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Song Hye-kyo stretches her legs for Levi’s


Known for short limbs, Song Hye-kyo stretches out for the Spring 2009 Levis Lady Style campaign.  And who said that long legs were a prerequisite for being a denim model?



60 Comments on “Song Hye-kyo stretches her legs for Levi’s”

  1. chickpeas says:

    yeah, her legs are extra long here! LOL

  2. zoltae says:

    LONG LEGS~ O.o
    LOL xP

  3. jake says:

    haha it looks like she actually has long legs

  4. love/Goo.JunPyo/=] says:

    Wow..i just had a comment on the other topic called Cheap Princess by: Popseoul.. hahaha

    She’s stunning here..

    much love,..

  5. felisshi says:

    Extended legs, hair extensions, what else??????Aaahhhh extended heels. She’s pretty. Love her shoes.

  6. uvie says:

    She looks amazing!

  7. unachicaloca says:

    really pretty…with a face like that, who cares about her not having long legs?

  8. blabber says:

    pushing your ass out in the air
    doesn’t mean it’s no longer flat.

  9. janepak says:

    at least it looks like she has an ass

  10. whoami says:

    she’s so beautiful 느_느;;

  11. ella says:

    hey , awesome i work for levi’s~~ ㅋㅋ

  12. Joelib says:

    nice pix, shes b u tiful 😀

  13. tjesssilvia says:

    pretty face

    but too much photoshop in the one where she’s sitting down + the butt

  14. me me says:

    too much photoshopping actually makes people think the real her must be really crappy

  15. xmisseazyx says:

    her legs look extra long here! They’ve gotta be shopped or something cuz I’ve seen SHK look a lot of things but never “long-legged” or “tall”

  16. ateeka says:

    1st of all — her legs are not that long.

    2nd — her ass is not that big.

    last — give the photoshop a rest. those pictures look NOTHING like Song Hye-Kyo from the neck on down.

  17. boohoo says:

    it’s amazing how many people fall for this (not on this blog obviously.) they also released the “before” pix – her butt/curves are obviously all photoshopped.

    well at least the digital artist is working ads, not airbrushing porn.

  18. yumi-chan says:

    She didn’t have to stretch, photoshop did that for her.

  19. epik! says:

    albeit probably photoshopped, this is smoking. SHK ❤

  20. sticker says:

    It’s called photoshop. Anyways she is gorgeous either way with or without.

  21. are people that stupid? says:

    it’s photoshop. they stretched her legs out using the program called PHOTOSHOP ppl.. my goodness.

  22. fangirl says:

    she lokoks really gorgeous! it doesn’t matter if in real life she has short limbs.. Song Hye-Kyo is still good, pretty, and fabulous. and whatever it is..

  23. nysophia says:

    lol, of course long legs arent a prerequisite for modeling denim jeans. photoshop is 😉

  24. myoungjae says:

    omg…i love her

  25. *Lina* says:

    she is actually one of the prettiest Korean celebrities who is actually all natural!!
    And i hope one day my photoshop skills will be THAT good!

  26. Min Tae Hyo says:

    Hot. Nuff’ said.

  27. cj says:

    at least she has a pretty face.

  28. suga says:

    they might as well just copy and paste her face unto a model’s body

  29. vivi says:

    she’s pretty
    compare with other plastic korean star

  30. DUDESS says:

    shes really pretty its just that shes really short.
    haha this is so photoshopped. like seriously i bet her legs would have trouble touchign the ground from the chair if it wasnt photoshopped. she has really short legs. xD

  31. TomatoJuice says:


  32. uknow says:

    one of the prettiest koreans…

  33. ReGy says:

    morons…i work for a company which edits pics for a living…ive been working for 5 freaking’ years so maybe, i can tell whether a photo is “photoshopped” or not, and if it is, which parts have been “photoshopped”…(and by the way, we don’t call it “photoshopping”, we call it “editing”)..anyway, i’ve looked over the pics closely (levi’s is a client, and it’s not levi by the way), and as far as i can see, they did NOT edit (edit, not “photoshop” is the word…photoshop is a friggin’ NOUN people, not a VERB) her ass or her legs…have you people heard of “angling”? they do that when they want models to have longer legs or shapely butts…they did however edit out some of the creases in her shirt and some parts of her hair (which are extensions, anyway)…so before you harp on about “photoshopped” pics, think about it twice…i think miss song is a beautiful girl, and she doesn’t deserve all these doubt and what-not…

  34. Sang Kyu says:

    her face has the same expression in every picture.

  35. bea says:

    seriously!!! Is there something great about this chick aside from people saying ’she’s so pretty’ all the time? Cause that’s all i hear..she’s so pretty. I really wanna know what other qualities makes her stand out aside from her looks because to me she’s just plain boring and talentless. A girl who’s merits didn’t come from actual hardwork and talent but simply got by on how pretty she is.

  36. boohoo says:

    ReGy, angling yeah yeah of course models do that. you just need to see SHK’s “normal”, daily life candids. her “assets” no matter how angled and limber, will never produce these results. i.e. these are ENHANCED for our viewing PLEASURE. if you can’t tell they’re “edited”, then the artist must have skillz beyond your present level??

    and just b/c pros don’t use photoshop as a verb doesn’t mean non-pros cannot. why get language-nazi on us?

  37. boohoo says:

    p.s. in chinese press or fan forum, there was a “before” version of the 2nd pic (trench coat w/o jeans.) her derriere is NOT so full, curvaceous & bootielicious in real life. this IS photoshopped! but why should that stop anyone from fantasizing about miss song? go right ahead 🙂

  38. FRUITY says:

    i really like hye kyo as a model. Though she’s not tall, her projection is so good

  39. jiru says:

    if this was in full house she’ll be still called short legs.. haha..
    i love her legs
    haha… but still when i remember full house i still think about them, rai and her

  40. missglasses says:

    nice photoshop, hahaa..

  41. mui says:

    She looks good in anything!

  42. HxH says:

    well … it is not like that she is the only one who got her photos ” photoshopped ” , ” edited ” , or whatever U call it .. all the actress’s do the same thing ..

  43. HxH says:

    forgot to mention how pretty she is in those pics .. really beautifull .

  44. smtown says:

    lol ..
    thats the longest they could stretch it out to with photoshop i guess.

  45. tj says:

    whatever it is….call it extensions or photoshops, you cannot deny the fact that Song Hye Kyo is…
    really pretty. Face plus talent always makes people
    react….love the jeans and her shoes.

  46. kookee says:

    yeah, she’s pretty and her body (as with everyone else’s body) photoshops well. but am i the only one to point out her bland facial expressions?

    damn, and i used to be her fan. i guess i was blinded by her beauty…

  47. lydia says:

    shes pretty legs

  48. chinny085 says:

    Photoshopped or not there’s no big deal about it. Even top models photo shoots were enhanced to look more appealing. It’s an advertising ad so expect it to be almost perfect

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