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Son Tae-young shows off underwear


Although summer is not even here, Son Tae-young is already showing off her underwear. At the press conference for her new SBS drama, “Two wives,” the baby mama is making a desperate plea for attention. Maybe, she’s not getting enough attention from her husband.



21 Comments on “Son Tae-young shows off underwear”

  1. heart204 says:

    I still can’t believe she just had a baby. So slim.

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  3. hyunjoong4ever says:


  4. sexybabymama says:

    she wants to show off her boobs that pregnancy gave her before they return to their flatness.

  5. julychronicles says:

    haha!i so agree with you, sexybabymama!

  6. gutchetka says:

    if nice if she wore only bra’ what the use of it!

  7. jane. says:

    Who would ever have known that she just had a baby?

  8. asianromance86 says:

    maybe she got dressed in the closet and didn’t realize the shirt was see through. really don’t like her entire outfit.

  9. asians2 says:

    oh gosh, what in the world is she wearing?

    but, she does look really good, sooo slim!

  10. lollipopsmile101 says:

    am i supposed to say eww or yay?

  11. bigbangf4 says:

    gave her anor 2 years with her loveydovey hubby n she’s off to anor from the way she flunking her assets top n bottom not 4getting her shotgun marriage boosted by her preggie was a trap to that stupid hubby under deep pressure n stress to hide until nowhere to hide n out comes the bump growing bigger n bigger n all those damn lies claiming she’s not preggie. all celebs are very untrustworthy, they tell lies to cover the honest truth to earn their living. she was like from one man to anor where’s the love to spite her ex??

  12. flysx3 says:

    im sorry but put on a real shirt!

  13. felisshi says:

    She must be getting ready for summer.

  14. ax04 says:

    For some reason, she reminds me of my mom in these pictures… odd!

    Whatever! No complaints if I were married with Kwon Sang Woo.

  15. That’s just a really tacky look. Like something Madonna wear in the early 90s.

    I do agree that she’s in remarkable shape for a lady who had delivered a baby only a few months ago.

  16. meiseehon says:

    That thumb ring looks so stupid. She should be wearing her wedding ring instead! Also, the pants are very unflattering.

  17. malu says:

    was kwon sang woo aware of this? LOL

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