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Han Ji-hye nabs a new man


Love  is in the air!

Han Ji-hye was caught with a new man by the entertainment paper, “Sports Seoul.” The man in question is considered by Korean standards as “elite.” This means that he graduated from a top highschool in Seoul (probably in the Kangnam area) and from Seoul National University (part of the “SKY” or the top 3 schools = Seoul National, Yonsei and Korea University) and is currently a prosecutor in a small town.

Han Ji-hye must be serious about the relationship if they were caught holding hands in public. And why not?  With that type of background, this “om-chin-a” is the sought after husband material and son-in-law.  Not only that, Mr “A” was noted by Sports Seoul to have gentlemanly  manners- he opened doors for his lady love .

Not bad at all, Han Ji-hye.

We’ll hope for wedding bells in the future.

The love birds have been dating since January 2009.



14 Comments on “Han Ji-hye nabs a new man”

  1. totep218 says:

    I’m happy to see Lee Dong Gun and Han Ji Hye moving on but it would still be better if they will reunite!!!

  2. sexybabymama says:

    i thought she was dating someone else??
    She’s likes to switch it up huh…well i doubt she’ll marry already.

  3. sabrinaazalia says:

    me too, i read an article who said she dates different person. she’s a player hahaha

    btw, she looks prettier here. she didnt do any surgery right?

  4. kpopxd says:

    so shes a player..hmm craving for the money will not bring u hapiness..but who knows…anyway hope shell be with this man and not change it again..she and Lee Dong Gun were good 2gether

  5. i8mud4u says:

    Why are they dressed like a old married couple?

  6. i8mud4u says:

    I guess money can’t by you style.

  7. jellies says:

    At she nabbed a smart one! Good for her!

  8. ss501012 says:

    that couple is a player.
    good thing they both found new mates.
    she found a smart guy this time.

  9. evelynlee14 says:

    She is so pretty.

  10. rockinsuburbs says:

    She’s a natural beauty

  11. rockbarbie20 says:

    Im happy for her new love. 🙂

  12. piperz says:

    Congrats! She’s a cutie!

  13. yunjaeism says:

    hmm i’m glad she moved on and forget the previous guy !
    spending months weeping and missing over him wont help her anyways.
    good luck for her new love ~
    she looks so pretty here ~~^^

  14. curious_kimchi says:

    So this guy is not another actor then.

    Personally, I’d like HJH with Eric. I’m sure they’ll be great together.

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