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Jewelry “Rally” for “Superstar K”


The ladies are back…momentarily.

Veteran girl group Jewelry has recently released the MV for “Rally,” the theme song of new reality/talent program, “Superstar K.” Superstar K is basically Korea’s answer to “Britain/America’s Got Talent,” where they invite civilians to showcase their talent for the approval of celebrity judges Lee Hyori, ex-Boowhal vocalist Lee Seung-chul, and R&B diva Insooni, with a few other celebrity judges to make an appearance in future episodes.

The MV is basically a mash-up of their special stage on Mnet M!Countdown and scenes from Superstar K. Initially, “Rally” did not really impress me very much, but with subsequent listens, it’s energy and catchiness has gotten to me.

Here’s the MV~

Here’s the teaser for Superstar K, as well for your pleasure.


20 Comments on “Jewelry “Rally” for “Superstar K””

  1. winnie says:

    I never listen to this group, but this song is not that bad…..can’t wait to watch this show though!

  2. zmy says:

    I can’t wait to watch superstar k! Hyori<3!
    I like the song too!

  3. nerys says:

    yay! i hope they’ll release thier new album faster!

  4. Akamekraze says:

    This song’s catchy =)

  5. li1destiny says:

    this song is really catchy. I cant help but listen to the whole song

  6. seoulli says:

    ummmm yea,

  7. EatYourKimchiAndStayInSchool says:


  8. goyenechea says:

    SIY lost weight. good for her.

  9. lalalove says:

    sounds very theme song-y. 😀

  10. Asti says:

    Def. very addicted to this song now…

  11. littleladys says:

    omgg <333 cant waitt to watch this ahaha XD

  12. okies says:

    WTH are they wearing?! SIY always has the worst stage fashion!

  13. balabababa1003325 says:

    good song
    to me, jewelry seems to really take control of the stage
    lol, you can always see siy loves the stage

  14. vivian0304 says:

    this song sound catchy, and Seo In Young’s style looks unique and cool

  15. JJ says:

    I love the rapper :D:D:D
    She’s all awesomeness and fierce.
    Gargh, she’s on fire xD

  16. mmie says:

    yeah, the song really grows on you

  17. tiffany's genie ^^ says:

    where’s snsd here?

    yuck their song’p

    snsd FIGHTING!

  18. anna says:

    Looks like they’ll have new judges for each week or something? I see all sort of celebrities, not just the ones mentioned above.

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