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Ok Sori on BBC and sent to jail for 8 months


Whoa. This has made international news.

Ok Sori will be given a reduced sentence of 8 months for commiting adultery. The actress blames the situatioin to her loveless marriage to husband Park Chul (40). The BBC quotes stats that in terms of adultery, men outnumber women:

nearly 68% of South Korean men and 12% of women confess to having sex outside marriage.

That sounds about right. But then again, a few years ago, one of the prominent English newspapers in Korea reported that 1 out of 3 married women in their 30’s had “boyfriends.” So who knows what is happening in Korea. If were to judge based on the number of room salons, sexy bars and other nighttime establishments, then there is more opportunity for men to bend the laws.


105 Comments on “Ok Sori on BBC and sent to jail for 8 months”

  1. Noodle says:

    For a country that legalizes divorce…. this it TOO OUTRAGEOUS.

  2. Why are some of you surprised? You thought S.Korea is peaches & cream, because the great and oh so popular entertainment facets(food, music, movies & clothes). Though, if you get into politics and government you’ll see the lemons at the end of the rainbow. No country is perfect, S.Korea isn’t an exception.

  3. megane says:

    This is confusing…the sentence was suspended to eight months probation?…the supposedly 2yr sentence was shortened to 8 months and then there’s actually no jail time?…and how does one go about the 8 months probation?…will she be watched 24/7 or is she going to be fitted with those electronic thingy in her ankle so that the police will know when she tries to meet with her ex-lovers? Her husband should burn in hell for not agreeing to the divorce when she asked for it. I’m not saying what she did was right but that idiot of a husband who had to be cuckolded twice still doesn’t get it! She wants out and she has neither love nor respect for the husband anymore otherwise she wouldn’t be doing this thing again and there’s no guarantee that after the probation period she wouldn’t do it for the nth time. I feel for the kid…I won’t be surprised if the child becomes dysfunctional like the parents.

  4. hannah says:

    She cheated on her husband, got caught in red handed and still fought for custody. It served her just right!

  5. Baffled says:

    Why doesn’t she just get a divorce, if the marriage is loveless, leave. If you don’t love the man and have another man, it’s pointless staying married to him. Her getting sentences is a bit much…but if the law was set in place, she should know being a celebrity they will use her as an example.

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