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Famous siblings come in handy: Lee Wan and Kim Tae-hee


One of the many advantages of having a famous sibling is that they are almost guaranteed to provide support when needed (because they are family!)

Older sister, Kim Tae-hee dolls up for her brother, Lee Wan’s VIP movie screening for his new movie, “Boys Don’t Cry” (소년은 울지 않는다), held at Megabox in Coex Mall.

The movie, “Boys Don’t Cry”, directed by Bae Hyung-joon, is a story of 2 boys in the backdrop of Korea right after the War in 1953. Song Chang-ui also stars.

The film will sweep into Korean theaters on November 6th. Check out the official movie site here.



Kim_1029_2Kim_1029_5Kim_1029_11Kim_1029_7Kim_1029_17Kim_1029_21Kim_1029_24Kim_1029_25Kim_1029_26 Kim Tae-hee


Lee Wan, Song Chang-ui


57 Comments on “Famous siblings come in handy: Lee Wan and Kim Tae-hee”

  1. lalala says:

    i agree with what tangy said above..

    two words: killer genes.

    they are considered VERYYYYY good-looking in korea. common, you don’t frequently see a guy like that or a girl like that walking down the streets that are natural.

    and the fact that they both look alike so much proves that kim tae hee most likely IS all natural and isnt plastic.


  2. monalisa says:

    Just picture Lee Wan with long hair and you’d be able to see the resemblance. I don’t think much of KTH’s acting skills, but I gotta admit she’s pretty in a natural, wholesome way.

  3. ReiHa says:

    Kim Tae Hee is dead gorgeous and I love her natural and simple beauty. I must agree, Lee Wan is lucky to have a famous sister ^^ but he is good looking too.

    I admire them for being THAT SUPER CLOSE.

  4. umie says:

    thought they were a couple at first cause they’re so beautiful together!

  5. fluffymallow says:

    these two siblings really look cute together.
    they are very sweet siblings.:)

  6. ysiad23 says:

    kim tae-hee is so pretty!!!

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