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Who is that sexy beast?!


Oh la la! It’s Wolverine from X-Men, Hugh Jackman hanging out on Korean television!

Recently, Hugh Jackman and Daniel Henney were in Korea promoting the new action flick “X-Men Origins: Wolverine“. During their stay, the two made a guest appearance on the variety show “Here Comes Gold Miss” on the 19th. Three lucky females, Shin Bong-sun, Jin Jae-young and Yang Jung-ah were given the opportunity to go on a “movie date” with the sexy actors. And although the “engrish” skills of the 3 females were ridiculously embarrassing, the show managed to attract higher viewer ratings because of the Australian’s laid back and humorous personality.

Check out the video to see the Wolverine sing, play the piano and dance like Beyonce:



34 Comments on “Who is that sexy beast?!”

  1. perfectsoup says:


    luckyyyy hugh jackman is soooooooo sexxxy.

  2. perfectsoup says:

    oh, and daniel henney too. xD

  3. pouvait says:

    i donntt like daniel henney’s new long hair stylee. 😦

  4. cel1115 says:


    i prefer for his short hair cut..

    sooo sexy…. i love daniel henney… xD

  5. chiara13 says:

    yeah I like the short hairstyle of daniel henney…oh well still handsome like a prince and wow huge…LOVE HIM… really very very sexy man mmmm !!!! waaahhhh!!! his really cute and handsome…bboth of them 🙂

  6. jane. says:

    loveee hugh and daniel<3

  7. janicate says:

    cute picture :))

  8. ladyyuina says:

    Indeed, he is one sexy beast. O_o

  9. ladyyuina says:

    Oh my god, I was cracking up while I was watching the video. Was funny and cute at the same time. =3

  10. juliagulia007 says:

    That was so painful to watch. I want those 10 minutes of my life back.
    Poor Hugh and Daniel having to put up with those 3.

    I concur that Daniel’s hairstyle is terrible. It must go.

  11. maimai1987 says:

    its funny to watch but painful, at the same time.

    lol. daniel h looks embarassed. lol.

    both are gorgeous. the guys i mean.

    love you hugh!!!!

  12. annbanana says:

    Damn, they are so tall. Look at their legs!

  13. ashtoh says:

    omo i wanna see the show ^^

  14. tarka87 says:

    too funny 😀

    are those women comedians?

    and i loved when that 3rd women said: “I was miss Korea and I’m not married” 😀

  15. gutchetka says:

    haHHa so funny!

  16. boohob says:

    this really made me wish hugh jackman has his own regular korean funny show on TV.
    if hollywood ever becomes tiring, come to korean tv!!

  17. sexybabymama says:

    that was hilarious

  18. ditto8 says:

    What?! Lucky b*tches!
    Hugh Jackman is so damn HOT!

  19. kitanablade3 says:

    LMAO that was embarrassing and funny at the same time.

    Damn they’re so lucky, TWO hotties in one show ❤

  20. miki1 says:

    Of all the shows to appear, they end up in this one? How much did they pay HJ to appear on this show???

  21. kawairemon says:

    I saw this before and haha that was hilarious I like Bong Son I think that’s her name she’s so funny!

  22. umie11 says:

    OMG!!!!! I love Hugh Jackman even more now!
    I’m gonna have to check out this episode!

  23. zhangxingyi says:

    lol hugh jackman is such a nice guy 🙂

  24. ithinkyouarehot says:

    OOH! HOT! tssss! hahahaha. :))
    it was sooo FUNNY! hahaha. ^^ weeee.

  25. ithinkyouarehot says:

    if only this was subbed.. it will be funnier! hahaha. :))

  26. Dea says:

    lollol so funny! More Hollywood stars in Korean shows!

  27. tacti says:

    Wow, the girl he’s dancing with is ugly as sin. LOL, but he’s hot! (: [So is Daniel!]

  28. aquellashistorias says:

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  29. riki101 says:

    that was a great episode and bong-sun has a new fan in me. she was GREAT! she made the show for me

  30. laphoo says:

    So funny that it said ‘dancing on tables’ XD And daniel was like, ok! come one!

  31. claude says:

    AAARGH~ they’re so lucky, hugh jackman~ waaaaaaah~

  32. ricia says:


  33. Goodwill says:

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