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Rain causes trouble….yet again


Does this guy do anything right?

Rain is building up his track record as an unprofessional performer and business person. Basically, if you want to “make it” in the business, professionalism is everything. Keeping your word is everything. So with his unreliable reputation,  it’s no surprise that Magic Stick has canceled his concert in Shanghai for the 10th. His own management, J-tunes stated that due to the fast approaching date, bad economy and the lack of preparation, the concert was canceled. Say what? Isn’t organizing a concert all about preparation? Shouldn’t they have started preparations last year. Obviously, this is the perfect example of a rush job in the old school Korean style of  “flying by the seat of your pants.”

At the Beijing Olympics last summer, the Hong Kong press hinted that Rain will be performing in China soon, but Rain’s camp denied the whole thing. Now why would do they that? Do they think a surprise concert will sell out better?

Another stupid move. There are so many that we are losing count.


117 Comments on “Rain causes trouble….yet again”

  1. felisshi says:

    Besides, who among Korea’s best talents made it big time just like Rain within a 6 year period. Even JYP himself never achieved such success. For me, the best move that Rain did in his career so far was breaking away with JYP.

  2. chuchu says:

    I agree with @felisshi. More people know Rain (Bi) than any other Kpop group. Period.

  3. bighug says:

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  4. lovelyalways says:

    Get your story straight popseoul. It’s honestly not Bi Rain’s fault.

  5. bighug says:

    I’m not blaming rain..cuz i know it not his fault….
    i only want is that realize my comment….

  6. Chantelle says:

    Hmm thought it would be something worse. He really needs to surround himself with more professionals though. Really this is more his companies fault then his. Looking for a reason to attack Rain. it’s getting old.

  7. Lia Rain says:

    hei,,,that’s not the cause!!!!!

    i hate u popseoul!

    On the 13th, JTine entertainment, Rain’s agency, expressed as, “Rain’s concert which would be held in China on the 10th, was canceled. We had closed a concert contract with China’s Shanghai More Culture Diffusion Incorporated Company by approximately 638,000,000 won (about five hundred thousand dollars) on account, but it was canceled due to breach of contract two days before the concert.”

  8. 미쳤어 says:

    whats with the pirate outfit?

  9. pinky says:


  10. get2gether says:

    Cancellation? May be the tickets (wholesale) not selling.

  11. m14 says:

    just stop telling something not right bout rain . if u hate him , why did you write news bout him ? maybe u’re just jealous on him , coz he’s very popular and success . eventhough you try to break him , he WOULD NOT stop rising to the TOP . coz he has a spirit and he has lots of fans who will always support him . not like u , u only can bash someone from behind . i’m sure you are NOT brave enough to tell this to rain DIRECTLY . coz you are a LOSER .

    so , move on rain !!
    your fans will never leave you .

  12. raininken says:

    Let’s put an end to thi Popseoul sucks!!!! RIAN rockzzzz…

  13. bhern says:

    most of the time if i visit this site and U guys have an article about rain i’ve notice that most of it are bad….i really don’t know why…a person does make some mistakes though…we’re not all perfect…somehow i hope next time i can visit again this site…please do in a way tell the two side of the story….not just concentrating on the bad side…and hope to have it a long article or story…..

    i like rain soo much he didn’t reach where he is right now if not for his hard works…i have i a way how he struggles just to reach what he have right now which in a way is an inspiration that U could achieve something in life if U believe with Ur self and accompanied with hard work and prayers…..

    hope to hear something nice write ups the next time that i’ll be visiting the site….

  14. yunjae-thelove; says:

    Yeah,i wish PS won’t be so biased towards Rain all the time.
    maybe it was’nt just his sole decision to cancel the concert?

    Anw,i used to overlook Rain,but after hearing Rainism,i think he’s a rather good singer ^^
    i actually like him pretty much now:)

  15. […] Rain wishes he had this kind of response. […]

  16. Unkown says:

    ok… Now first of all, like you guys know anything. How could you could people say those kinds of thing without knowing anything? Do you people know Rain’s personal to his business life?! I don’t thing so!!!!!!!!! Popseoul, like you don’t see AMERICA CANCEL ALLLLLLLL their caoncerts/ appointments/ and events. China, whatever, its caceled what r u gonna do?huh? Deal with it. I mean like do you guys know everything? Don’t be acting SMART if you don’t even know how to use the right terms, and the dates. Get the facts straight then get you big mouths open. ok?!

  17. ace says:

    can anybody tell this boy that his outfit is hideous…

    too much of everything!!!

    pin stripes, belt+chain, washed/ripped jeans, suede jacket gee i could go on >.>

    WTF is with those boots?!

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