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Jung Woo-sung launches cosmetics brand


If Wondergirls can launch a cosmetics brand, why not a guy?

Actor Jung Woo-jung has launched a men’s cosmetic brand, “Monsieur J” with the online site with everything-Gmarket. The ex-Giordano face explained that the reason for the launch was to share his beauty secrets of clear skin with fellow dudes. And we thought that was just for girls.

At the launch, Son Dambi downgraded to her chair dance (maybe she felt he was not sofa worthy), and best friend, Lee Jung-jae, LG mobile phone model, Jessica Gomez, plasticized Yang Mi-ra and fashionista, Lee Hye-young showed up to support men’s cosmetics.

Monsieur J is targeted to the 20-30 something crowd who are conscious about how they look. Move over color lotion.

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Jung Woo-sung


Son Dam-bi

200812111915351010_1200812111914041110_12008121119143911431_1 Lee Jung-jae

2008121119384180920_1200812111938411116_1200812111939121010_1 Yang Mi-ra

20081211001667_0200812111902151117_1200812111904261010_1200812111908421010_1 Jessica Gomez

200812111905451111_1200812111907161010_120081211001678_0 Park Soo-jin

200812111916351117_1200812111917211010_1 Lee Hye-young


28 Comments on “Jung Woo-sung launches cosmetics brand”

  1. sintoxicated says:

    wth ?! he is ?

  2. sintoxicated says:

    oh first, btw . XD anyway why are all the stars doing all sorts of things to earn a few more bucks…..

  3. duck says:

    erm. SECOND?

  4. Jill says:

    Daymn!.. He’s major hotness!!..eeks..Jessie Gomez was there too..heard JWS has the hots for her..*curses*

  5. bubbles says:

    yang mira came out of her cave with yet another face

  6. loggou16 says:

    Why not!

  7. rubylovefaith says:


    LOL……thinking the same……..she looks weird….

  8. Diana says:

    Why are the models in undies (not that I mind)..are they going to rub the lotions allover their bodies?

  9. blah says:

    i love JWS

  10. lam says:

    DBSK should launch 1 too, i think will probally beat all the other famous brands 😛

  11. yay says:

    men and skincare is definitly good. Plenty of products for men in the US

  12. minime says:

    Yang Mira…
    she has face make over AGAIN ??
    Gosh this girl… her nose is soo huge now…
    stop ruining your face Yang Mira!

  13. palki says:

    JSW is aging well…..that is getting better looking- one good thing about chubby cheeks is you age well.
    LJJ is not aging well….he’s looking more & more gaunt. He should put on some weight.
    Korean guys seem to equate stylishness with turtleneck. To me it looks so 80’s and redundant.
    The Gomez gal is one hot mama and making the rest of the gals look like wannabes.

  14. The Sartorialist says:

    Does anyone know which retard designed his suit, or for that matter, any of the hideous suits Korean actors seem apt to wear?

    Jung Woo-jun should thank his lucky stars he’s a handsome man. Slap a lesser creation in that same suit and he’d be relegated to the couch for three years.

  15. okay says:

    I say it’s always smart to have a plan B!

  16. fangirl says:


  17. lev says:


    Guys are going to start looking prettier then girls.
    Oh wait. That already is happening. XD
    Good luck to him anyway. Men age well supposedly. =\

  18. Dottie says:

    This man can sell water to me if I was a well so…

    TOTALLY in need to have his baby. Monsieur J? Oui! Oui!

  19. tessa says:

    holy cow!

    for a second, i thought those models were DBSK boys haha

  20. hanaso07 says:

    it’s tht soo jin the ex sugar member?
    hadnt been heard about her 4 a long tyme..
    shes still looking preety as always ;p

  21. shoveit says:

    I don’t like his look here but yes he looks really good for his age!

  22. owo says:

    did anyone else think son dambi’s first picture looked a lot like han ga in??

  23. kashfia says:

    looks good to me

  24. MMM says:

    Son Dambi should wear shoes that actually fit. Her toes are half-way out of her shoe.

  25. Those underwear models look uncomfortably self-conscious.

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  27. nycapple says:

    oh god. who is that mexican gomez and why is she in these pictures? she looks like a trannie.

  28. […] For more on Jessica Gomes and the other Korean celebrities there, see PopSeoul’s report on the event here. […]

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