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[Heart it or Hate it] 46th Daejong Film Awards: Red Carpet



…bring out the score cards!

The annual prestigious awards ceremony, 46th Daejong Film Awards took place on November 6th. As South Korea’s answer to Oscars, the oldest state-funded ceremony gave out awards in 28 different categories. Such a prestigious ceremony means stars go all out to look good on the red carpet. Tuxedos and evening gowns galore! So whose dress do you heart?

Check it out:

Andrekim_2_091107Andrekim_091107 Andre Kim. Like the leaves turning color each autumn, you know when the weather is getting colder when you spot Andre Kim wearing his red tartan scarf.

Choikanghee_091107Choikanghee_ mother_091107 Choi Kang-hee brought her momma, actress Kim Young-ae. As for the black gown, we are not going to bother commenting since it’s black.

Gain_091107 Ga-in of the Brown-eyed Girls must have gotten off the wrong stop. While others are wearing long gowns, Ga-in thinks she is going to a club.

Hanyesul_091107 Han Yeh-seul rocks the red strapless dress but it’s obviously too long for her petite frame.

Heechul_091107 Hee-chul is without his Super Junior crew. Doesn’t he look lonely?

Hongsuhyeon_091107 Hong Su-hyun. Can’t decide whether to heart or hate the overload of pleats in the dress. But one thing is for certain, the dress props up her puppies.

Hyun juni Hyun Juni’s dress looks like she got it off the rack from Itaewon.

Janggeunsuk_091107 Jang Geun-suk’s penguin suit with oversized black pointy shoes, unfortunately makes him look like a penguin.

Jangnara_091107Jangnarafront_091107 Jang Nara gets lost in her oversized bronze tone gown. And girl looks washed out with nude makeup. And her black clutch looks lost against the dress.

Jin gooJingoo_hyunjuni_091107 Jin Goo and Hyun Juni. The double breasted jacked fits but the tapered pants are a no. Also, Hyun Juni’s dress needs some cinching at the waist.

Kangjihwan_091107 Kang Ji-hwan presented the new actor award and won. Who does that?

Kimboyeon_ jeonnomin_091107 Kim Bo-yeon and Jeon No-min. Is that a rug she is wearing?

Kimkkotbi_091107 Kim KKot-bi won the the award for Best New Actress, but I thought she was a man. Opps. Could it be that she doesn’t have a lick of makeup on? Or that she is wearing a tux jacket (with what looks like a gray undershirt)?

Kimminsun_091107 After Kim Kkot-bi (see above), Kim Min-sun looks fabulous in the heart-shaped, mermaid-tailed dark purple gown. But the color is not that flattering.

Kimnamgil_091107a Kim Nam-gil. Can’t go wrong with a black suit.

Leedahee_091107Leee da hee Lee Da-hae. Is that really her? She doesn’t look like herself. She was voted as “Best Dressed” by, but we think it’s boring.

Leeyoungeun_091107Leeyoungeunring_091107 Lee Young-eun’s dress is subdued with a bit of sparkle on the strap. Although the hair is loose and slightly messy, woman looks comfortable but put-together (i.e. not trying so hard). But who knows, maybe she spent 3?4 hours looking like this.

Parkboyoung_091107a (1)Parkboyoung_091107a Park Bo-young wears a wedding dress complete with kittenish boudoir platform heels. Does she think she’s walking down the aisle?

Sooae2_091107 Soo Ae. The burgandy dress and severely pulled back hair ages makes her look 45. And even at 45, you don’t want to look your age. Fail.


46 Comments on “[Heart it or Hate it] 46th Daejong Film Awards: Red Carpet”

  1. Rina Lee says:

    First x)

  2. T.O.PonTOP says:

    I LOVE Lee Young-eun and Park Bo-Young’s outfits! they’re my fav.

  3. ... says:

    YAY lee dae hae!

  4. xJS says:

    LOL@JGS 😛
    I don’t think he looks that badddd…

  5. issa says:

    in han ye SEULS hair.i remmber her days of couple of FANTASY!!!!^^
    bacause of her bangs!lavin it^^

  6. 2&1 says:

    Hong Su-hyun’s breast look amazing. Heechul forgot his socks. Jang Geun-suk, put the hair crimper away, and buy a belt.

  7. samoa says:

    lee da hae-I love uuuuuu. to me all of them look amazingly beautiful-cannot tell who the best.

  8. Jes says:

    Hong Su-hyun looks so pretty!

  9. mary says:

    i think everyone looked nice! the blog is a bit too harsh!:(

  10. jeosung b says:

    jang geun suk rocks!!!!

