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Paying final respects to Choi Jin-shil……


The entertainment community is reeling from another shocking loss.

Choi Jin-shil took her own life on October 2nd. No one would have thought something so tragic could have happened. Looking back on the day before her death, Choi Jin-shil went about her work as usual. She had a photoshoot at a Kangnam studio in the afternoon and went out for drinks with her manager in Shinsa-dong. After drinking 3 bottles of soju, she told her manager, “I want to die.” At home in her Jamwon-dong home, she told her mother, “I am sad and disappointed in people. Why do they bother me like this? I have nothing to do with the loans…” At 12 pm, she went to bed. At 4 am, her mother discovered that the bathroom door was locked. At 6am, a locksmith unlocks the door and her body is discovered. At 7:34, the police arrived on the scene.

With the recent deaths of Ahn Jae-hwan, and Lee Eon, the entertainment community has lost another star. We hope that there will be no more of these type of tragic losses.

And we hope that Choi Jin-shil can finally rest in peace.


Ahn Jae-woo, Byun Jung-woo, Choi Ji-woo, Shin Aera


Go Su, Jo Sung-min, Jung Joonha


Jung Sun-hee suffers another loss. Our hearts go out to you.


Kim A-joong, Kim Jung-min


Kim Nam-ju, Lee Byung-heon


Lee Seung-yeon, Lee Sora, Lee Jung-ja


Noh Hong-chul, Yoo Jae-suk, Park Myung-soo


Shinae went to Choi Jin-shil’s house on the morning of the 2nd upon hearing the news.


Shin Ae-ra, Uhm Jung-hwa, Yoon-Eun-hye


249 Comments on “Paying final respects to Choi Jin-shil……”

  1. Spoken says:

    I have no respect for people who commit suicide, leaving their young childern behind. The childern didn’t have a choice. It’s the easy way out.

  2. kristie says:

    @ spoken..

    and you probably dont have respect for yourself..she was under the influence of was a spur of a moment mistake…I’m sure you had many but the difference is that she can’t undo hers. Evidently she wasn’t in her right mind..and depression is a sickness…so what you have no respect for the mentally ill too? come on…guh

  3. gongju!! says:

    OMG i love her…..I am so sad….I love you please rest in peace….and hopefully your brother and ex husband will play a big role in your children’s lives..and fill the void of their mother…..sighs..!!!

  4. takeshino says:


    She’s gone now, what does it matter whether she is to blame or not for her young children? Her children probably will have a hard time without their mother, but will they not respect her just because she committed suicide? Come on, be more understanding and let her rest in peace.

  5. asdf says:

    choi jin shil’s death does not give you an excuse to not update your site so get crackin you lazy douchebags.

  6. asdf says:

    lol jk i got owned

  7. renzus says:

    ^ you’re stupid

  8. vanzgabz says:

    it’s a tough yer T_T

  9. missglasses says:

    omg i was shocked hearing this news. she is my first favorite actress since I watched ‘my rosy life’. tragic. i can
    ‘t believe this 😥

  10. s123 says:

    rest in peace…

  11. Satan says:

    That looks like Park Jung Hwa.

  12. Sierra says:

    Seeing all these pics makes me wanna bawl too… why… T_T

  13. calvin says:


    I have no respect for people who can’t spell “children.” It’s simply a mark of stupidity. Further, it’s these kinds of comments made by uncaring and unstable people, like you, who drove her to suicide.

    Shouldn’t you and all the other people saying her suicide is a mistake (OH WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?! *faint*) and is cowardly ashamed of yourselves? Who gives you the right to judge anyone anyways? I’m sure you and the others were absolute saints your whole life. Disgusting and the worse kind of behavior I’ve ever seen. Honestly, you’re all part of a larger problem.

    This isn’t about free speech, but it’s about the decency of being a human being. Everyone should be reflecting on her death and the loss of someone who was so talented instead of her motives and how she acted on them.

