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Park Han-byul is careful


…not to flash the camera while trying to elegantly get down from a highchair wearing a flimsy black short dress (and as Eugene (left)watches and learns) at the press conference for the new film, “Yoga School” (2009) on July 21st.

So why does the girlfriend of Se7en, Park Han-byul, have to go through so much trouble? Well, obviously the press conference organizer or PR person was hoping for a panty flash or something scandalous so that their pictures will be splashed all over the media. What other reason would there be since it’s practically general consensus that most Korean female celebrities will wear something short and skimpy to press conferences.

Wonder if the managers pushed the female stars to wear something skimpy or the celebrities decided for themselves?

Eugene and Park Han-byul’s new horror flick, “Yoga School” will hit theaters on August 20st.  The official movie site is

Check out Eugene adjusting her top and covering her bottom….

Yogaschool_090723 (1)Yogaschool_090723b (1)Yogaschool_090723b

The movie posters:

Yogaschool_090723 (2)Yogaschool_090723a


22 Comments on “Park Han-byul is careful”

  1. smartgirl9993 says:

    woah that seems too close i hope they wear more dresses that arent gonna slip off

  2. e1leen0nt0fu says:

    Wow that is one gruesome movie poster, for a movie called…”Yoga School.” It really does strike the fear in my heart.

  3. Chelsea says:

    lol thats funny! .. I want to see the movie but i live in canada.. Has anyone seen the movie?

  4. li1destiny says:

    the person who setup the decoration must be a perve. Putting the chair so up high and the press people down below. THere’s bond to be a pix of them showing their undies.

  5. heromie says:

    much better if they dont wear that kind of clothes .. too short and sexy’..

  6. snsdmainSQUEEZE says:

    lawls i remeber eugene from wonderful lifex] i guess she turned slutyy now though she doesnt look like shes aged a bit lawls. plastics stick together i guessx] she was once part of SM entertainment like snsd. don’t get me wrong ❤ her just saying shes plastic most lkely everyhwere like SOME snsdx]

  7. FRUITY says:

    wahaha she is really careful!!! They should not wear dress like.

  8. spazifuwantto says:

    if ur gonna wear dresses like that then learn the technique of sitting in them. Practice makes you seem less slutacular in the end.

    That movie poster is sow weird. Juts her left keg from knee cap down is turn around. Oh So GROSS >_< I hope the movie is good

  9. Nicole says:

    they all look so severely uncomfortable. and I can never believe that their stylists force them to wear clothes. they definitely have their say, and so it’s their own faults for having to deal with their poor choice of dress. -.-

  10. cubana4life says:

    well this is good/bad. good because se7en’s girlfriend is showing that she knows how to be careful. but bad because it is sooo dangerous to wear dresses that short for all of the women there, flashing someone is the worst thing that could happen.

    congrats to Park Han-byul, and everyone else that was careful and succeeded in not flashing everyone!

  11. Dea says:

    Definitely want to see this movie. Although I’m not a great fan of horror.

  12. Dovey says:

    The outfits they were wearing is a bit revealing, given how the camera is aimed like this. XD Yeah, she had better be careful.

  13. SESFan says:

    Eugene looks great! ^_^

  14. liz says:

    I guess its there way of promoting the movie. Maybe they needed a way to catch people’s interest just like when resturants hire those promo girls to get customers. :B

  15. anna says:

    Those high chairs are on purpose or something? LOL

  16. cdnpoint says:

    Two words: pant suits. Take a look at Rihanna, but don’t copy the pasties idea.

  17. […] mention this because PopSeoul! has raised the point of PR managers and so on increasingly providing only high stools for stars to sit on at press conferences, which can only be one reason given that it is now de rigueur for female stars […]

  18. joana says:

    i love eugene! 😉

  19. iEddy says:

    Park Han Byul is so pretty! I love her. ^_^

  20. […] add that sometimes PR people or press conference organizers will take advantage of this, only providing high stools for female celebrities to sit on (source, above-right). But Soyu, did you mean you would wear […]

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