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2PM’s Taec-yeon was a nerd


Can you imagine~?

It’s always amusing to see idols in their high school days. Sometimes they look the same, maybe with a few (noticeable) alterations, but usually they don’t have the same celebrity sparkle as they do now. Take a look at 2PM‘s Taec-yeon.

He is one fine specimen of a man now. MMM~ But…


UGH! In high school, he was your run-of-the-mill Asian dude.



It looks like Taec-yeon was aiming for a prestigious higher education with all the extracurricular activities he was doing. And look where he is now~

You can never really know who can come out a celebrity. They might be super plain jane or stoic guy in high school, but BAM you see them shaking their booties like they got something to shake or rapping it up with a gravelly voice on stage of Inkigayo or Music Core.


116 Comments on “2PM’s Taec-yeon was a nerd”

  1. Megan says:

    He’s toooooo cute!! I can’t believe he grew up a couple minutes away from me and I had no idea!! :p I wonder what his high school friends think of him now? lol I ❤ Taec!

  2. terresa says:

    Just like my friend when he was in high school he’s a nerd too pimples everywhere. But now he’s a model and an actor woww…so proud of him now..never look back past is past.:-)

    p/s :Sorry if this annoys you guys…;-)

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