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Wondergirls want to stay on Radio Disney


…and you can help them!

Wondergirls recently dodged the “Kick It” on Radio Disney, and have put “Nobody” onto the playlist. For it to get airplay though, people have to show enough interest by requesting it to play, so the Wondergirls have called in the help of their Wonderfuls through YouTube to help them stay on “mainstream” American radio.

The video is pretty self-explanatory, so here we go~

103 Comments on “Wondergirls want to stay on Radio Disney”

  1. joongie says:

    i dont want them in US for me opinion

  2. nicolekim93 says:

    I don’t really apperciate them, too.
    But come on let’s give them a chance.
    Cause then American’s will notice Koerans more.

  3. anGeL says:

    well……wat u are sayin is true..since da audience only cum to luk da JONAS BROTHERS…… wat dey need is real exposure bt….. dis is a gud way tooooo

  4. haiz says:

    I feel sad. Just sad. WG used to be this great girl group that I loved and respected. ( yeah im a tween -.-) seeing them stoop down to this…. I really want to cry. This is already on the verge of begging. And waht happened to yoobin’s cool personality?! WonderGirls…. Come back to korea. Your american debut is not going very well….. No doubt you are loved by Asia but people in America wont give a damn.

    For those saying Wondergirls should have debuted with a diff song… If they used irony, eebabo or so hot, americans will label them as copycats or sluts. They probably wont take to well to the so hot video cause what is seen as fuinny to asians may not be so for americans. They could use Tell me, but that song is like too cutesy. Nobody was probably their best choice. but I prefer them debuting with ee ababo or irony 😦

    • ''''' says:

      Copycat Sluts are more forgiving that novelty want a bees. I agreed. WG please go home to Korea and re-establish yourselves. Be a Big Fish in a little pond, rather than a dead fish the SEA.

  5. millie says:

    desperate much…?

  6. Eryck says:

    Most of those that voted (if not all) were Asians and fans of the Wonder Girls. They won’t make it. The only Asian making it in mainstream America is that girl from the Philippines, Charice. Her song is on the Disney Radio Playlist. Heard that she’s Hollywood’s next “big money maker”. She already finished shooting a cameo appearance for Hollywood’s Alvin & the Chipmunks 2: the Squeakuel, she just finished recording her debut album which will be out this October, and she just finished shooting her music video of her first single NOTE TO GOD. Mannn, this girl is really going places. Also heard she’s starting with the David Foster & Friends tour and then she’ll hit her “international tour” sometime next year. Also, she’ll be guesting in SKATE FOR THE HEART in Chicago, IL which airs on NBC in early January in time for Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Other perfomers are Jordin Sparks, Honor Society, and KSM. This girl is really making it. Also, I prefer 2NE1 to Wonder Girls. If it can’t be a Korean group, at least let an Asian make it into mainstream American pop culture. Good luck to all the Asians that try to make it in America. Let’s continue our support.

    • UhMeryKin says:

      true, that girl Charice seems like the best bet for an AZN making it into mainstream America. Good luck to her. Don’t like NOBODY, boring song. I’m sure they’ll be back in Korea in no time. Agree again, GO 2NE1!! 🙂

      • Koreanican says:

        I agree. In America, I’ve heard of Charice. She’s hitting major TV stations and even magazines. LOL, she didn’t need the lame-o Jo Bros to make it. Well she does have Oprah. The most powerful woman in the world. I’m actually excited to see what she has in store for us on her debut album. I’d rather have her pave the way for respected Asian artists than the WG. They will get no respect if WG pave the way…which I doubt will ever happen. Disney sucks anyways. Stars there are NEVER taken seriously. What a joke Disney Channel stars are. All of them try to sing, dance, act. 2 out of 3 can’t do all 3 of those things. Look at those so-called Disney stars who tried to make it out of the Disney scene. Hilary Duff, Raven Symone, the WHOLE cast of High School Musical. It won’t be long til Hannah Montana, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and all these wannabe stars are HAS BEENS. Their days are bound to he up in 2-5 years at the latest.

