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Song Seung-heon is ‘Storm S’


Hallyu star Song Seung-heon is a free agent.

The bushy-browed actor has left his previous management, MNet Media and opened up his own company, Storm S. The actor recently founded ‘Storm S’ along with a few close acquaintances this past May and has announced that they will now officially start running their company this month.

An acquaintance of one of the company founder’s stated,

The president of the company is actually Song Seung-heon’s partner.  Song Seung-heon himself will have no part in the entertainment financial business side. At the moment, the actor has no specific plans of action and just set up the basic company for now. He is still in need of hiring employees to run the company.

This past June 1st, the actor left a message on his own fanclub homepage titled, “It’s been a while since my last greeting. This is Song Seung heon“.  In the post he stated,

Truthfully, I recently left my management company and am preparing for my independence. It’s hard for me to hide my feelings and it makes me sad to think that I am parting ways with the company I was with for the past few years. The company staff members were like family and helped me become who I am today. But lately I’ve constantly been thinking  in the back of my mind, ‘Is there anything that I can do better in?’ and ‘I should interact with all of you (fans)  more actively’ while another part of my mind is nervous and worried about the decision I’ve made…

The trend seems to be for top stars in Korea to form their own management company. So this is really nothing new. The more important question is: “Since So Ji-sub and Song Seung-heon are close friends and So Ji-sub no longer has a management company since his contract ended with BOF this past May, will he become a family of Storm S?”.

We’re gonna have to wait and see. Meanwhile, congratulations to Song Seung-heon for founding his own company. And a little side note for Mr. Song- you, yourself know better that Storm S is more than likely to be successful, so stop acting like you’re doubting your decision!


24 Comments on “Song Seung-heon is ‘Storm S’”

  1. Starryy91 says:

    Hottttieeee <333 lol 😛

  2. sunbae143 says:


  3. HotAsHell says:

    Storm My Ass. Storm S sounds weird

    • noire says:

      He can’t. You know, as a celebrity, he will have to remain his ass as sexy as possible for some people like you to drool about.
      Why don’t you ask your plastic idol to do that, or trying to storm your own ass instead ? Nobody will intend to stop that tragically scandalous act from an indiot like you.

  4. angelas says:

    aghhh why. this name… reminds me of something i’m trying to forget xD

  5. shang says:

    Storm S is kinda weird@_@ He should have picked another name. Oh well, he’s HOT anyways! >:D

  6. lilhkqute says:

    it sounds like the blackberry storm!! HAHAHAHA

  7. Jun says:

    Allow me to voice out my opinions. I think it is better to join in hands with Choi ji woo … wont it double their earnings as they are A-list stars in Seoul, Korea? But well I understand that men are ambitious.

  8. Brad says:

    Sounds thundering. He has the means to start on his own. He is famous and can make money even with him as the only caged celebrity in this management.

    He has work hard to earn his famous name. He is an A-1 actor, classy, and most of all, humble with a clean reputation and good image, so, i think, he can be successful in this new venture.

    Good luck to him.

  9. m says:

    HOT!! well, congrats and all the best to this mr.HOT and handsome guy.

  10. daphne says:

    all the best song seung heon! 🙂

  11. roxio79 says:

    It´s true, this is not the moment to have doubts but I try to be in his shoes…I would also be very nervous and insecure…It´s normal.


  12. rellalove says:

    I wanna be part of his STORM! He blows me away~~~~

  13. noire says:

    Popseoul sounds strangely serious with this “SSH item”. Dont be that generous because your style has been well -known -_^.

  14. palki says:

    I used to find him too effeminate but he’s really beginning to look good. Aging well and getting manlier looking. Unlike that Yonsama guy who looks like a well maintained middle aged lady. Sorry, Yonsama fans, please don’t get mad.

  15. Puppy says:

    lol. storm s sounds like storm ass.. LMAO! and not manage it? itz just lik saying “here. take care of the company.” but ur the 1 getting the money, not his partner.

  16. lovely says:

    Honestly speaking, in any business venture timing is very important. I think you’re on the right time. I believe as an actor you would like to explore and find new meaning in life. Therefore, I wish you success on your endeavor. Hope you will make more movies or TV series for many more years. We will surely back you up. After EOE we can’t wait for your next movie.

  17. poizin says:

    man he should not cut his hair from East of Eden…dame he look so HOTT!!!! in that hair cut…no what happen…he is totally a HUNK<3333333

  18. LER in USA says:

    I really admire Song Seung Heon – he is goodlooking and acts well. He has grown not only in his acting but in his looks. He was goodlooking already when he was younger like in Autumn in My heart, He’s Cool, Calla, etc but now that he has matured like in East of Eden he is more macho, he has grown handsomer. I wish you all the best in your new venture SSH and I pray that you will enjoy good health and prosperity in the days to come. I only wish you don’t smoke so much. I notice Korean actors still smoke in spite of worldwide information that smoking causes lung cancer. SSH, I hope you pair again with Song Hye Kyo and maybe Choi Ji Woo. I didnt like your leading lady so much in East of Eden. More power to you Song Seung Heon! God bless all your undertakings.

  19. Diane says:

    This man is absolutly gorgeous!!!

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