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Jo In-sung features bird nest hair in Japan


And we thought there was only one bird’s nest hairstyle. Apparently, there is more.

Jo In-sung featured a soft nesting ground for birds at his “Thanks a Million” fan club meeting in Japan on March 5th.  More than 7 thousand fans came out to watch the actor perform and say their last goodbyes before being carted off to the military on April 6th.  The 28 year old will also hold a fan meeting at the end of March for his Korean fans as well.

Hopefully, the actor has raised a “million” to tide him over while he serves his country for the next 2 long years.



13 Comments on “Jo In-sung features bird nest hair in Japan”

  1. yunhotext says:


  2. orthocore says:

    Pulling off a little Conan O’Brien there, are we?

  3. lindter says:

    LOL thought so too!

  4. yunhotext says:

    eww thats weird

  5. addikan says:

    geeze i’m not digging this guy at all!!!! whatever happen to nice classic clean cut!!!

  6. jicks3 says:

    lol o well, i’d still marry him ❤

    i’m gonna miss JIS so much when he enters the military! but my oh my is he gonna make one fiiine airforce man XDD

  7. julychronicles says:

    that’s quite a big hair! oh well, i still like him! i’d prefer that look over the military haircut (just couldnt imagine him with that haircut)

  8. tatzle says:

    cool hairdo!!haha..btw,ju in-sung and kang geun suk has a lot of similarities!you think so?..haha..the way they cute!

  9. tatzle says:

    “kang geun suk”..i mean “JANG geun suk” bad.haha

  10. kpopxd says:

    i want to see more of his movies..why does he have to go in the military..dont go…and gosh I love his smile

  11. joelib says:

    what the..hehe

    nice guitar tho

  12. minjeemissionary says:

    funny ha ha

  13. rockbarbie20 says:

    cute. LOL

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