    I do, however, have respect for this actress. May you rest in peace. At least, you’ll never have to put up with some douchebag netizen’s comments ever again.

  14. Korean Ajusshi says:

    I think what the Korean public and government fear most now is that there will be an alarming increase in the copycat suicides or suicidal attempts by those who feel that if a famous and successful entertainer, like Choi, commits suicide, then they should, also, since their situations are much worse than hers. That’s why her suicide finally caused the controversial proposal to crackdown harder on the internet defamations, slandering, or attacks against individuals, particularly the Korean entertainers who are subjected most to such negative treatments.

  15. weeeeee! says:

    yea, very sad… but what about the other pop news out there….get over it… move on….we want more pop news…

  16. dadddaa says:

    @ calvin
    so u like pple who decide to run away from their problems by killing themselves…wow i really respect u now!!
    im not denying that she is a great actress with a wonderful talent..but thats wat makes me disrespect her decision EVEN MORE!! oh well shes gone now but i hope that pple like u who keep finding reasons for such suicide matters will not affect the remaining talented celebrities we have

  17. calvin says:

    ^ No. also, fail.

  18. calvin says:

    I’ll outline the fail for you!

    One, it’s people. not pple, and even if it was by short hand, people usually make it ppl. Besides the obvious lack of spelling–I mean, really how hard it is it to type “y” and “o” to make “you”–and grammar, you’re least intelligent statement is to try to attack me for my actions, which brings me to the next point.

    Two, I neither respect nor do I condemn her actions. I condemn the kind of actions people like you take to try to flame others and make it seem like their words are something that they aren’t. That is a major flaw and failure of your argument.

    Three, if you really are scared about other celebrities falling into a similar pattern of suicide, why don’t you try to curb your judgment of other celebrities and curb your own comments?

    Four, if I respect anything, I respect her memory and what she did in her life. And if I don’t respect anything, I don’t respect you. You’re also part of a huge problem that is obviously glaring now.

    Her choices are completely hers and

  19. calvin says:

    *comment cut off*

    …we shouldn’t try to judge anything that she’s done. Like I said, are you really that much of a saint? Have you only done good in your life?

    No. Your comments are absolutely useless.

  20. lee says:

    @ Calvin

    Nicely said…

    @ dadda

    No one is saying clapping their hands and saying that suicide is okay. It is just about having respect for the dead which evidently you lack. If you haven’t gotten the memo..she was under the influence of alcohol that may have played a huge role in her suicide. So it is an evidence that she was not in her sound mind.

  21. too simple says:

    “pple who decide to run away from their problems by killing themselves”

    reality of a depressed person’s mental state is MUCH MORE complex than this description!

    decide: IMPOSSIBLE due to depression from long-time stress, extremely poor health (police said she weighed 30kg at the end!), under influence of alcohol, emotional imbalance worsened by the loan-shark slander & confrontation with a rumor-monger apprehended by police

    run away: looks that way to people who are of rational mind, good health, solid sense of self-esteem, social/mental support. to someone in great despair over their ability to survive what feels like sinking in quicksand, they don’t even see the situation as avoidance or not!

    do you think it’s fair, to expect a patient dying of terminal cancer, down to a few pounds of skin and bones and lying on their deathbed, to get up and run an 100m sprint or 4hr marathon? and if they simply can’t get up, is it OK for us to jeer them as cowards?

  22. HJ says:

    to whoever wrote: “That’s what you all should be sick about.”:
    It is true that she should have thought about her beloved ones, how they will be in so much pain because of her. However, I don’t feel sick about her committing suicide. I feel SORRY for her! because she was so brave and strong to deal with all the difficulties and pain for years, but she was emotionally weak for a moment..just a single moment which took her away forever from her children, family members, friends, and fans.
    She is gone far away. There’s no point criticize her decision. So, just please let her rest in peace!

