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Jung Sia lied to all of Korea

Jung sia2_hannah_20090401

Jung Sia, who wedded fellow actor Baek Do-bin this past March 7th, lied to all of Korea on national television about her own unborn child.

Before her wedding, Jung Sia was asked on the show, ‘Come to Play,’ if rumors about her being pregnant were true. She answered innocently with wide eyes, “What are you talking about?! I haven’t even gone on my honeymoon yet! I swear it’s nothing like that.”

Well, that turned out to be a complete lie. Jung Sia is 4 months pregnant and her baby is due in September.

Are we at Popseoul missing out on something? Because we definitely didn’t know that she and her husband had become so famous that they had to lie about being pregnant before marriage. Besides, nobody really cares since this seems to be a trend among Korean celebrities today (cough, Son Tae-young). So, what’s the point of lying on national television when everyone knows people are bound to find out? Well, hopefully she won’t lie about her child anymore in the future, and kudos to her and her new family.


24 Comments on “Jung Sia lied to all of Korea”

  1. thatoness501fangirl says:


  2. kristylam says:

    is there true love btw them?
    i didnt even know she was dating someone…
    she’s so funny in kko kko club~

  3. theliu says:

    u’r right. i don’t even know who they are. lol

  4. prestoagitato says:

    And then we wonder why Korean celebrities commit suicide.

  5. klamchops says:

    i dont’ relli understand why it relli matters….it’s her privacy!!! ><! ppl in america do this all the time!!! (cough) ashlee simpson (cough)…*sigh*..sometimes kreans just need to … chill out!

  6. mleria says:

    Possibly she lied because she doesn’t want media up inher face? Possibly. Pssh -.-

  7. kpopxd says:

    if she lied i was becuz she didnt want anyone to now…but why are u interested ..?..its her life ..

  8. bellamyggainsek says:

    cos the koreans are trapped in their culture of making the fact children before marriage is tabu, and a single mom unmarried with a child is also nothing they would wanna live with.. alongside with this law that one ought not to commit adultery otherwise you´ll end up i jail….

  9. hanzabi says:

    what if she really didn’t know she was pregnant?

  10. sexybabymama says:

    She’s pulling a Son Taeyoung on us. hah. And later she’s gonna say the baby was all part of the plan. so stupid~

  11. tarka87 says:

    wow thats pathetic

  12. joelib says:

    I dont even know who that is..ownt 😦

  13. jane. says:

    She lied because she knew that everyone would bash her and she was probably scared. I know its a stupid thing to do but i think its understandable. Its because of reactions like these that she decided to hide it. Anyways, congrats for the baby~ That man looks a lot older than her though..

  14. certz says:

    It’s no surprise and she’s so annoying and fake, I’m surprised anyone was willing to marry her!

  15. taejus says:

    bigfatliar. even more of a bigfatliar ditzo, cuz she prolly didnt even know she was preggers for a sec there.

  16. kitsune26 says:

    who cares if she lied?!? it’s nobody’s business anyhow!!

  17. ss501012 says:

    it doesnt surprise me because her wedding was all of the sudden and the only reason is because she pregnant. i just don’t get why she didn’t say in the first place.

  18. withpassion25 says:

    i think the reason she “lied” was because most women dont know there pregnant until like 6 months.
    (i know this bc of wasnt quiet fun)
    but you know idk
    && she has her reasons for keeping it a secret

    • snotneus says:

      You don’t know you’re pregnant until like six months? So people think that not having your period for half a year is normal? Escpecially when you’re boning someone? You know I’d rather have a kid before marriage than being that dumb.
      Lame ecxuse, couldn’t think of a better one?
      Anyway I don’t really care, she probably lied because korea is not a women-friendly country. Who can blame her, she grew up in that kinda society. So I can’t expect her to be as stubborn as me right.

  19. bry0000000 says:

    Their baby=their business. So what if they lied?

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