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Kim Hyun-joong kisses Park Shin-hye


With his newly darkened locks, Kim Hyun-joong works on his 5th commercial after hit drama, “Boys over Flowers.” But unlike the other CFs, this time the SS501 member gets to kiss a girl.  The quickie 30 second commercial is for Korean equivalent of Sprite called, “Kin” – in particular a new version, “Dynamic Kin”

Check out the lip-sticked Kim Hyun-joong practising his pucker with Park Shin-hye below:




100 Comments on “Kim Hyun-joong kisses Park Shin-hye”

  1. Choonhee says:

    I like the new colour
    and LOL his eyes are so squinty when he’s trying to kiss someone xD

    • Ji Un says:

      ha ha i hate all those korean boys and girls they r like a gay. espacially KHJ.bullshit…………
      -aja aja fighting u nonsense

      • jeoya says:

        duhhh… get the hell out of here!!!!! why spent your time commenting if you hate them? just get lost, and mind your own business, that would be the best.

  2. Nabe says:

    ,i thought that KHJ dont have a girlfriend, lil bit sarcastic when i see and hear news bout the korean artist, oh hate them so much.,grrrr.

  3. nataliedee says:

    he is always look cool and dashing no matter what he wear …..

  4. ZUALI8 says:


  5. dk-is-azn says:

    daaannnnng they are sooo awesome together

    people need to stop hating xD

    park shin hye is like… really nice. perfect match 🙂

  6. Secret says:

    Park Shin Hye unnie is so pretty Hyun Joong is lucky that he gets to kiss a girl like her. Park Shin Hye and Kim Hyun Joong Fighting!!!!!

  7. lucky says:

    mình thấy PSH rất đẹp, và đó cũng là 1 sắp đặt hoàn hảo. i love …

  8. racheal:) says:

    park shin hye is sooo sweet! she has such a nice personality you guys shouldnt hate,, lol

    go shin hye!!!

  9. caroline says:

    i just love park shin hye and hyun joong

  10. getalife(: says:

    i love this girl ! (:
    i love Kim Hyun Joong too , i think this isn’t a bad pairing .
    although, i watched the cf, and it didn’t show any kissing really, it cut off before there even was a kiss, their lips like didn’t touch, so i don’t think they would kiss without catching it on the camera, that would be a waste . lols
    but that would have been nice ! ahaha

  11. meenakshi says:

    its not good to hear that park shin hye kisses a handsome guy like kim hyun joong because she is so ugly

    • owenz says:

      HUh? ugly?? i think ,, u most ugly.. ah..ha.. mabye u not beautiful like park shin hye, is it right? dats why u say she UGLY…or mabye u have a lot of pimple on u’r face and nobody boy want u..emmm u juz ‘building a castle in da air’handsome boy did not like GIRL like u including me…

    • whyhate says:

      Why do you want to hate. It just make you an ugly person. They are doing their job, as actor/actress. Get a life.

  12. NIRJALA says:


  13. caroline says:

    so sweet for the them

  14. CreamAudition says:

    kim hyun joong and park shin hye very match ^^

  15. Yoona says:

    I will have to say that Kim hyun joong is very handsome & Park shin hye is real pretty. Both are successful actors in there own ways. This commercial can actually be found on youtube. Park shin hye was actually afraid to kiss kim hyun joong in the commercial, because of the anti-fans (which is true!). Park shin hye is aware of it and Kim hyun joong was nice to say I really don’t have fans, (which is not true!) so you don’t need to worry. Nonetheless, I think they look real cute together. Good luck to the both of them. 🙂

  16. owenz says:

    nirjala.. Are u Jelous with Park shin hye??em.. i think so.. coz u say kim hyun joong much better.. but 4 me, he not good enough lar..beside, park shin hye is better than u,more cute than u, more brilliant than u, pretty than u, em what else??? ha she is artist but U??? hmmmm…?????
    juz???nobody know bout u??ZERO????

  17. owenz says:

    PARK SHIN HYE CUTE than nirjala

  18. bby94 says:

    huuuu i dun care what other people say bout Park shin hye.. coz i really like her…big fan, big fan…. em, she really match with JGS

  19. Hmmm says:

    i love her park shin hye unnie<33
    i will always support you!!fighting!!

  20. caroline says:

    i want hem in real life together shinhye looks pretty unnie fighting hyun joong too sarang hae

  21. anne says:

    omo!! i want hem in real life
    cuz they look cute!!

  22. bya says:

    they both look cute in this cf, but friends let them choose their patner of their life by themselves, ok !

  23. marez says:

    really!!!!!shin hye and hyun joong!!!!!so shockings!!!

  24. gie says:

    they are match couple..^^ really love them

  25. Clay davichi says:

    Yeah,i agree wif owenz,such a nice comment..y u awl so jeolous,huh? its true dat park shin hye rlly2 beatiful n gorgeous..dey match 2gether lyk made in i ryte?..i can accept if u guyz said dat kim tae hui is muc better than her..xD

  26. whyhate says:

    Love Park Shin Hye, don’t hate anti fans. I’m always here to support our beautiful princess inside and out, she is doing her job. Let them love who ever they want and support our stars as fans. Not hate! Of course I’m a SukkieHye fan FOREVER! JACKPOT!

  27. :]simplyme says:

    oh, so cute!
    Luv u hyun jung oppa!

  28. nana says:

    i love it yes ye yes yes yes yes yes ❤

  29. jeeni says:

    the angel of korean actress park shin hye and prince charming kim hyun joong supporting u forever.

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