish, and its completely natural and all hers.

    what korean has eye color like that? dddang!

  29. live4music says:

    she is sooo pretty

  30. nobody says:

    she is such a sweetheart! i adore her!

  31. kristy says:

    she’s PRETTY:]

  32. romele says:

    totally her


    she is beautiful. Love the makeup/colors!

  34. cool, mercib à toi pour l’imagev 😉

  35. ReiHa says:

    love Ara… ^_^ she’s so pretty and cute..

    she’s waaaaaaay better than Park Min Young and Lee Yeon Hee ^^

  36. tessa says:

    so so pretty! jealous of her colored eyes T_T

  37. alona says:

    haiii ang cute mo…. sarang hamnida

  38. Kohlanta says:

    Thank you! Very interesting article.

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