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Celebrity brawl caught on tape


Recently,  2 celebrities got into a fist fight at a club in ‘Hong-dae’ and “detective” netizens have been on a mission to find out who those celebrities were. As news began to float around on portal sites, only initials were given as ‘TV personality A’ and ‘Top model B’. However, the brawl between ‘A’ and ‘B’ seems to have been pretty serious. Reportedly, tables were flipped over, ‘B’ was dragged out by the neck, ‘B’ ended up with broken teeth, bruises and all the other good stuff that comes after a brawl. Due to curious netizens, news that was supposed to quietly disappear, only spread like wildfire putting the 2 celebrities in the hot seat. To make things worse, overnight a short clip of the brawl was put up online by one of the “detective” netizen’s.

Now, who is ‘TV personality A’ and ‘Top model B’? Many full names of a few celebrities were brought up but the top 2 names mentioned were Marco (Son Dam-bi’s husband from ‘WGM’) and Bae Jung-nam (Top model of Korea).

marco_hannah_20090512 (Marco)

baejungnam_hannah_20090512 (Bae Jung-nam)

The clip provided by the “oh-so-kind” netizen isn’t of great quality, so you can’t clearly see the faces of the celebrities. However, hints dropped by reporters, the netizen that put up the clip and others that claim to have been at the scene are all pointing fingers at the 2. Looks like Marco was serious about learning K-1 and it came in handy that night because he walked away in mint condition. On the other hand, Bae Jung-nam has canceled activities for an undetermined time span. Supposedly, the 2 met up after the incident, cleared up the misunderstanding, shook hands and got over it but who knows. Does this mean no more Marco on the variety show ‘New Village Baseball Team’?

Check out a clip of the brawl here.


32 Comments on “Celebrity brawl caught on tape”

  1. julychronicles says:


  2. J says:

    I don’t see the link on the page.

  3. jess says:

    well, I like marco! 😀

  4. heromiezen says:

    i dont like marco’ i watch WGM he so bad! he act so weird! grrh… i hate! bad guys! & BJ-N hate him too! 🙂

  5. ace says:

    not surprised marco..

  6. A says:

    Can’t find video either? Please clarify

  7. ruji says:

    haha, what a news^^

  8. seoulpoppers says:

    Bae Jung Nam is stupid. He started the fight. Why would you start a fight with someone that’s obviously been in the ring before?

    oh and there’s rumor of a male idol singer that was there hanging out with all the ladies in the midst of this fight.

  9. Se7en89 says:

    wa the link dont work 😦

  10. killjadeskye says:

    man, i hope it’s not marco…
    I like him..

  11. hell says:

    wat?! the model was dragged out by the neck by MARCO? and marco punched top model who ended up wit broken teeth?! wat?! i thought it was the other way around! marco needs to be beat up! XD j/k..this is a serious matter..maybe the model mustve been drunk that he cudnt give marco a blow in return..they must be fighting over a girl or their was probably a drug mishap…who knows…

  12. Marco is annoying, but it’s funny as Hell that he stomped a male model’s face, though male models may not be the most intimidating opponents.

  13. One question that popped in my mind is how this incident is going to affect their careers. Obviously the model is going to have to fix his teeth and face before he hits the runway again anytime soon, but what about Marco? Eventually the netizens are going to blow the lid off the cover up and he’s going to have to face the media. Is he going to do the usual fake apology followed by weeks of staged remorse, or is he going to just tell them to screw off? Because that would be awesome.

    • googlephone says:

      Bae jungnam is way overrated. I dunno what connections he has to last in the modeling industry for so long but he’s a lot shorter than the industry average in korea. Now that he doesn’t have his face and teeth I wonder if his career will go down the drain too… Marco hasn’t changed his partying ways since “we got married” when son dambi scolded him for clubbing lol

  14. kpoplover1991 says:

    Where can I find the video. I´m not korean and I can´t open the website. I want to watch it bad!!!

  15. Chunee says:

    The video was removed from the webpage.

  16. iowes says:

    oooooh! I wannna see!

  17. Jane. says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was those two..

  18. yunjae-thelove; says:

    Wow Macro?
    thats some nasty fight and punches thrown !

  19. Ren says:

    I vote for Marco!

  20. Diana says:

    Now this is some juicy news! kinda funny yet disturbing at the same time to think a models face was beat to a pulp, hope they are both fine.

  21. fangirl says:

    what the?!

  22. cinderella says:

    YEAH!!! GO Marco!! I love Marco!

    The model deserved it! He tried to act all badass and ended up getting beat up. Next time, he’d better choose his opponents wisely. Or else, he’ll end up in a coma!

  23. MkY says:

    Tsk tsk tsk… Dambi won’t like this Marco…

  24. jamessye says:

    that’s whack, G… how is this a “Hawt Post”?

  25. anna says:

    Us humans, I mean, normal people can get into a fight and forget all about it the next day or so, no one makes a big deal out of it. How sad in the life of a celebrity, they have to deal with it in a long run.

  26. miso says:


  27. ss501fohlife says:

    ohh! as long as Marco is ok. 😀

  28. […] Celebrity brawl caught on tape Recently,  2 celebrities got into a fist fight at a club in ‘Hong-dae’ and “detective” […] […]

  29. me says:

    Oh i saw them outside the club after the fight. Its was not HongDae, it was club Eden in Nonhhyun. Bae JungNam seems a little banged up but nothing serious. Marco was gone and they were looking for him.

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