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Shin Mina belongs on Maxim

Shinmina_1029_5 Wait. Didn’t we already see someone who looks just like her – in Maxim? And she sorta looks like Lee Jin too..and if we were to think rationally, then Shin Mina mirrors Lee Hyori and Sung Yuri…. The GoGo 70 star brings out her sexy for the photo feature in the November 2008 issue of the women’s monthly, Cosmopolitan Magazine (Korea).



45 Comments on “Shin Mina belongs on Maxim”

  1. rainonmebi says:


  2. Shar says:

    Pretty, too bad she has no asss!!!

  3. rainonmebi says:

    like my 4th time being 1st!!! yes!!

    she looks good though….however im a little bit tired of all the celebs doing the same EXACT poses

  4. Shar says:

    You’re right rainonmebi, are they all told to pose the same way?

  5. dheartsc says:

    what poses would u want them to do anyways, rainonmebi? its not like there are millions of poses people can do

  6. willamina says:

    she’s looking bootylicious in pic 2.

  7. starstarpanda says:

    Sexy sexy sexy~~

  8. Fleep♥ says:

    I really find the “head back, mouth wide open” look to be quite repulsive. I prefer a classier looking pose.

  9. SP says:

    Lee Hyori and Sung Yuri?

    Im beg to differ!

  10. Wei x3 says:

    She looks hot man.

  11. Empress80 says:

    Shin Mina looks pretty BUT seriously do all these actresses go through the same magazine posing training class. They all do the same poses and faces. It’s really very redundant and BORING. The magazines and photographers need to be a bit more creative. They might as well just use a plastic doll for all their photo spreads.

  12. kpopgrrl says:

    She’s pretty but really skinny. I want to feed her! lol

  13. Sang Kyu says:

    she looks like Bai Ling in that first shot. I’m just saying…

  14. mappy says:

    dang! so pretty

  15. LT says:

    is it true that she is dating T.O.P of Big Bang?

  16. mynameis says:

    wow. what an incredible bod.

  17. Ria says:

    I really like the eighth picture, it’s totally something I would wear.

  18. cindyx says:

    she looks hott….she has a body…considering korean girls have a body of a 12 yr old boy

  19. heeheehee says:

    …work that camera…. love the camera…. be the camera… love the camera…. 😉

  20. kagero says:

    as pretty and hot as some of u think she is…this look is so overplayed and tired!

    The last three post were two other Korean actresses posing “sexy” c’mon now, what happened to being classy and sexy, no trashy and sexy! Seems to be that all these pictures do is steady play into the entire “exotic” Asian female thing :X

    But whatever…kudos to Shin Mina and her sexy shoot~

  21. soju says:

    dark smoky eyeshadows and liners do it everytime.

  22. TomatoJuice says:

    nice legs. haha~

  23. okeydoke says:

    god she’s pretty

  24. Mel says:

    She looks gorgeous! I do like these photos! 😀

  25. junkilove says:

    i want her legs!!! =/

  26. aiya says:

    usually i don’t think she’s pretty but she look very nice in those pics….

  27. mai-mai says:

    i ❤ Mina!!! she has a good figure…

  28. SP says:

    I think she’s more goregous when she smiles!

    But cute pictures! 😀

  29. XyLenT says:

    not too sexy picture compared to the maxim models here in phils….but still shin mina is still pretty…and i love the fact that they still have respect in their culture


  30. cbcnamja says:

    Nice legs and butt..haha..^^

  31. propertyof1tym says:

    they seriously need new poses.
    it’s not hard, i mean, move your ass cheek that way and BAM,
    you got yourself a new pose.

    these poses are overly used,
    and yes, there are a million other ways to pose.

    i’m just jealous of her legs ^__^
    so purdy!

  32. jenny. says:

    she’s really gorgeous.

  33. otto says:

    so photogenic. doesn’t have the “raw sexuality” to pull this off tho. next concept!

  34. sjtl says:

    She carries herself well on those poses..good job!

  35. Nadia says:

    The pics are good!. It has definitely been touched up with photoshop especially her legs. I think she’s a good actress, it’s hard to believe she is so young compared to the other actors who were in Volcano High with her. hmm! makes you wonder.

  36. rijae00 says:

    great actress!
    really gorgeous!

  37. rubylovefaith says:

    Pretty girl……….BORING…..poses……..

  38. sonaturelle says:

    Yes! But unlike Hyori she has a butt! Don’t get me wrong i luv Hyori but girl is like a pancake! I agree she does look like a copy of both girls of Maxim!

  39. kirara says:

    So pretty.. Totally love the clothes.. she definately can pull off this look.

  40. Annabel says:

    She is very pretty – just look at her in the 2nd photo! Plus she has a butt in that picture
    However, I do agree that we need some new poses ~~

  41. vivian0304 says:

    Shin Mina looks so beautiful, i like her big eyes and pure smile, she really pretty

  42. lev says:

    I like how it looks like she has little makeup on. You can see her natural beauty.

    Her poses have varity. Images 3, 5, and 8 appeal to me. 😀

  43. iNDiE says:

    Lovin it!

  44. sunnyside says:

    she’s so pretty. !!!

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