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Jewelry back for more


Jewelry tosses aside their skimpy, power image for something a little more classy.

The veteran girl group is ready to make their comeback to the music scene, and show these girl groups how its really done. Jewelry dons a new sophisticated image, but still looking badass with big ol’ sunglasses to clash/complement with their outfits. I’m enjoying this new “Doen-jang Girl” look, it suits them.

Jewelry’s upcoming sixth album will hit stores on August 25th. Are they going to come up with something just as addicting as the E.T. dance one more time?


17 Comments on “Jewelry back for more”

  1. harika says:

    I like Jewelry, I wish them the best of luck.

  2. hmmm... says:

    i’m not their fan but they’re more interesting to watch than all those other girl groups out there

  3. """ says:

    I love Park Jung-ah.

  4. yuna says:

    I only like Jung Ah and their ET dance was annoying as hell! BEG is better!

  5. orangekitty says:

    Cool Cool :DDD

  6. Beckbeck says:

    Only Jung Ah. The others could drop off the face of the Earth and I wouldn’t care. Actually could Seo Inyoung? No one would miss that ugly man

  7. suki says:

    At first I didn’t not really like them but they’re pretty talented. Their last album was really awesome

  8. choonhee says:

    they should eat more… They’re looking kind of twiggy :s

  9. miira-chaan says:

    weee. in-young.!!!
    hope they do good.!!

  10. ace says:

    the glasses don’t match anything. their stylist must hate them!!!

  11. I would like to wish them all the very best!!

  12. draker says:

    two of them are mad hot! the other two are just do-able. the uglies can have a pair of knee pads and a paper bag with a hole cut out.

  13. kpp says:

    Love this group! They are really talented.

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