        • gogi says:

          This is exactly what’s happening with the Jonas Bros. Their fanbase is growing up, it happens with every teenybopper fan favorite. Both their movie and newest album didn’t sell near as well as others. Many of their concert dates are nowhere near sold-out. Of course, they still have lots of fans, but they continue to dwindle. Groups like the Jonas’ don’t have staying power, just like the new kids on the block, Miley, etc.

  7. Wonder Girls says:

    A lot of people here is really negative 😛
    I Hope they make it

  8. UhOhRavioli says:

    i dont think wondergirls were the best choice to try and debut here so soon. maybe a more seasoned group could have made it. but they enjoyed their time here but i doubt alot is gonna happen soon enough before the jbro tour is over and ppl lose interest. and i agree their fans are all asian americans with like 5 handfuls of people who arent. who knows wat happens. if it happens it happens if it doesnt…they made a footprint here atleast!

  9. Deborah says:

    i really dont like wondergirls ,
    and i hate how they try to get attention from america.
    and seriously , they sucked with the jonas brothers ,
    i mean i love the jonas brothers but i hated them ;
    my friends went to the one in philly & they refered to them as those asian prancers.
    i honestly dont understand why disney has anything to do with this?

    • uuu says:

      deborah, i really dont like you, and i hate how you try to get attention here. im just saying like you did. and im sure that you are so happy now

  10. bubbles says:

    wonder girls r uglyy

  11. bubbles says:

    especially the young

  12. Ella says:

    How surprising! I would have thought that readers on a site like popseoul would be more supportive of their Korean artists trying to make it in the U.S. The Wonder Girls are ugly? Really bubbles, and who are they ugly in comparison to?

    Though I was a bit surprised that Wonder Girls are touring with JoBros, it isn’t like they aren’t that different, in age, at least. The age range is pretty similar.

    I agree with nicolekim93, give them a chance.

    P.S. joongie & Deborah, pay more attention in grammar class. Deborah, nice use of commas and semi-colons but you’re missing some. Also, your last sentence is a rhetorical statement, no need for a question mark.

  13. Erickhun says:

    Thank you Ella, for that, since no one else seems to really have anything nice to say.

    I enjoy the WG, but I want them to come back to Korea! I’m an American myself, but I prefer them as they are, not trying to conform to what people like here in the states. I wish them well, I hope they find success here.

  14. jin says:

    i love them
    i love their style of music

  15. bubbles says:

    well thats my opinion and i think there ugly
    and i live in new york and stuff but i never new wondergirls were in the u.s…there not that famous
    and there ugly..PERIOD im not hating just stating the truth

    • kiki says:

      hahahahahahahaha lol so! you mean, what you think and your opinions are the truth? what are you talking about??? study more how to speek for the win
      You are so agly. this is my opinion and i think you are ugly, im just stating the truth. at least i have some reasons. the person who is ugly see only ugly people.

  16. Lee says:

    I love wonder girls and like their songs& performances.But I don’t think that they should go to the USA.Just not right,wrong place may be.In the country where girls band are doing a pool hot dancing.And why should the Jonas?why JYP put them in their concert.why don’t just WG follow Rain,may be, in his worldwide tour.I think asian/korean singer/groups still can have many US fans who will come to the Hollywood Bowl rather than they desperately “sell” themselves in the wrong place,wrong audiences.They will get none but only failed

  17. 사랑함니다 says:

    what are you guys talking about? arent you guys happy that theyre not only famous in korea but theyre becoming famous in america as well in fact some of my classmates knows about them already and they love them!
    Im just happy that we asians are very talented!
    i love 2ne1 *go sandy* charice! pinoypride and i love korea!

    • LAKoreatown says:

      Here’s the thing, WG aren’t talented though. 2NE1 is so much better. Charice is the best out of all of them. She definitely has the pipes.

  18. naaa says:


  19. Brady Cagle says:

    If only more than 96 people would hear this!

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