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Kim So-eun is a “natural” beauty


Old pictures of Kim So-eun, part of the cast of the hit drama ‘Boys over Flower’  have popped up on various portal sites in Korea. The critical netizens are actually complimenting her for her natural beauty and for avoiding the plastic surgery craze.

Really, how long will that last though? Especially in such a superficial place like the enetertainment industry? Aside from being blessed with good genes, the lucky Kim So-Eun will act along-side the oh-so-cute actor Yu Seung-ho (knowns as the little So Ji-sub) in the upcoming movie, “4th Period Mystery Zone”.



57 Comments on “Kim So-eun is a “natural” beauty”

  1. ohhyeahhmochi says:

    She’s so pretty [:

  2. immarockstar says:

    I kinda like her hair:D yup she’s pretty:3 πŸ˜€

  3. itsmenina says:

    big fan…

  4. keyoppa says:

    she’s really beautiful^^

  5. gutchetka says:

    shes pretty lady” wow! i admire her beauty alot! flawless skin’… πŸ™‚

  6. hanraena17 says:

    yeah she is pretty
    natural beauty

  7. sexybabymama says:

    i always knew she was a natural beauty, you can tell

  8. mishagabz says:

    She’s so Fine! and… Oh so Beautiful!!!

  9. orthocore says:

    LOL. Natural beauty has become such a rare thing in Korea since virtually everyone is “fixed”. πŸ˜€

  10. lilo2310 says:

    I like her looking without make up! so natural! ^^

  11. Sonagi says:

    The reason why Kim So-eun has avoided the plastic surgery craze is that nature has already endowed her with large, double-lidded eyes, a straight nose, and an oval face. What’s there to ‘fix’?

  12. rayneitaho says:

    kyah!! omg she’s gorgeous! πŸ˜€ super cute super pretty lovely lady lol
    i wish i had her looks :O
    then again, i wouldn’t be here would i? haha i’d be in some kick ass drama ^_^ j/p

  13. myoungjae says:

    i love how netzins are angry cuz shes pretty…. lmao weirdos.

  14. iv3kr says:

    So pretty :] ❀

    i hate plastic surgeried people; they’re not original T.T

  15. li1destiny says:

    i envy her, she’s really pretty. I love her acting too. Cant wait to see her up coming drama

  16. koolsuga says:

    she looks better in that old school photo lol
    i would call her just ordinary

  17. linmamie says:

    COOL GAL ~`

  18. ashtoh says:

    yeah…it’s no doubt i like her ^^

  19. missglasses says:

    yeah, I’ve gussed it before… I like her so much πŸ™‚

  20. omgxitsdeborah12 says:

    i hate those girls who are all like shes so fake ,
    sheess sooo natural ~
    ohmygoosh , im so jealous that shes gonna get to act with yooseungho ❀

  21. kimchi101 says:

    this just shows that just because someone’s pretty doesnt mean they got plastic surgery..

  22. j3shika says:

    Her nose seems fake.
    Based on her school picture, her nose doesn’t have a bridge, at all. But she’s pretty.

    • raehee says:

      It definitely had/has a bridge.. I don’t think fake noses look like that, either~ her nose is too arched to be fake. She’s really pretty πŸ˜€

  23. rockbarbie20 says:

    Yes..Indeed, she’s very pretty. :]

  24. triple love says:

    kirei na onna..

    she is so natural.. i hate the girls with plastic surgery !

  25. hahaha. she’s PRETTY! and that’s the REALITY if someone HATE HER. your just JEALOUS caus ur UGLY haha.! go SEOUL COUPLE!!! kim bum! and kim so eun! :))

  26. crazygirl says:

    My friend somehow looks like ehr. Only that she is more fairskinned. HOLY EF. If my friend will grow up to look like her. I swear i’ll cry an ocean of tears

  27. Kimii says:

    waaa. I first thought that she had undergone plastic surgery. Now I’m relieved that she’s a natural beauty. So CUTE~! :DDD

  28. CLANGiiE says:

    so cuuute!~
    lucky her!!~
    she didn’t go through the plastics magic!

  29. cutie^^ says:

    wow! so natural! πŸ˜€
    i love her! she’s so pretty! πŸ™‚

  30. So-Eun FAN says:

    I’ve always liked her.
    She was my fave character in BOF coz I thought she was pretty & innocent-looking lol

  31. kyzell says:

    Well all i can say is shes very very very pretty !

  32. rae says:

    i realy like her!i mean for kim bum….
    perfect it……

  33. LiloPoia says:

    despite there are so many preety girls did plastic surgey..
    i think she is the most beautiful woman in Korea…..

  34. pham says:

    ..hmm,sounds like there are so many artists who undergone platic surgery in korea huh.

    but i’m relieved that so-eun didn’t bother herself to change anything on her face.. she’s pretty and innocent-looking..β™₯

  35. moitei says:

    of course she is

  36. SuperKara says:

    She’s a natural beauty!
    muahah beautiful as always!

  37. kim so eun lover says:

    Kim is the most beautiful korean girl ever. I wish I could have a lady like her.

  38. sekend says:

    she is really pretty since she was young. no doubt, she has a natural beauty and didn’t undergo any plastic surgery.

  39. sekend says:

    she is really pretty since she was young. no doubt, she has a natural beauty and didn’t undergo any plastic surgery. =) hehe, go gail!

  40. 4minuterock says:

    kim so eun is the most gorgeous and beautiful korea actress ever! i am so glad to hear that she is natural beauty! saranghae!

  41. WOW says:

    that is what makes her unique from other actresses that had plastic surgery and all looks the same in my eyes…=_=

  42. Sarah says:

    Maybe, she didn’t have plastis surgery… look, match it. Maybe she just grew up a little. So, it looks like she had her plastic surgery. Please stop posting if you aren’t sure of it. And, it’s like you know everything that she is doing, why are you stalking her? Well, I think you had the wrong mind about Kim So Eun. AND BTW………………..

  43. ding-dOng says:

    dUdE i lOve dis gUrl…i alrEady wAtch bOys ovEr flOwErs…aNd is sO rOmAntic,sAd&fUnNy…i lOve dAh pArt whEn KIM.BUM wAs abOut tO kiss KIM SO EUN…i lOvE thEsE cOuplE…thERe dAh cUtEst cOUpLe i evEr sEen…mE lOviNg dEm…bUt i lOvE LEE-MIN-HO mOrE..i mEan i lOvE aLl of dEm…i evEn lOVe KIM.JOONG&KIM.JOON..aNd especiAlLy KOO-HYE-SUN…shE sO wEiRd in bOys ovEr flOwEr…bUt it dOesn’t mAttEr i stiLl lOvE hEr…

    i’m dAh biGgEst fAn….
    i lOve yOu gUys…i wiSh i’ll mEet yAh aLl…

  44. honey says:



  45. trina says:

    kim su eun is have a natural beauty………
    she didnt did a plastic surgery in her nose,cheeks,lips,eyes,her angle of her face,even her body……
    thats why i like her so much……..
    for me she is the one of my favorite actress and the one of the prettiest actress………

  46. nanda says:

    wowoow ,

  47. is it true trina how about her jaw is big when she’s at her childhood,but now look at her picture below it’s very different,my gosh.not like koo hye sun u see her childhood up to now,no changes.

  48. lee jung mi says:

    yup,her cheekbone,very big wen she’s still a kid,but now u see the differences,her cheekbone was too thin 4 that picture in childhood.

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