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Nam Gyu-ri and Seeya throw punches


And the fight goes on.

Nam Gyu-ri has been leaving responses on her own ‘Cyworld’ homepage regarding her betrayal of ‘Seeya’. In response, Kim Kwang-soo, the director of ‘Core Contents Media’ has been throwing punches at Nam Gyu-ri left and right. Each punch being harder than the first each time she leaves a response on her ‘Cyworld’ homepage.

What started as a matter of contract infringement has now become a bigger issue. Kim Kwang-soo has since then exposed stories of Nam Gyu-ri having a boyfriend who is her sponsor, wanting special treatment, this being her second betrayal, and being money hungry. But this surely wasn’t enough for him because he pulled out his next card-Lee Bo-ram and Kim Yeon-ji of ‘Seeya’.

Lee Bo-ram and Kim Yeon-ji of ‘Seeya’ have decided to tell their side of the story in front of camera’s instead of behind a computer screen like their ex-partner. This past 26th, on the set of ‘Womens Generation-Eternal Love’ MV film set, the two held a mini press conference of tears. Lee Bo-ram responded to Nam Gyu-ri’s ‘Cyworld’ messages in tears stating,

There are a lot of thing’s Nam Gyu-ri said that were distorted. If there were so many problems with our company, we would have left as well. I’m confused and just don’t understand why there are so many false stories that are being told. We saw the message Nam Gyu-ri left on her homepage today. This is all so appalling. It’s a shame because Director Kim Kwang-soo worked harder than anyone for Nam Gyu-ri. It’s nonsense that Nam Gyu-ri was mistreated. Because of Nam Gyu-ri, our stylist changed so many times. It’s to the extent that we don’t have any more coordinators that will work with us, and even our hair salon was changed many times. Our company went out of their way to accomodate her needs. Because of her we went through a lot of hardships and pain. Her claims to have made only $80 million KRW during the past 3 years is not true as well. Before we began our 3rd album activities she was preparing for her role as an actress and told us she wouldn’t be able to contribute and be active for our 3rd album for long. We were hurty by what she said because we’re merely beings that just really wanted to sing. Still, since we felt that it was a good opportunity for her to pursue her career as an actress, we wanted to cheer her on. But while preparing for our 3rd album she told us that if she didn’t have any solo parts she wouldn’t participate in the 3rd album. We were appalled and disappointed by what she said. I really don’t understand why she feels so upset and victimized. We didn’t have much problems as a team but as time went by she gave us so many scars. As a leader of a team she wasn’t able to take on her responsibilities. We haven’t been able to get in contact with her for a while now. So many people think that all this happened over night but it didn’t. Those times were hard and painful for us to endure. I really didn’t want to have to come out and say this…but Nam Gyu-ri who had to make this whole situation is just…

Kim Yeon-ji didn’t say as much but surely didn’t refrain from expressing her feelings either.

It’s not like we weren’t able to express our opinions as well. We kept quiet on the matter only because we felt that it would only lead to hurting each others feelings. We kept quiet because we wanted to end everything on good terms but things were getting blown out of proportion and put our company and ourselves in an awkard position. There’s nothing more I can say but I hope this whole situation won’t get any worse than it needs to. We believe that even others won’t believe that she only made $80 million KRW either. There’s a number of activities she took on (acting and singing career) during that time and by just looking at that it doesn’t make sense that she only made $80 million KRW. From our point of view this is just betrayal and it’s upsetting and hurtful for us.

Again, Nam Gyu-ri chose to speak through her ‘Cyworld’ homepage.

I hated having to join hands with the devil. I didn’t want to live the kind of life people commonly talk about, about being entangled and bound to money. Who is the person behind me? When did I have a dual contract? Who is my sponsor and who is this boyfriend that is helping me? How much money did I make and how many hidden secrets contained within secrets do i have to reveal? This whole matter has turned into a huge “he said, she said” situation we’ve all dealt with in elementary school. The three members and company involved should really stop with the media play. It’s starting to make them all look bad because they all just seem to be playing victim. It’s time for them to invest the pretty penny they made into something called a lawyer and take it to court already.




45 Comments on “Nam Gyu-ri and Seeya throw punches”

  1. sexybabymama says:

    who knows what the truth is~ i think i wanna believe what others are saying about Nam Gyuri—how they had to accomodate to her needs because afterall she is the most popular one there. She has a big gongju byung so i can imagine her demanding different stylists and salons…tsk tsk.. there’s always reasons behind so much hate.

  2. yunjaeism says:

    wow this is going really bad.
    i don’t know who’s saying is the truth,but i kinda believe what the other 2 members said too.
    they shld just solve this once and for all since nam gyuri does’nt seems to have any plans to go back to them or even maintain their friendship.

  3. garygfamily says:

    Usually stupidity and ignorance is the reason behind hate.

    I’m actually please Gyuri hasn’t wholly contradicted the other two’s latest accusations, and has simply played an even more complicated sympathy card. Because that’s better than seeing them all lie to each other, leaving no room for a truer picture for both sides amid excess trash-talk.

