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DaVichi with SG Wannabe’s Kim Jin-ho is “Timeless”

Indeed, good singing is timeless.

In a cloud of bright color and autotuned dance songs, DaVichi and SG Wannabe‘s Kim Jin-ho remind us that there is still hope for the talent known as singing. I have a self-professed love for DaVichi since their debut with “I Hate You Even Though I Love You”, and even though, Mnet Media is steering them toward mainstream tastes, their vocals are undeniably rich and do indeed hold mass appeal. I hold a lot of reverence for SG Wannabe as well, especially Jin-ho, who I find extra amusing because of his histrionic singing gestures.

For yesterday’s Mnet M!Countdown, DaVichi and Jin-ho performed “Timeless,” which was originally sung by American Idols Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini for their horrendous attempt at a movie, “From Justin to Kelly.” There’s also a Korean version sung by DBSK‘s Xiah Jun-su and Jang Ri-in (Zhang Li-yin), but of course, its much more interesting hearing them sing in the original English. DaVichi and Jin-ho have sang this song before in the past on Yoon Do-hyun’s Love Letter,” but they pack extra power and emotion this time around, and I enjoy counting how many times Jin-ho fiddles with his earpiece. Enjoy~

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Love Letter February 2008


49 Comments on “DaVichi with SG Wannabe’s Kim Jin-ho is “Timeless””

  1. justme says:

    so good!!!!!!
    love DaVichi they’re really talented

  2. coolbeanss8 says:

    loveeee davichiiiii [:

  3. SomeGuy says:

    Davichi is flawless as usual. But the SG Wannabe guy’s voice doesn’t go well with theirs, they were better off alone.

  4. li1destiny says:

    the girls english is good, but not sure about the guy.

  5. Akie says:

    I loved this! Awsome!

  6. mizukiyukino says:

    I think that K.Will would have been a better choice, but still good nevertheless ><

  7. my_everything says:

    Wow!! They are actually very good..
    I can feel the song.. Like you said Popseoul, great power & emotion… Thanks!!

  8. juliagulia007 says:

    Davichi are sensantional. They never miss a beat.
    Kim Jin-ho is easy on the eyes 🙂

  9. ohno says:

    davichi is so awesome! they’ve become one of my faves!

  10. lovethirteen says:

    Davichi is AMAZING. They are my favorite Korean girl singers besides 2NE1. I like the two evenly. :]
    Davichi really has unparalleled vocals. They are extremely talented!

  11. ez says:

    If only there were less screaming fest towards the bridge. >_< I commend them for singing the english version. Love Davichi. ❤

  12. Dovey says:

    A stellar performance. Their English was pretty understandable the whole time, even if there were no lyrics provided (but there are) I would have understood. XD

  13. Beckbeck says:

    Meh I love Timeless and they did a great job…I just HATE the English version! The Korean version is MUCH better…

  14. carmen says:

    AWESOME!! my 1st time listening to them and its relleh good!!

  15. DBSK_FTW says:

    i reckon it’s better if it’s just davichi LOL
    no offense but jin ho’s voice didn’t blend that well.
    well, tbh, maybe coz i don’t like SG Wannabe that much (i’m a brown eyes’ seasoned-fan LOL) still like the korean version MUCH more than this xD

  16. nananana says:

    chae yeon was there 2

  17. ... says:

    VERY VERY NICE ! Both Korean and English version sang by the koreans. Go go go !

  18. tvxq! says:

    i still prefer the korean version cause there is the powerful junsu inside! <3. davichi sang it very well, love their voices. kim jin ho has good vocal too, but his expressions are like really over-exaggerated? i got irritated looking at him xD. davichi is flawless!

  19. yingz says:

    Love their singing! Disregarding the guy’s english, I prefer their version over the korean version.

  20. ez says:

    As much as I love Davichi (they’re second to TSZX The Grace), this performance was not their best. Although they carried the high notes perfectly, and they wavered just a bit, I still prefer the one with JS && LY because it was more soulful. The Davichi + Jinho truet (LOL) was so POWERFUL the passion got lost in transition. >_<

  21. AA-CHAN says:

    Really really impressive. I was lucky enough to see his hand gestures in person at the ‘Sparking Concert’ this year. Very funny indeed.

