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Kim Bum faints on set of “Dream”


Not to worry, he’s fine now.

Actor Kim Bum fainted on the set of his latest drama “Dream” during a day of filming at Il-san Lake Park. 

Kim Bum’s manager credits the actors fainting to the rigorous shooting schedule for the drama. According to the actor’s manager, Kim Bum worked into the wee hours of the night on August 8th. The next day, the already sleep deprived actor filmed for hours in the scorching sun, causing him to momentarily pass out.

Kim Bum wasn’t out of commission for very long. After taking a brief rest, the actor continued filming. He is reportedly doing fine now.

Looks like Kim Bum is putting his all into his first leading role. With all the action on set, let’s hope no more accidents occur. We would hate for anything to happen to that pretty little face of his.


63 Comments on “Kim Bum faints on set of “Dream””

  1. analou says:

    kim, i really woried about you,because u are so working hard.always take care your self,especialy your face.hahahaha.

  2. Kim Bum! Take care of yourself… you know you have to look good for your fans and Kim So Eun.. haha.. I have a crush on you, but I don’t know why I want you and Kim So Eun to be together!

  3. Rinzin says:

    Kim bum oppa plz take care of ur health.dont get well in all ur endeavour . Saranghae oppa . Fighting .

  4. nining says:

    i love kim bum,,,

  5. мади says:

    я люблю тебя

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