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Son Yeh-jin’s fake nipples cause stir

Sonyehjin_090203 (1)

These days, it’s difficult to tell the difference between a photoshopped image and a real one.

Case in point, Son Yeh-jin’s photoshopped pic where her nipples could be seen through her see-through top was the featured picture of a news article from an online site. The reporter was writing something serious about some announcer almost becoming her brother-in-law but but did not notice that something else was at attention.

Oh well. Too late. Now the offending pictures are circulating the net.

Sonyehjin_090203 (2)Sonyehjin_090203 (3)


37 Comments on “Son Yeh-jin’s fake nipples cause stir”

  1. qutiechica says:

    huh?…why would people even bother

  2. heechan says:

    this is weird..

  3. Roflmoo says:

    That’s media.

  4. chizkulet says:

    Obviously photoshopped.

  5. asianbeing says:

    I can’t see the bloody nipple!

  6. joelib says:

    I love all.

  7. okitty says:

    huh ? where is it ?? ;o
    Dunno … I need a magnifying-glass :3 …xDD~

  8. ravk89 says:

    i don’t see it.

  9. antifan says:

    Nobody sees it.

  10. orthocore says:

    So conservative at times, but not at all when it comes to slutty female entertainers now days and what they do on stage.

  11. mendka says:

    seriously, can’t see that nipple.this post is useless.

  12. ysiad23 says:

    i like her so beautiful!!!

  13. Germie says:

    i can’t see it…

  14. I can’t see any nipples at all… am I missing something?

  15. irenesalazar says:

    where’s the nipples??

  16. tatzle says:

    i think its photoshopped.if it’s real,where’s the other nip*??go here:

  17. kmusiclovah says:

    ^ oh god I’ve just seen it
    Is it actually real or photoshopped?

  18. tummadamon1 says:

    i can’t see it…

  19. sauer kraut says:

    Oh comeon… it’s not like you’re in Arizona watching the Super Bowl and suddenly find the game interrupted by some moments of porn… it’s just a blessed nipple.

    I can see a whole bunch of nipples under the cows in the field next over… how udderly ridiculous.

  20. kate0423 says:

    It’s photoshopped and the photo is take during Summerscent days. (2003)

  21. Masa says:

    That’s clearly photoshopped, you don’t need to be an expert to see that.
    and like “ThatDudeYouKnow” said, the pictures aren’t on the website, it’s here

  22. lynmen says:

    LOL– what’s with the censor?? ahahah yes, isn’t technology amazing??

  23. johnnorthcraft says:

    failed nip

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  25. Gads… and this is a “hot” post on wordpress?

    Nice looking woman though.

  26. […] Son Yeh-jin’s fakies, Lee Min-ho shows off the real thing in the recent episode (February 2nd)of “Boys over […]

  27. DSvT says:

    world getting weird and weird… I don’t see any funny things by that~

  28. jicks3 says:

    i saw this picture years ago. if the nipple was real it would’ve caused a stir back then.

    it is so clearly photoshopped. some ppl clearly have too much time.

  29. umie11 says:

    Doesn’t matter, I still like her!

  30. […] Son Ye Jin’s incident was not enough, on the same day, a news report was released about Lee Se-na baring […]

  31. […] nipple shots of Son Yeh-jin, the latest actress exposing herself is actress Kim […]

  32. fangweile says:

    How could they done this thing to her. She looks divine for me. Damn Ppl that seeking for some attention. Go photoshopped ur own a***. Don’t implicate other good ppl in ur such crazy work. Son Yeh-jin is just a modest and gorgeous woman. Please put some respect for her. I can’t even stare to that photoshopped pic. If you want to see some nipples, go search the net,

  33. SouthWind80 says:

    But their training in doing a daily radio show with no script in front of them and no producer talking in their earpiece makes them naturals for TV. ,

  34. bhai says:

    wats wit the “she is devine” attitude..
    she has a bed scene in “April Snow”..

  35. xLance says:


  36. 200poundbeautyfanatic says:

    I’ve seen the photo and though I’m not a tech savvy, I can tell it’s photoshopped. Funny amateur photo editors!! They could’ve make it more real. I haven’t seen nipples that high! huh!. :p

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