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Jang Geun-suk and Park Shin-hye’s hot kiss gets clicks


So now we know, open mouth is hot. Tight lipped stiffness is not.

And Korean netizens are in agreement. The hot kiss between Jang Geun-suk and mature looking Park Shin-hye for Etude Cosmetics received over 1 million clicks. Usually, popular video clips in Korea get an average of about 100 thousand hits but this is 10 times that number. So we can basically conclude what we already know: sex sells.

Watch it again:


87 Comments on “Jang Geun-suk and Park Shin-hye’s hot kiss gets clicks”

  1. eVaNGeLiNe says:

    i wish they both enjoy that very wonderful scene…🙂

  2. razenomaze says:


  3. shane says:

    whew…when just she started i like PARK SHIN HYE already…and then heres JANG GEUN SUK..hope to see them again in another project.keep it up!

  4. minam says:

    wawwwwww… sooooo romantic!!!!!!!i like your girl friend jang!SARANGHAE!!!!!

  5. Roanne says:

    i totally love them!!! i hope to see them in a new project together. and i wish they would date :)) hahaha

  6. i hope that their is a sequel of the television series entitlted HE’S BEAUTIFUL…

  7. meity permata indah says:

    ih keren banget sih romantis abes deh. . gentelnya JGS cucok banget deh mereka :-*

  8. DAD!!!!!!!
    Don’t do that in public!!!!
    You even took a video of it!!
    Mom, I thought you said I wasn’t allowed to kiss my girlfriend,cri-cri???
    well..I think it’s cool…
    May I kiss mine too?? promise..both of you will be my model🙂

  9. marian says:

    my god is this true…………..
    but i love hwang tae kyung…….chuwahe

  10. will says:

    tetAp coOl,,,jGs kreN aBz,,!

  11. im your bigest fan jang geun suk and park shin hye your look good together and your cormeshal is so very cool and your movie hes beautiful its so romantic bye you two are cool bye

  12. shiella says:

    i have watch it!! so long take the scene !!! it need to sensorfor all the fans them both in !!&years under.
    but btw, it … the most wanted by the fans club

  13. theng says:

    i tend to disagree to the above conclusion that sex sells. the reason why it got more than a million clicks is the way how the kiss was done. never seen an open mouth kiss that was so tender and passionate and loving…sex was far from my mind upon seeing this…the only thought i have is that “i hope this kiss would last forever”…

  14. mariel efron says:

    sana kayo na lang sa totoong buhay…. kayo sana magkatuluyan……. bagay talaga kayo no.1 kayo dalawa sakin….. good luck SA RANG HE YO, :C

  15. batrisyarina says:

    geun suk n park shin hye r hottest couple!love both of u!

  16. carol says:

    they really rocks, i wish they could make it up for real🙂

  17. 2 sisters.................. says:

    sakit hati…………….menyebalkan……………………..penghianatan…….pergi keneraka aja lo…. i hate you………………….because i miss you……….!!!

  18. alexandra says:

    omg i like jang jang geun suk..!

  19. mulan says:

    it’s so hot boy,,,, I would too

  20. peng says:

    wow! it so nice! i really like to show this.. bagay na bagay talaga kau jang geun suk and park shin ye in a real life.. IDOL ko kayong dalawa. sana my next project kau ulit dalawa.

  21. geun jyo says:

    mwuahh!!! you two are cute guys,,, I’m an avid fan from Philippines…..

  22. jessika says:

    you is good

  23. Angeline says:

    i love both of them specially in you’re beautiful movie…

  24. Vhong says:

    i really love you’re beautiful specially when their tandem is in the moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Vhong says:

    haixXxTtT ang sweet nilang dalawa.. sna ganyan din ang crush ko sakin ksi always syang dedma ehh…

  26. Nettepick says:

    @theng I totally agree with you. The reason the kiss was hot is because this pair looks so good together & not because it was “sexy” or with malice. Park Shin Hye remained decent all thru out that Jang Geun Suk had to work doubly hard to make the kiss look “hot”.

  27. Jess says:

    wah so sweet. I very like……………love………both of them.

  28. anamika says:


  29. lauren says:

    omG how sweet ,’.

    huang taekyung!!!!! what happened???

    is this tue!?>??????????
    hahhaha i love it

  30. ezhra says:

    i love your loveteam alot

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