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Lee Byung-hun bulges for ELLE


Or is that a hernia on his side? That bulge looks a bit out of place.

Actor Lee Byung-hun (aka, “Brian Lee”) showed off his impressive washboard abs (and hernia) for the January 2009 issue of Elle Magazine (Korea). The wannabe Hollywood actor will have 2 international projects under his bulge, “G.I. Joe” (August 2009) and “I Come with the Rain” (2009).Β  Next year will be a big year for Korean stars……



23 Comments on “Lee Byung-hun bulges for ELLE”

  1. JuJu says:

    ugh… scary… i dont find that attractive.

  2. JuJu says:

    ^ hmm… first time being first?

  3. second says:


  4. lemon says:

    Uh…how about some NEW news popseoul? You’re only posting stuff that has already been covered by other blogs…

  5. ughh.... chills.... says:

    im not amused at all. I’m more grossed out by his tight body. maybe because he’s getting old. i thought he was good looking but the older he’s getting, “good looking” is turning to “chills down my spine”.

    this is really random about him, he’s a good actor, but he has a lot of teeth. i mean a lot of teeth.

  6. torin-san says:

    okay…too much shirtless guys for this year

  7. These photoshop artists seriously need to lay off a bit. Making every part of him bulge and adding creepy veins does not make him look better, and I think the vast majority of humanity would agree with me.

    And that hernia is pretty damn scary looking.

  8. otto says:

    LOL you guys are too funny…
    hernia, check.
    veins, check.
    TEETH, check.

    the coloring is very tony jaa.
    i say we give ajussi a break. he’s trying his best like the rest of us πŸ˜€

  9. renzus says:

    it’s kinda hot. LOL.

  10. elle says:

    I’m not complaining….

  11. joy says:

    you all are ridiculous??

    that’s a hot body no matter what country you’re from

    hernia? veins? dang, y’all are crazy

  12. amy says:

    nice photoshop

  13. cdnpoint says:

    About time there was news about the movie, I Come With The Rain. I was starting to think it could not be edited or had another issue. The film was made in 2007…

    BTW, is this the season of male actors stripping for photos and using self-tanning products? Promotions for calendar sales or a between-projects career booster tactic?

  14. Sang-Hee says:

    Lee Byung-hun looks really good in that picture. I personally think he gets better looking the older he gets. And I LOVE this teeth. Brian oppa, saranghae ^_^

  15. @Sang-Hee
    what the heck?
    his teeth?
    why do you like his teeth?
    and poopseoul you did it again. you and your funny PSM-ing.
    HERNIA! honestly poopseoul.
    you are SO FUNNY!
    you deserve to be called popseoul again.
    bye bye poopseoul!

  16. C says:

    I doubt that is a hernia, anyone who can see, can tell is because of the lights and shadows on his body due to the fact of the Lightning put on him. Duh!

  17. a.J. GAZMEN says:

    awww i dnt think it’s photoshop’d at all
    it’s alot of hard work to just get a freakin line let alone some definition on the abs
    he looks good for his age!

  18. Lisa says:


  19. cuttycuttie says:

    he looks amazing . He has such a great body and face !!! he looks way too hot

  20. Mima says:

    are you people nuts? He looks amazing even for 20yrs-something old guys!!! His body is one of best bodies I’ve seen! And I’m a pro sportsman and I’ve seen a lot of trained bodies…
    And that’s not hernia – it’s only stronger muscle

  21. Talya says:

    …mmmm… I want this guy…

  22. Smile:) says:

    im watching a recent drama he’s in called iris.
    his body is definitely hot. even in the drama its hot and im pretty sure they cant photoshop the whole movie to make his body look like that hahaha
    of course this picture is photoshopped and i agree its overly photoshopped. however, his body is actually really attractive πŸ˜‰ and considering how he’s getting older, we should cut him some slack…its hard enough to maintain a body like that in ur prime years but when u start to get older, its even harder!

  23. kielmords says:

    i think there was a time to make him body sexy and fit

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