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Are Goo Hye-sun and Kim Ji-hoon dating?


So they have the same goofy smile, but does this mean that Goo Hye-sun (25)  and Kim Ji-hoon (28)are dating?

The rumor mill is churning out the news that the “Boys over Flowers” star and Mr pink and red underpants have been dating since October. However, those close to the pair say that the relationship is only platonic. Kim Ji-hoon is good friends with her older sister. Further, the actor is also helping the 25 year old with her new album (new age music).

So their good “friends” status goes way back to their days as trainees. Goo Hye-sun is under YG and Kim Ji-hoon is part of rival entertainment company, SM. And of course, YG denies the whole thing, saying that they are only “good friends.”

However, we say that the label of “Good friends” is not possible if there is a 3 year difference in Korean culture. Besides, girls and guys cannot be just “friends.” Right?!


34 Comments on “Are Goo Hye-sun and Kim Ji-hoon dating?”

  1. babblebuffet says:

    haha! this kind of news was bound to surface sooner or later!

  2. crypticbluerose says:

    that’s pretty interesting,
    he fine to me though, lol
    I watched love marriage and boys before flowers religiously.

  3. elluxion says:

    lol. i pity them! kimbum is too cute!! OMG! i like him with Kim So-eun! i hope all the cast will be careful! dont get injured again!

  4. kinella says:

    well, good luck to them ^^

  5. akayjin says:

    wait….they are in YG AND SM??!!

  6. hyehoon says:

    “So they have the same goofy smile, but does this mean that Goo Hye-sun (25) and Kim Ji-hoon (28)are dating?”

    LOL sometimes popseoul you have funny and cute comments choungmal!!
    that made me laugh,, so having the same goofy smile is going to be one of the criteria of ‘signals of couples’
    lol like something we could follow as a guide to find out who’s dating & who’s not

  7. joelib says:

    yes..guys and girls can be just friends..wth are u talkin bout?

  8. annbanana says:

    What’s your definition of “goofy”? O_O

  9. hanzabi says:

    uhh….kim ji hoon looks like a total creeper!

  10. okitty says:

    Well for now it’s just another rumor about famous ppl who are dating … xO

    Nothing new … bah … LOL and those pink underwear he wore haha :’D What a joker he is … xD

  11. li1destiny says:

    wat’s wrong with girls and guys being just good friends?
    but pointing out that they’re dating because of similar smile is just *cough*lame.
    It would’ve been more interesting if they were wearing couple necklaces, rings etc. but smile . . . T.T if the people look similar does that mean they’re dating?

  12. angeluv007 says:

    Who cares if they are dating ^^

  13. asianbeing says:

    That hair style is so unflattering for her face. Makes her look like an anjuma. I wish BBF stylist would give her a better hair cut. Also the way they have been dressing her is all wrong…..all that frilly colorful baby clothes and hats and cutesy ugg like boots. She looks like a child and it ruins the chemistry with LMH. Makes him look like a pedophile.

  14. Lara Leigh says:

    If the rumors are true or if ever that they are dating and a couple, I think (based on my opinion) that it’ll be nice. They look good together. I hope that they could also do a drama.

  15. coolbeanss8 says:


  16. kim jae eun says:

    for me ,they’re not cute together………(well its my opinion)

  17. gabrielle maria tan says:

    NOOOO!!!! they are’nt meant to be!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Lise says:

    Nah, brotha be too damn fine for her. See she’s cute while he, he just HOT! No chance!

  19. Lise says:

    And anotha thing pls miss geum jan di dont insult our intelligence, how many fine experienced performers/ singers does YG have that she had to go all the way to SM and specifically get his help? I mean big bang, teddy, 2ne1, se7en, gummy…the girl’s practically spoilt for choice! Aigoo!! if u like the brotha just admit it, geum jan di ssi?

  20. abby says:

    Well both Go hye sun and Kim Ji-Hoon are perfect match in my opinion.I watch Ji Ho stars falling in the sky I like him he knows how to carry his role.He has a soft looiking face that matches the beauty of Go Hye Sun, I guess there’s nothing wrong with that if they fall in love with each other….fighting….Hope the PD’s will consider putting them in one drama..what do you think..