  22. demiyu says:

    O.O! now THAT’S singing! love both Davichi and Sg wannabe

  23. miira-chaan says:

    now thats real talent.!~

  24. hojin86 says:

    this time their performance not so great compared to the 1st one where they performed at YDH love letter.
    @ mcountdown Jinho vocal was not good it sounded strained, maybe due to overwork because sg wannabe having their 6th album live concert tour every week now…should listen to jinho in live concert it sends chill to my spine…i attended 3 days of their concert in a row for their 4th album and i must say it was one of the best concert i ever attended.. their vocal is so powerful and all fans turn crazy…lol

  25. 2bi02bi0 says:

    i never knew davichi’s vocals were this good O.O

  26. Amber says:


  27. 이케리 says:

    they are amazing! I still like their version of ‘FALLING SLOWLY’ better! 🙂

  28. jannia says:

    But the SG Wannabe guy’s voice doesn’t go well with theirs, they were better off alone.

  29. jannia says:

    im agreee with someeguyy

    But the SG Wannabe guy’s voice doesn’t go well with theirs, they were better off alone.

  30. Blazinist says:

    Well durr, maybe if people smelt the roses once and a while and stop listening to mainstream poppy ** like SNSD you’d been realize theres timeless music indeed and Davichi is one of them!!! AMEN!! Foreverrrrr babyyyy. 🙂

  31. JJ says:

    Davichi is one of the few girl K-pop groups that are genuine and raw musical talents. While 2NE1 and SNSD are all cutesy and fluffy, are they really of much substance? Davichi is on the other hand, is a class act. They make other groups seem silly.

    To be honest though, for this song in particular, I prefer Xiah and Jang Ri-in’s version.

  32. debbie says:

    Wow, I’m gonna cut Jang Ri In some slack here, they had 2 people sing her part but it still didn’t give the same powerful feel I heard in her version. Now that her lives have improved 100000000x I would love to hear Xiah Junsu and Ri In sing this song again.
    This version pretty good, better than the English version singing wise- Davichi is better than half the teeny bobber girl groups that have been popping up lately.

  33. rach says:

    Nice, had a sweet sort of feel to it…though i think i prefer Zhang Liyin and Junsu’s more soulful version. – Just personal taste…

  34. Saul says:

    I like both versions.

  35. Kbee says:

    They’re somewhat off key near the end when they were reaching high notes.

  36. Ria says:

    LOL you’re right, Jin-ho’s gesticulations are bordering on histrionic XD That goes for a lot of singers though, I suppose. Great article, witty but not rude ^_^

  37. Manadu says:

    Davichi is off key? You must never listen to JRI and Junsu sing. JRI keep on cracking and can’t even reach the notes. Her breath is so short she can’t even finish her part during that Yeahhhhhh part.
    lol talk about bias~

  38. Arisu says:

    Davichi is always great. And Jinho’s voice is so smooth and fluid. I wish I saw more “8282” performances from the girls, though.

    I also adore Haeri with that hairstyle. She looks cute. 😉

  39. aida says:

    the song is very good

  40. toinkz! says:

  41. yumjung says:

    now, that’s actual talent

  42. tutifruitz says:

    This is what i call true talent! Davichi<3333!

  43. anya says:

    My love for Davichi was instant! These two girls really know how to sing!

  44. tupark says:

    this guy’s face is not easy to look at

  45. minjoongie says:

    though they’re good but I think Xiah Junsu and Jang Ri In’s version is better.
    both of them have powerful voice 🙂
    (especially junsu. wow I’m so glad when I knew that Junsu got ‘the best member of boyband who has the best vocals’
    junsu is numb one 🙂

  46. becki says:

    junsu the best? not really…..his baby voice annoys me.
    i really like this version cause davichi rocks!

  47. […] on 20 October 2010. Some might know SG Wannabe and some may […]

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