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The World Hyun Bin and Song Hye-kyo Live


Um, what is Hyun Bin wearing? 

A undershirt, loose tie and converse with a suit and vest? Hmm. Is he trying to be cool, casual or confused?
Although we may never know, Hyun Bin and co-star Song Hye-kyo were all smiles for the camera at the press conference for their upcoming drama, “World’s within” at the JW Marriott on October 20th.




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Hyun Bin


79 Comments on “The World Hyun Bin and Song Hye-kyo Live”

  1. ROFLMAO ^^ says:

    I think he’s lost his magic touch after all these years ~

  2. rk says:

    I think they both look great, love what they’re wearing and also, they look cute together. Song Hye kyo looks good in anything, in my opinion.

  3. crappycaller says:

    a bit disappointed .. his own sytle is not good and out of style .. poor hyun bin .. he better ask Rain to let him wear those six to five clothes ^_^

  4. xiah babe says:

    awww.. i think they should be a couple soo cute together x) awww… man.. i wish i was her…

  5. TomatoJuice says:


  6. Sierra says:

    Hyun Bin… *squeals*

    Song Hye Gyo… 😛 Good face… bad legs… hehe! 😛

  7. shameera410 says:

    Hyun Bin’s clothes is a fashion disaster!!
    Haha her legs are horrid!

  8. dontwant says:

    i think its hot, what he’s wearing. i love it.

    haha. lookd so cuuuute 🙂

  9. right says:

    Hyun Bin’s outfit is terrible especially the shoes and the tie!

    Song Hye Kyo’s outfit is not good either (just ok). The cutting of the skirt makes her look even shorter.

  10. iam says:

    Terrible clothes, same goes to the actors.

  11. Noodle says:

    They look good together…in different clothes.
    I was all “eh?” when I saw the undershirt.
    And Song HyeKyo’s skirt.. Just like what everyone else said, a different cut would do.

  12. gloria says:

    wth, SHG actually passes HB’s shoulder? those are some wonder heels, i want them

  13. cher says:

    hyun bin looked better back then in “my name is kim sam soon”!

  14. rachel says:

    love SHK’s louboutins… first thing i noticed were the shoes, LOL!

    they look really good together… is he still dating Hwang Ji Hyun or is that really old news? i am really out of the loop…

    now, they would make one hot couple in real life, but i’ll settle for a drama.

  15. s123 says:

    SHK looks beautiful… Hyun bin is hottie but needs to hire another stylist…

  16. ist so lächerlich says:

    Hyun Bin has a great fashion sense and so do Song Hye Go.

  17. bre` says:

    i can’t stop looking at these pictures!
    song hye kyo’s totally gorgeous.
    and her legs are beautiful, not ugly -_-

  18. livers says:

    well the way the outfit was put together to ME was wrong. the shirt looked too big and too thin which made her look poor-ish and if you are going to wear a bubble skirt with that belt, make sure that you know your body type so you know where to put it on your body. she would be better off if it was on her hips instead of her waist

  19. ms. me says:

    SHK : Great lovely face but ugly legs!.. the skirt didn’t compliment her.

    HB: Good-looking no doubt about it but please take off his clothes..! I’d rather see him naked than wearing those..

  20. orange says:

    her leg is not that ugly…

    it is juz ok… just short leg…

    thats all….

    but it doesnt matter bcoz she is too hot!!!!

    for HB outfit, i think is not dat bad…

    the changes in style is reformation…

    maybe after this its getting better after we always see it…

  21. xingyzheng says:

    he is ugly Period

  22. yatel says:

    He’s more and more like an ajusshi

  23. meryll says:

    my idol has new k drama, well let me see if it’s nice.. absolutely, it will be nice.. i believe.. song hye kyo is my favorite korean actress ever.. she’s just great and gorgeous.. i just love the way she is.. mwahh^^

  24. koreandramalover says:

    no wonder the rating is so low for WW SHK cant look pretty like her drama before so the viewer have nothing too see bad acting from SHK that why the rating is so low i fell bad for Hyun Bi he has to be blame for the poor rating but it was all SHK to blame for the bad rating of the drama

  25. Takako says:

    very perfect couple……..

  26. simplybeautifulx33 says:

    I love the chemistry they had. I don’t agree that she has ugly legs. Just because she’s short and has short legs, doesn’t mean she has ugly legs. I think she is so pretty. VERY pretty. I’m so jealous of her nice full lips, they’re not scary like Angelina Jolie…(ew). Anyways, I love Hyun Bin with her.

    Her outfit is out of this world, its so nice. And, HB looks so classy and comfy! Casual + Dressy = HOT! =]

  27. 코리 says:

    after all the comments… my opinion that they r still cute, still awesome… love them……. ^^’

  28. kuriyawyaw says:

    i really like song hye kyo. she a good actress and model her leg is short but not a problem course she so talented. adja . . .

  29. jessa says:

    both good looking!! no doubt they are BIG stars!!!

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