  4. orthocore says:

    I was expecting physical punches. I am disappoint!

  5. whoaxthere says:

    i’m not going to sounds like gyuri is the problem here
    i mean, i liked her and everything
    but after this whole thing started..i’m not so sure anymore
    and it’s not even the fact that i believe the other two members only
    it’s after reading her posts as well that just triggered who i’m siding with in this situation
    i don’t think that the rest of seeya deserves what gyuri is putting them through
    at this point, i just hope that gyuri leaves so the rest of seeya can contineu their careers happily and doing what they love

  6. yonderies says:

    How can she claim to be a victim when she’s practically the face of Seeya! She probably made twice as much as the other two who are always in the background!
    She should’ve just finished her contract instead of trying to pull out early….

  7. murderthesun says:

    It sounds as though Gyuri is the problem but sometimes the “whistle blower” is really the one telling the truth. In so many words she kind of says she didn’t want to be reliant on these people maybe because it’s such a sideways industry. It doesn’t seem that artists in Korea are treated fairly many times. Maybe the other two want to play it safe, Maybe her “demanding attitude” was no different then what the average American celebrity demands and expects. Who knows only they know the truth, but depending on perspective each of their own personal truths will be different.

  8. hahaha says:

    ive never liked gyuri.. never will..she looks fake inside and out..

  9. jane. says:

    i don’t know whose side to believe but after watching the video im on the companies side (opposing nam gyuri). she always seemed fake and tried to look innocent and its known that she gets special treatment because of her other career as an actress and cause she has more popularity than the other girls.

  10. bruddawhat says:

    I think Gyuri is the one telling the truth IMO.

    I don’t know if it’s the faulty translation of Bo-Ram’s part, but her speech DEFINITELY sounds exaggerated and it’s hard to believe what she’s saying.

    Yeonji’s sounds more reasonable, but I think it’s a case of jealousy.

    Gyuri is supposed to be the main face of Seeya, right? I wouldn’t be surprised to see the two girls (Boram and Yeonji) go against her. The fact that they chose to tell the CAMERAS instead of taking matters in a more mature way tells me they WANTED this to go public and basically ruin Gyuri’s image.

    Well, I never liked girl groups. =__= So many cat fights.

    • littleladys says:

      NO WAYYY!!!!!

      • littleladys says:

        It’s so obvious that Nam gyuri is lying esp about the money thing. Her company said that she made way more than 80 mil, and they have proof….

        —>> I really dont think the 2 other members would lie… and cry infront of the media.. they’re showing their real feelings… Nam gyuri is just greedy. it’s a fact.

    • maysia says:

      they choose the CAMERAS but it seems that Gyuri also choose to speak via her CYWORLD… i dont think that’s even more mature~
      I dont know much about SeeYa, since i dont really like girl groups either, but it seems that Gyuri played the victim 1st when she exposed the whole thing on her cyworld…

    • Lalala says:

      um….But Nam Gyu Ri is the one making the accusations that she was being treated unfairly? She’s the one saying she’s not getting paid enough, and she’s the one who broke the contract…. She’s ruining her own image….

  11. ayadoll says:

    omg What da hell is goin on???
    please explaing

  12. piperz says:

    Why didn’t she just finish her contract? Where’s the loyalty? This is just ridiculous!

  13. phiof1point618 says:

    I actually thought the three of them loved each other like sisters. Guess not. Makes me wonder if there’s internally strife in other idol groups too. Imagine if someone from DBSK or Arashi was secretly horrible behind the scenes. Gives me the chills.

  14. hyunjoong4ever says:

    HOW SAD…

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  16. maimai1987 says:


  17. ss501fohlife says:

    who are these two again?

  18. asianmusiclyrics says:

    Man Gyuri sounds like a hypocrite. She tells the others to stop with all the media play and yet she’s posting the issue on her Cyworld homepage? That’s media too lil’ one.

    Was this issue brought to the public through her own posting in the first place? If so then *this is gonna sound so immature but* … YOU STARTED IT!

  19. e1leen0nt0fu says:

    IDK…I’m not a huge fan of Nam Gyuri myself, but her blog posts sound pretty convincing. It really seems like she just wants to settle this in court and be over with having this long drawn out media battle. She is probably hasn’t released a public statement or press conference because she finds this all pretty ridiculous by now.

    Having the other SeeYa girls cry on TV, that’s an easy card to play to make Nam Gyuri look REALLY bad. Core is probably like “if she won’t come back, she’ll never be able to work in this industry again.” I’m not saying she isn’t in the wrong, but I think she’s being much more honest about it.

  20. j3shika says:

    honestly, I wouldn’t have joined SM either.
    you get barely any money that you deserve as an entertainer, but I think both sides are messed up.

  21. keyoppa says:

    I hope this wont proceed to killings or suicides

  22. kulyia says:

    This is dumb. Grow up celebs! tsk tsk tsk!

  23. youbun7 says:

    It’s all about money…. that is.