  11. shila says:


  12. hee tae says:

    park bo young is pretty! and i love lee young eun best!
    and i love jang nara, though she looks like wearing a kimbap wrapper. i still love her! :p

  13. mina says:

    oh my god where is song hye kyo & kim tae hee the most beautiful koran women why they are always hiidden from spot light we miss them alot and sur if they attend it they wiill be the star focus i love them

  14. RR says:

    There’s a big difference between a suit and a dinner jacket…..Also, 2&1, you don’t ever have a belt with a tuxedo.
    Most of you obviously don’t know a thing about formal fashion

  15. pati says:

    you’r right where is real beauty and super fashion song hye kyo & kim tae hee they are boring……………………………………

  16. Boo says:

    most of these women have dresses which are quite beautiful even if they dont suit them but what is with the shoes? they can make or break an outfit….

  17. mq says:

    yay lee da hae got some meat back into her cheeks and is looking healthy. And her hair is dyed!

  18. Cassie says:

    I’m tired of popseoul writers always criticizing the fashion. Just because you can come up with a clever comparison doesn’t mean you know about fashion. I would rather you just post the pictures and leave it to us to decide whats right and wrong. The snooty commentary is annoying

    • mhmmm says:

      Thank you. My point.

    • it’s a blog they can say what they want….it’s just their views you dont have to know abt fashion to like it or hate it right?

      “leave it to us to decide whats right and wrong” does that mean u know alot abt fashion?

      they just stating thier opinion just like u and i…no haard feelings 🙂

      • Cassie says:

        no.. not saying I know more but let reader make their own opinions. I dont necessary disagree with the commentary but the attitude of the writer just seems so negative.

  19. Vanessa says:

    I loooove Hong Su Hyeon’s dress the most!!! It’s one of my favourite colours, the pleats make it looks interesting. I think it’s fab and I want it! (And her puppies) Too bad she doesn’t look very happy in the pic.

    Lee Young Eun looks angelic…

    Lee Da Hae looks like she’s wearing a long black cloth wrapped artistically on her body.

    Jang Na Ra, whyyy???

    Ga In is a popstar, not an actress. I think it suits her current image. Though I sincerely hope that’s fake fur.

    Han Ye Seul and Kim Min Sun make it look so easy. Like, “I look fabulous, and I don’t even have to try” kind of way.

  20. hehe says:

    l0oks like the writer is very picky!! as u see,the way she/he react with their dresses it seems that she/he had a negative 0pini0n… perhaps she/he will wear a black dress fr0m head t0 t0e..haha… wh0 cares? u just envy them.. (in my 0pini0n) ~ 😛

  21. ......... says:

    for me, lee young eun’s win the best dress. i just love it so much. simple yet so elegant. park bo young’s dress is just so lovely. i love these 2 dress!

  22. maiii says:

    Park Bo young has the best dress… and she looked so pretty

  23. Kim HeeChul says:

    As usual, Heechul looks great! He looks like a girl though. But still, he’s awesome and hot!! ^^

  24. sunghyo says:

    i guess hong su hyeon’s dress is my favourite, althought isnt that gorgeous but she is really pretty

  25. peaceofpie says:

    “Han Yeh-seul rocks the red strapless dress but it’s obviously too long for her petite frame.” Ummm, evening gowns are supposed to be long…longer than usual.

    It looks like a lot of these stars wore looks straight off the runway…couture…look it up if you don’t know what it means….anyway, that’s why some look more edgy than pretty and or plain common.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  26. jojo says:

    lol all of them are negatives(except one or two), kkk popseoul authors are so kak funny

  27. katherina says:

    What abotu YoonA?
    Isn’t she in the top pictures?

  28. tonii says:

    one thing i notice with these korean red carpet style, most of the motifs of the women’s gowns/dresses, they are of the “romantic” style.they may have different colors and all that but, one can really see it’s all the’s kinda boring.

  29. yenti says:

    It’s like every other award show…….this time the fashion is a little better……not as boring

  30. c says:

    yoona looks cute in the preview picture :3

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  32. kulyia says:

    howcome you guys ALWAYS have something bad to say?? Kim Min-sun shape of the dress Is nice but are u kidding me/? fabulous?

  33. ace says:

    eww eww eww. all of them. eww.

  34. mAQuino says:

    i heart jang geun suk!

  35. faye says:

    kang ji hwan is hot as ever!!! i love him so much… i really like kim nam gil in queen seon deok but he kinda needs to change his style…

  36. Lenggo says:

    Jang geun suk doesn’t like a pinguin, in my eyes he just looks like a prince charming!

  37. ivryn says:

    OMG!lee da hae u look sooo different… are tooo beautiful and i love your dress(^_*)

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