  23. kindaempathize says:

    I can empathize what/how vicious falsehoods could do to your mental state.
    I can empathize her struggles as a mother/daughter/friend who have suffered the chronic and what seems to be endless pain from depression.
    It can be a very dark dark place.
    Extremely lonely and almost dreamlike. You can lose yourself instantly in what is real and what is your own worse imagination.
    It’s so much more than a pity party like everyone must think.
    You begin by believing that you honestly don’t deserve to live.
    It’s like a big unexpected wave that pulls you down so hard before you even had a chance to take that breath that would help you.
    You wake up numb and walk the streets or drive your car thinking of ways to ending your life.
    This is real.
    The pain is real.
    I know.
    I really appreciated her craft. I always admired this woman.
    This tragedy..this poor child, mother, sister, friend has done something for me that I will be grateful for.
    But I think there is a beauty about this unfortunate event.

    I’m sure I’m not the only person suffering from this disease that may perhaps be taking a second look at themselves after the news,
    but this has really opened my eyes in showing me that this idea of ending your life like is was my choice can be so unforgivable. I will not let myself be a copy-cat.

    I wonder if she, wherever she is…wants to come back to her life now.

  24. marr says:

    ive like posted two long comments for sharing some good points i would able to figured out about koreans under-depression but everytime i clicked to submit, it shows the headline but NO long efforts COMMENT ive wrote. and when i tried again and again the wordpress error >duplicate comment error as though youve already said that. whathll? i will try again one last time and if im experiencing the same thing again i will stay with poseoul still -worth much more than the other two clown sites, and i did look up on what the wordpress error means and it featured stuff how to validate them,encoding etc well popseoul could you fix that please.

  25. Taejus says:

    yohoo…whats with the essay long comments?

  26. ashleeeeeee says:

    who is Jung Sun-hee ?

  27. crabapple says:

    rest in peace.. she was a talented actress

  28. mooncakelady says:

    i loved her in last scandalT____T and my rosy lide
    RIP~my fav actress~

  29. russ says:

    the first time i saw choi jin shil perform was a showing
    of “the letter” in chicago in 1997. my mother was dying of cancer at the time, and it was just her and i alone to endure it every day. so “the letter” really grabbed me because the stories were similar, one a film and the other a real life situation. since then i became her real fan and collected her movies and tv dramas on video when i could. only hers, no other korean actress. so i was really shocked to see her die as she did. please anyone, everyone, realize that great actors, great singers, put so much into their performing that sometimes they in fact are terribly lonely in their personal lives. kind of like to self-less and not enough self-ish. they give and give to us, the public, but we cannot really give back to them. choi jin shil… please
    we want to say thanks for all the many roles, characters
    and pieces of yourself you have given to us in your many
    wonderful real-life films and dramas. all of us can share the deep loneliness and desperation in our own lives that you must have felt. and anyone who hasn’t seriously thought of suicide in this crazy, almost friendless, aggressive world… well, consider yourself very blessed and maybe so well-protected from reality. you know, should we live on into old age, all of our loved ones will eventually leave us, and we will be left alone to deal with our own mortality. i want to say “i love you…we love you,” dear, beautiful, human, child-adult, choi jin shil!

  30. skeemx5 says:

    RIP. you will always be in our heart.

  31. Sonam says:

    its so sad ………its the memories now… lets cherish those ……let Choi Jin-shil Rest In Peace!. .. always…

  32. Hanna says:

    This is ridiculous. I do NOT understand people who writing long ass essays about how she left her chidlren and she was being selfish.

    For crying out loud,

    Don’t waste your time writing about something that everyone is going to disagree with you.

    Choi Jin Shil. she was a legend. She received alot of respect from many people in Korea, and this news have left burdens on alot of us.

    So just pay your respects, to her, to her children, and her family.

  33. Neve says:

    why she kill her self?if her money is gone also,she still can find money on many ways,actings,singing,be a modelling,not to kill her self.Money can find but life once its gone,its will never go back sad,people must has strong spirits to go through this life,life doesnt always goes our ways but we must follow the ways of the life!!!!

