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2PM gets mature for W magazine

Grandpa sweaters never looked so good.

Looks like our favorite “wild bunnies” have ditched their “gag group” image and brought out the sexy for their latest spread in W magazine’s September issue.

From the looks of things, Jae-bum is showing off his chocolate abs yet again. He even teases with a peek at his unmentionables, oh my! Jun-su, Jun-ho and Woo-young, on the other hand, seem to be wearing what I can only think to call “grandpa sweaters”, as in, only my grandpa would think  to wear those sweaters in public. And here I thought leader Jae-bum was the group’s resident “old man”.

Check out more more hot pics of the boys from the W magazine shoot~


47 Comments on “2PM gets mature for W magazine”

  1. Amy Lee says:

    sexy 2pm :]

  2. 10kim10 says:

    pretty hot

  3. hahahahahah says:

    sick!!!! first! 🙂

  4. 2PMLOVE says:


  5. cubana4life says:

    love it! they can be fun, or they can be sexy! they look good in all their pix!

  6. juliagulia007 says:

    I think I’m in love with Taecyeon and Jaebeom. YUMMY!!

  7. chiku says:

    these boys are fine. I like the concept for the shoot ❤

  8. jinni says:

    jaebum is so buff;)

  9. EpicFeroxious says:


    yeah! yeah! yeah! I lurve these shots…. and Jaebum really teases us ONE MORE TIME, and this time, it’s almost to the extreme. Luv em

    btw, nichkhun is sexy, but is someone out there unleash another sexiness of mr. smexy one more time!

    man! i can’t get enough

  10. funkoffan says:

    I think 2PM qualify as legal soft core porn – this is NOT a negative comment.

  11. purplehe4rt says:

    g0sh i l0ve jaebumie chocolate && i als0 l0ve jun br0thers (junsu && junho)..

  12. giggles says:

    man on man soft porn! lol

  13. CandyGirl89 says:

    yawn that main pic is lame just like all pics except for the abs one. 😀

  14. Gel says:

    They all look SO GOOD here. Seriously. Especially the Jun Brothers and Khunnie.

  15. Cat says:

    =D this made my day no lie

  16. ellie says:

    First pic is weird, but they’re still hot!

  17. emmy says:

    sexy much kiddos?
    is that tattoo on taec real?

  18. luvzkoreanz101 says:

    does anyone else notice that Junsu face is always covered up lately!

    • Huak says:

      yeah, i realized that. I don’t get it though.
      he always seems to be the one getting the high collared shirts, face masks, and now even scarfs to cover his face.
      Seems a bit much right?

      JYP should let him show off his face.

  19. Tuogol says:

    the khunster is smexy…
    more bad-boy look for Khun please …
    I love his bad boy image ^^

  20. BBluvVIP says:

    Oh~ the hotness!!! *faint*

  21. poke KYAAA~ says:

    All about the looks i see

  22. kitty says:


  23. nano says:

    Wow! Jae looks HOT as hell!

  24. Tate says:

    Nickhun’s picture is hella hott!
    But im still a wooyung fan. C:

  25. Whoah~ says:


    wow i was speechless for a second

  26. Ling says:

    But seriously do you actually get that excited just by looking at these pictures. But they are undoubted hot.

  27. KannaRin says:

    Taec’s ears are so weird LOL!

  28. miira-chaan says:

    one word..


  29. HottestPM says:

    Smexy & manly! that’s why i like them! 2PM ftw whoooo!

  30. takkyhiruma says:

    where junsu?????????????

  31. lb_tmi says:

    ya’know, i like Jae’s body and all, but i’m tired of seeing his abs. i wanna see someone elses.. Chansung, Junho, Taec, i wanna see Junsu’s FACE!

    please. more. please.

  32. mature doesn’t have to mean sexual, it can just mean “grown up.” that’s what this reminds me of.

  33. […] I am sure this should make all my female readers happy. Normally 2 pm is too soft in my opinion but this photoshoot came out god.  For more pics click here. […]

  34. Kpp says:

    Chansung is smoking hot!!!!!!

  35. jae says:


  36. kimbap says:

    ahh junsu and woo young is smooking hot O_O!!!. jun brothers ahhaha.

  37. sammi says:

    I only find jae hot!

  38. brann says:


  39. green keroro says:

    JaeBom’s hot abs…………….

  40. takkyhiruma says:

    J&J(junsu and Jaebom) so cute and hot.
    anybody agreed with me???????

  41. pat2xpamii says:


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