  24. minbong says:

    Eh?? They are from SM? Lol, at one comment. Not very sure of the girls but yeah it’s all about the money. I don’t think even if Gyuri has a solo part, it will make any difference in her career. She’s not really that fanatasic a singer right..blah.

  25. yuyami says:

    And p.s. they are not from SM.

  26. gutchetka says:

    what ever! they only want publicity’ they want gossip! girls’they want nitizens attention!

  27. alexishn says:

    Seeya was last with MNet.

    Gyuri sickens me. Demanding solo parts on the third album or not participating at all? Girlfriend, puh-lease. Your voice is so-so and you’re clearly the most ‘popular’ because of your plastic dollface and cutesy act. And no matter who’s really telling the truth here, the fact that she placed way more emphasis on her own solo career than on Seeya can DEFINITELY not be disputed.

    I’m glad to see her go, and I feel so sorry for Boram and Yeonji. At least they now have a chance to come out from under her shadow. Hopefully they’ll be able to find a permanent third member who is willing to be treated equally AND have some singing chops herself.

  28. asianromance86 says:

    Not that I am supporting Nam GyuRi, but I also feel that the other two-Boram and Yeonji- could be releasing such statements due to pressure from the company. The feud is between Gyuri and the company and if Boram and Yeonji didn’t want trouble from the company in the future, they would need to help it denounce Gyuri.

    I used to love Seeya, but later the group seemed to hop onto the cutesy mainstream kpop bandwagon. And the fact that these girls brought their grievances via cyworld and press conferences show a lack of maturity. yeah yeah yeah nam gyuri started it first; they didn’t have to sink to her level, but they did. They should just disband and then in a year or two become a part of some other new girl group or something. The name Seeya has already been tainted by this catfight.

  29. rellalove says:

    it’s sad how no one backs up gyuri except herself but i say it was her fault for leaving the group.
    you see snsd yoona acting but she aint quitting her singing career.
    why quit when you were the most popular?
    i think the two was letting their real emotions out and it’s true, they could be jealous. who wouldn’t?
    but i woudn’t waste too much time on gyuri, the real talent in this group is all YEONJI. she’s the one with vocals.
    and maybe they came out in public cause we heard only gyuri’s part of the story that was unfair. we have to be reasonable about this.
    i don’t want to be biased but gyuri was the one that left them hanging,and she’s not all that great, still she was the “popular”one.

  30. storm121693 says:

    does she have no morals or something?? i don’t really care whether she got plastic surgery or no but how the hell does she just abandon the members like that. she’s supposed to be a LEADER! unless she doesn’t know what the hell that means then i won’t mind! a lot of people looked up to her and loved her but does she really care about the fans she have or the money? i don’t like to judge anybody but it’s just stupid how the other two members are telling in front of the media while the Nam Gyuri is a coward saying what she has to say through a computer screen. The other two members deserve more spotlight because they put so much effort into every activity involving Seeya while Gyuri is busy trying to make herself seem better.

  31. coffeeluva says:

    ooh intense… i can tell this is going to get ugly. but personally, i dont think nam gyuri is being very fair. well screw them all!

  32. I actually like Nam Gyu-ri. Even if she is in the wrong it’s nice to see a female Korean celebrity who’s willing to openly break some balls and not cry or beg for forgiveness on TV.

  33. yongwonhisarang says:

    $80 million KRW is the money’s left after she had to pay for the plastic surgery..

    • Lalala says:

      LMAO… It’s not like I hate her or anything but, she does look quite…plastic >> and fake… and I really don’t get why everyone thinks she looks so great. Because in truth, the other two members aren’t that far behind in terms of looks…well in my opinion o-O;;. It’s always confused me why everyone seems to love her so much… It’s not like she’s soooo talented… I completely agree that Yeonji has the vocals in this group. Really, with Gyuri’s voice, compared to the other two, she should be happy she’s getting any lines at all >>;; Yes maybe i’m being unfair, but her demanding a solo? That’s just stupid. It’d be nice if she thought of her group members some time… As for comments that Yeonji and Boram are just jealous? Well I think they deserve to be because Gyuri is just not that great, yet they’re always on the side while it’s just Gyuri Gyuri Gyuri always in the camera. Sometimes it gets frustrating because you don’t want to look at her face anymore >>

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  37. Ratez says:

    Lol reading the comments; seems like a majority of the readers here are quick to judge and are willing to believe whatever accusations is thrown out just because it ‘sounds’ right.

  38. butttt says:

    “seeya” HAHAHA i get. Well if your so great do SeeYa on your own and see how much money YOU make.

    Namgyuri is a bitch but she is making hella money and super talented AND i recently watch her horror film she is getting better and her songs from the soundtrack is awsome. I dont think she needs them anymore.

    (ps….. Nam gyuri needs to apologize and get on with her wonderful life)

  39. lila says:

    nam gyuri is a annoying cunt that most girls would hate in real life

    BUT GUESS WHAT LOSERS she is making more money then these two ever will!!!!!!!!!!!!

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