  34. jhenzy says:

    I really sad what happen to her….
    but I hope you can find wonderful rest in peace like your wish!!!!!!!!!!!!
    seriously condilence on their family

  35. 마위 says:


    Still, comparing Choi Jin Shil to Britney Spears is utterly disgusting.

    Have you ever thought that Korea is different than in America? Celebs in USA really knows they are being criticized, mobbed by paparazzis and haunted by the bad media publicity. In Korea, when a rumor is spread about you, its not only paparazzi’s and media and the netizens. Korean netizens and media and the people alone are more rabid and can haunt you much worse than the ones in America. Do you think that netizens stopped accusing Choi Jin Shil ? Or have you even thought that in real-life and everywhere she went she was accused of Ahn Jae Hwan’s death and all of them are blaming her and maybe it really severed her depression and that was really the last straw.
    Enough of the Britney & CJS comparison. People knows that comparison is stupid already

  36. sonaturelle says:

    You i sympathize with the families of those who have committed suicide. Do people take life for granted so much that they just throw it away so easily. How about the ones left behind to suffer, i think that if people were more expressive in showing how they feel and talking about how they feel this wouldn’t happen so much.

  37. XVII says:

    It’s so hard to believe that she’s actually gone…


  38. KingHeeMin says:

    is this a trend in the industry? there are so many cases of korean stars commiting suicide.. its so sad! hope this stops..
    anyways, R.I.P Choi Jin-sil sshi..
    aww.. she’s such a great actress specially on A Rosy Life..

  39. jihyun says:

    2 months have passed since Choi Jin Shil took her own life. It’s just so hard to believe.

  40. mariella84 says:

    They said she was drunk when she hung herself. She was just being harassed way too much. People loved to make her life miserable for the heck of it. Her slimy, evil ex-husband is very determined to get his hands on her money by taking the two kids he fathered. He didn’t even see his 2nd child.. a baby toddler because after he beat up Choi Jin Shil he left her for a prostitute. He’s married to that prostitute now and refused to see his kids. Now that she’s dead, he wants the kids so he can get her money.

  41. Rose says:

    ^Dang the ex husband is a bastard! What a greedy, sleazy, and evil guy!
    Choi Jin-shil, please rest in peace.

  42. […] the Seoul High Court. Since legal reexamination can take years, while the suit was still in review, Choi Jin-shil ended her own life, leaving two children and Choi Jin-shil’s mother as their legal […]

  43. angela says:

    please rest in peace. too many korean people are committing suicide these days. that’s too bad.

  44. phil says:

    Well, months later, I’m revisiting this because of the strange news surfacing about her grave being disturbed. Calvin has some of the ideas right, in that we are attacking the issues of suicide and so forth in the wrong light. However, it’s been proven that suicide causes a ripple of stigma in the general population. When one happens, more people will follow suit sadly. That’s why, whenever suicides happen, the media does their best to control the media outlet. In a celebrity case, there is no such thing as damage control. Moreover, the media is incorrect in searching for one simple causation and western media always tries to point out specific characteristics. There are no simple truths. There are only whole truths, and everything in her life contributed to her choice.

    Secondly, just because she committed suicide, doesn’t make her a suicidal person with extenuating personal traits that led her to this. She was clearly in a difficult situation, and situational factors ultimately drove her into making the wrong choice. You’d be amazed at what you’d do if the cards are right.

    Finally, I want to say that just because she died doesn’t take her necessarily off the hook of her responsibilities. That was probably her main motive to begin with. Ultimately, people will find her story tragic and by all means it is, but the most tragic loss will be to her family and most importantly to her children. The odds of her children growing up without being traumatically effected are slim.

  45. mAquinO says:

    what’s wrong with those people who who commit suicide??
    do they think DEATH is good? it is not the solution to their problems!
    get a life people!!


  46. Corazon Dant says:

    We really appreciate what you write on here. I try and check your blog every day so keep up the good writing!

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