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SS501’s Kim Hyun-joong is out of the hospital

hyun joong

…and headed straight back to work!

It has been revealed that SS501 leader Kim Hyun-joong was released from medical care after being treated for H1N1 influenza, better known as the swine flu.

The singer, who was discharged from the Japanese hospital care on September 12th, has been in Japan resting with his manager and is set to return to Korea on September 16th.

In light of his recent illness, Hyun-joong isn’t taking any more time off than what is absolutely necessary. The singer plans to head back to work not too long after he returns to Korea. It has been reported that he and his SS501 group mates have already started discussing  promotional activities for their upcoming album, which will be released later this month.

Surprisingly, even though Hyun-joong was in the hospital for nearly a week this month, neither the album release date nor scheduled activities will be pushed back.  A representative from S501’s company DSP Media stated:

“The official album release set to release this month end will proceed as scheduled. It is true that we had considered delay of release in view of Kim Hyun-joong’s condition of H1N1 influenza symptoms. However, for the fans who have waited 3 years for this official album and to keep the promise to their fans, we respect the opinions of the members.”

Seriously, whenever I hear about Kim Hyun-joong falling ill or  fainting, I wonder how hard things must be for his poor immune system. His body has got to be working overtime, which can’t be good for his health in the long-run, right? Still, I’ve got to hand it to him for not letting  little things (like his health!) get in the way of his work.

All sarcasm aside, remember Hyun-joong, there’s a fine line between dedication and self-torture. Take it easy, will ya!


86 Comments on “SS501’s Kim Hyun-joong is out of the hospital”

  1. i am happy! says:

    …i am happy,because kim hyun joong is finally okay now.i love ss501

  2. Jacque says:

    Wishing KHJ healthy always! I love to see him back to activities but on the other hand wish him have a good rest as he seems to be too week and too skinny.
    However, I admire his hardwork and the way he push himself but heartache when hearing him fainted and get sick.
    There is a saying in chinese, “rest in order to walk further”. Meaning rest for a while so that you are able to work in full force when you get enough energy. Anyway, hope he understand that as a fan, we will always love him.

    • Tsunna says:

      omg when will ever get some decent rest?? he always gets sick… he needs to rest. hes not a freakin robot… doesnt anyone tell him to rest? theyre just working him like a horse…. they should think about his health too… all they think about is the money… seriously messed up.

  3. charryl ann says:

    please take care your self / im going to korea to take care of you I LOVE YOU

  4. smile says:

    feelin very gd to know that kim hyun joong has been released frm the hospital n he is back in his work…i wish him always b healthy…do take care of the health properly.only the work is nah imp…..very important is our health must b gd so that we can work easily.i love u n i m the greatest fan of urs..i really care fo u…so plz….stay healthy…if u suffer…me too suffer.
    lop u olways….muwhhaaaaaaaa

  5. yun jisue says:

    sarang haeyo…kim hyun joon oppa..hopefully u will get well soon..

  6. yun jisue says:

    love….you oweyz…oppa…saranghaeyo..

  7. ira says:

    never saw d older posts!!!!!!
    gsh…take care!!!its a relief tht he is okay now and is workin again!!:D
    p.s please be healthy!

  8. ,oh thanks god nothing serious happen to him,,.hyun joong,just tke care o your self always.

  9. Ko Ko He says:

    Ohh!please be careful hyun joong.

  10. AFRIANI says:

    ohhhh…. MY DARLING…………….

    TAKE CARE YA……………………………

    LUPH YOU……………………….

  11. .eiDerLyn says:

    ..♥ anYoNg aNseoO ..
    kim hyUn jUng ..
    . take cre alwYs ..
    i rily2x admiRe uR haRdwoRkIng ..
    sUch a nice gUy .. God bless u alwaY anD tOgeThEr wItH careeR .. LoVeyOu sOo mUcH .. caMsemeda .♥

  12. GDwoo says:

    thank God he has recovered.
    i really wish him good health and a healthier carreer
    ’cause he really seems to be so weak. :(… in terms of his body of course.

  13. Lhay says:

    ♥annyOng hAseyo♥
    ♥wish u goOd health♥
    ♥I’m always here to suppOrt you aNd to sUpport yOur band♥
    ♥find time to rEst♥
    ♥♥♥sMile always♥♥♥
    ♥♥♥take care♥♥♥


  14. Somster says:

    good luck !! make sure to rest, and be healthy 🙂

  15. jennifer says:

    your so cute

  16. Avi says:

    Kim Hyun-joong
    i just love u

  17. Corrin says:

    Awww, Hyunnie, We fans all love your hard work and dedication, but it’s not worth it for us if your always sick and in pain. >_<; please take more time to take care of yourself. :3

  18. ji hoo says:

    i love hyun joong

  19. bellay05 says:

    He’s so hot…

  20. baby bear says:

    ., YO ! you’re so hands0me go ss501 take care lalaloveyu oL muwaaaa !

  21. BABY BEAR says:

    ssibal !! [ korean word ](-.-)

  22. caroline says:

    keep it up kim hyun joong you are a strong man i love you

  23. baby bear says:

    haaayyy … gettin’ bored !! em gonna say BYE tke cre !! muaaahh’ :*

  24. caroline says:

    be better hyun joong oppa

  25. koo jang nim says:

    OUCH!!!!!! that ought to hurt alot to his fans like me going to that stage of life is like fighting a matter of life and death and just recently i heard that he had a faint due to overwork and poor imune system in B.O f. poor hyun joong i hope he wont DARE be tired again..

  26. RiA says:

    OppA PlEaSe TaKe CarE… LoV U

  27. greeshma joshi says:

    hi sunbea
    i heard about your illness very late but i’m very worried about you. please do care of yourself. i know work comes first but health is also importanat isnt it? i dnt know y but you mean alot to me……… i cant bear if you arenot in good health it makes me weak…. plz its my heartly request please be healthy……… you know what whenever i’m upset i see your video smile and i start to smile… your smile makes me feel alive….. i dont know what is it? but i’m crazy about you so please take care of yourself. i miss you alot…….. hope to receive maile from your side too… my mail id is

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