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[Music Video Teaser] Hwayobi “Half”


Check out Hwayobi’s music video teaser for her new single, “Half” from her new mini-album, “This is Love.”  The singer has recently quit her on-screen marriage on “We got married” to concentrate on her pop act.


13 Comments on “[Music Video Teaser] Hwayobi “Half””

  1. vangelynn says:

    oh my….

  2. vangelynn says:

    Omo! I was first?!

  3. mleria says:

    That’s hawt I just hope she did that with Hwan Hee XD I ebt he’ like DAYUMN she aint no pop she is fineeee

  4. p3rk3le says:

    whoa… and she acted so shy in WGM.. hahaha

  5. shinthiax3 says:

    omg…chackout that kiss..damn!…where she get the courage…i mean with her personality nd stuff :]

  6. seoulpop says:

    her singing voice is really nice
    but her regular voice is so annoying.

  7. annbanana says:

    Bra straps? Not one, but two?? That’s not very sexy.

  8. dirathegreat says:

    Some teaser that was.
    I was so mad that that ended.
    But would Korean Media show a vid like that?
    Hope so cuz I really wanna see the full thing.

    About WGM, Bout time she dumped/leave Hwan-Hee.
    I love him and all but the way he was treating her wasn’t cool. I couldn’t continue watching after Alshin couple left cuz I couldn’t stand the way he acted.

    But good for her, I’ll look out for the album

  9. lynmen says:

    lols… that was hot but it would been hotter if it was hwanhee in the mv ^^; I love them in wgm. awws are they leaving the show already?? i like the awkwardness, silliness… between them in the show. hwayobi me likey with hwanhee wink wink* hahaha

  10. rockbarbie20 says:

    rated? hahaha.

  11. sunnysowelu says:

    the mv teaser look……. disgusting ???
    maybe it’s just me…

  12. orchid899 says:

    Hwayobi! OMG, girl I didn’t know you got wit it that way. At least not on t.v. in front of millions. ~blushing~

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