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Hwayobi has a new man


Hwayobi has reeled in a new man.

The 27 year old pop act announced her “new love” to the world via her Cyworld Minihompy on March 12th.  The man in question is Sleepy (real name Kim Sung-won) from another pop act, “Untouchables.” The love affair is fairly new, reaching the 3 month mark (and probably hitting 100 days, which is a significant marker in relationships) but Hwayobi is not afraid to show off her man. Why? Because she thinks that love is a beautiful thing and courage is required to take love to the next step……

Sounds like wise words….?

Hwayobi and Sleepy met while working on Untouchables song, “It’s Okay.”


23 Comments on “Hwayobi has a new man”

  1. Ari Nari says:


  2. Ari Nari says:

    What about Hwanhee?!?!?!?!?!

  3. angxizzle says:

    since i was a big fan of hwanyobi i was kinda heartbroken but i’m happy for her. she deserves happiness sleep looks better now with his new look. wish them the best.

  4. nu2you says:

    Hwayobi excels in music. She deserves happiness. Good-luck

  5. sexybabymama says:

    dude is fugly~ i wouldn’t wanna publicize that

  6. coutura says:

    I think they look really cute together. An eccentric, sweet couple.

  7. jane. says:

    Aw..I was still dreaming of the Hwanyobi couple..but congrats to them :] I love his rapping. :]

  8. 00smarties00 says:

    SOME1 STOLE HWAYOBI’S PANTS!!!!……sleepy..hmmmmm more like dopey =D

  9. youbun7 says:

    so already 3 months huh ? And I thought she really has a crush on Hwanhee

  10. lynmen says:

    yeah i thought she had a crush on hwanhee too awws anyways— i guess the show wgm was too good to be true. i thought they were a cute couple in WGM anways, i adored hwanyobi in WGM; i’m kinda sad it didn’t work out for the two gahh

  11. Z-Z-Zero says:

    they look good together…~

  12. keldona says:

    Wish them to be happy!
    I love some Untouchable’s songs!

  13. kpopxd says:

    congrats to them ..wish them a lot of hapiness..n_n

  14. minjeemissionary says:

    I hope things go well, but what about hwanhee? The guy looks sleepy….

  15. xsgyx says:

    I’m glad for her.
    But Sad for myself. haha. xP [Odd?]
    I just feel sad that No Hwanhee involved. haha.

  16. jenvus2 says:

    Aw, that’s sweet.
    Go Hwayobi.

  17. riki101 says:

    im so happy for her. love hwayobi. good luck

  18. heero2020 says:

    I think the dude is totally out of his league…

    …She’s way hotter than him

  19. […] It’s Just a Reality Show… 23 03 2009 Setelah Hwayobi mengumumkan bahwa dia dating salah satu anggota Untouchable, sekarang giliran Shin Ae yang mengumumkan pertunangannya yang tentu saja bukan dengan […]

  20. […] on March 29th. And when she finished singing the cover, “If I ain’t got you,” her man, Untouchables member, Sleepy planted one right on her mouth- surprising his woman. […]

  21. miira-chaan says:

    she desservess to bee happy…


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