  21. abby says:

    my thoughts is to see kim ji hon, lee min ho go hye sun in one drama i was so excited how the two actors be the center of attraction of the viewers.And I want to find out who has the great chemistry to the viewers for go hye sun….what do you have to lose…..exciting….

  22. NTH says:

    Kim Ji hoon is just purely HOT. I can’t believe that I never noticed him before. “Star falling from the sky” is my 1st drama of his. His acting is exceptional!!! I think he’s gonna be super famous after the end of “Star falling from the sky.” I love this drama & how Ji Hoon Oppa carried on his role. He fits perfectly for Kang Ha. I just love him so so much from this drama!!! ❤
    I will try other dramas of his.
    Wow, I can't belive that they are dating. Hye sun is just too lucky???

  23. glycerol says:

    i love kim ji hoon..i’m jealous when i heard that your dating with her..anyway i’m happy for you..sniff..jeez..i want to go to korea to see in person and have an autograph of yours.

  24. abby says:

    I can’t believe myself that stars falling from the sky ends at ep. 20.I was really thinking that it will be extended at least 2 more episode.I just want to see the wedding of the century since Pal Kang gone through so many obstacles.I guess it’s just right that they give him
    the opportunity to be extra happy…Knowing that she was deprived with the luxury that she shouild have in the first place..Anyway I just love to see K-OREAN DRAMA and wishiing all the cast more drmas to come.You’re all deserved to be commended since you makes us all happy…

    • glycerol says:

      me too… i’m a bit disappointed of the ending of stars falling from the sky, i thought pal kang and kang ha will get married, i hope that there is a part 2..i will surely miss the cast..

  25. abby says:

    I wish too that there’s a season 2 of this drama. It is just too good to end this way.May be the PD will extend the life of the rainbow children, how Kang Ho and Pal kang manage the new challenges in life with the adopted siblings.I want to see the real drama of having the burden that is laden on his shoulder.How he will adopt himself to the new condition and how to get his own siblings with Pal Kang be like with Nami and Bori..It would be a happy one or ??????????….Or I should say it will ends as sweet as the rainbow the sky that will never fall again…but instead iy will be a God given gifts for them…I guess I’m dreaming too much.. THANKS FOR THE WONDERFUL DRMA…LUV U ALL.

  26. mesweet says:

    I absolutely love Kim Ji Hoo since Stars Falling…he’s definetly the star that fell for me! hehehe I love this actor to the max…his lips, eyes, there’s no bad angle period! If they’re dating, first of, I’m already jealous, lucky girl if it’s true, KJH seems like a nice guy what more can you ask for? Great actor, pretty face, 6 packs & i can go on & on! I really am searching for his previous projects since seeing him in Stars! I luvya Kim Ji sshi & bogoshiposo already after Stars ended! Keep up the good work! You’re gonna go up in that ladder as the other Hallyu stars before your time, you’re very young & shld not waste that potential. Keep on accepting good projects & hope you team up with Choi again, and also want to see you with other actresses like Yoon eun hye, even Han ji hye wld be good too. Take care!

    • Lena Wolfgang says:

      hahahaaa.. mesweet… definitely rite there.. i had those stars felt on me too.. give me a lot headache and “heartache”.. its feels so nice and full.. its really good watching the drama which actor/actress compiled with talent and looks.. right? and worth every penny i spent… keep on projecting new good things.. hoping they wont budge my satisfaction..

  27. fet888 says:

    they don’t look ji hoon is very honesome..!!!i think kim ji hoon and I are a better couple someday

  28. fet888 says:

    i Hope there would be another sequel of stars falling from the sky..!!!!because im not satisfied with the ending

  29. fet888 says:

    i8 wathced his drama before…I stared to watch love marriage..he looks adorable n that movie..nothing to compare than any actor.!!!after that i watch why did you come to my house..his role is very funny.!!

  30. gege says:

    i like kim hyun joong for goo hye sun….even it’s impossible…that’s all…

  31. sweetpie says:

    huh guys is non of y’all busness who ever that kim ji hoon is dating! why pple always noisy?! so what if their dating or not?! its doesnt matter who ever he’s dating, they just a friend that all……. whats the big deal that kim ji hoon and Goo hye-sun friend?! y’all need to stop with all the nonsence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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