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Jessica apologizes to Tae-yeon

Why? Read on…

On November 17th, Girls Generation‘s (SNSD) Jessica was a featured guest on SBSStrong Heart“. On camera, she confessed to three major mistakes she has made on stage, and offered an official apology towards SNSD leader Tae-yeon.

Jessica talked about the incident during a “Tell Me Your Wish” performance when her shoes flew off. She revealed the time she screamed while performing “Gee” because the firework effects on stage popped too loud. She goes on to mention the faulty lip syncing for a “Way to go!” performance when her part kept repeating due to the damaged track.

Going on to confront Tae-yeon, Jessica revealed that, “When we all sing together, I sometimes don’t sing. When SNSD is on stage, there are solo parts and parts we sing all together. Even if our throats are in bad shape, Tae-yeon and I have to sing loud. This is a secret but sometimes I don’t sing at those moments. I’m sorry to Tae-yeon. I want to officially apologize!

Oh, Jessica. You need to be more responsible for holding up your end of the bargain; you can’t expect Tae-yeon or the other seven girls to cover your slack.

Watch the clip here:


46 Comments on “Jessica apologizes to Tae-yeon”

  1. krnxbeannie says:

    jessica’s cute

  2. olivia says:

    haha, that was nice to watch i guess… not really nwes worthy nut w/e

    • 1800SOS says:

      i reckon….

      so wat if she messd up? and hoo dosnt lip synch ocne in their life? not evry singer is perfect! tae yeon has timz wen she lip synched too.
      so doz th rest of snsd, so therz rly no need to apologize to taeyeon.

      and y taeyeon? yea shez th leader but therz th rest of snsd too u kno sicka.

      and wot happend to ur eyes wen u laugh?

  3. Blah says:

    I can understand. I mean she’s still a person who makes mistakes.

    But she’s ugly.

    • lol says:

      you must be ugly as hell than if you call that ugly! lol

      • psssh. says:

        No, it means she has a different perception of beauty than you, suck it up and act like an adult about other people having different opinons.

        She reminds me of really bad stuffed animals sold at Walgreens. She is REALLY not that pretty. Neither is Tiffany, to be honest, but I love that girl for different reasons.

    • mara says:

      finally someone who has eyes

  4. Jackie says:

    wow she really needs to eat a cracker

  5. blah says:

    i can understand that too
    it really hurts if you try to sing with your throat not in condition

  6. yup says:

    yeah, i feel sorry for taeyeon too
    but i understand jessica, its stressful

  7. marvin says:

    i feel sorry for taeyeon
    but at least jessica confessed

    anyway, congrats to snsd
    their first solo concert tickets were sold out
    in 3 minutes

  8. allstar says:

    3 minutes?

  9. okies says:

    If her throat hurts, she shouldn’t even be signing then!

  10. LOL says:

    LOL. thats cute. =]

  11. lolo says:

    Oh, Jessica. You need to be more responsible for holding up your end of the bargain; you can’t expect Tae-yeon or the other seven girls to cover your slack.


  12. cupcake ^-^ says:

    haha her mistakes are cute hahaha ~

  13. SMTownFanatic13 says:

    …It can only get better Jessica…(^_^)…SNSD Fighting!!!

  14. Ling says:

    Since when lip sync becomes an acceptable practice in music industry. Why some fans turn a blind eye to those celebraties who neither have talents nore work hard while so many other singers/actors have to work so much harder?

  15. Our Faith~ says:

    Oh Jessica !
    but im sure Taeyeon will forgive you πŸ™‚

  16. tuitfruitz says:

    It’s understandable! I mean if she were to sing with a sore throat those psycho antis would get on their hate train and start bashing Jess for singing so horribly!
    I’d rather she lyp sinc like Tiffany when she was having throat problems!

  17. maria says:

    Tends to happen when you’re in a large group, you end up putting in less effort into your performances because you think others will cover up for you.
    I’m sick of the sick/sore throat excuse, it’s been way overused in that group.

    Jessica wasn’t made for singing, she’s trained hard to get the voice she has and is only just comes off as okay, some of the time. In contrast there are singers who have never trained and never sing a flaw. Jessica’s singing isn’t importants, she’s and IDOL, not a singer anyway.

    And her remark only points out just how much LIVE live singing is. For her to not sing and not have anyone realize it…the back up vocals must be hecka loud. They might as well be lipsyncing.

  18. cherrygirl1be says:

    whenever i look at her i just remember hongki and that parody (and his “flying shoes”) it’s make me laugh πŸ˜€ oh god i don’t know who is much more pretty jessica or hongki πŸ˜€
    poor Tae-yeon…

  19. Omo says:

    Sounds like SNSD can’t really sing with their true voice on stage… pity them that became as a singer…

  20. She’s so cute! Jessica is in the Music Video of Super Junior M: Super Girl

  21. Tonii says:

    jessica!!one of my faves!!that was actually funny, the flying shoe and lip-sync part….

  22. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    ha ha~!

  23. ^_^ says:

    she looks like a trying hard blonde..not good..

  24. Ronix says:

    i dislike this Girl ! ..From my heart

  25. l3aKa says:

    Sica’s just awesome
    loves the fact that she admits her mistakes and apologizes
    the lip-sync thingy was funny tho lol

  26. chester098 says:

    jessica u juz have to shut up… juz let tae yeon sings… u messed up everything… nt a fan of u…

  27. Pukimon says:

    i love snsd.. i hate snsd.. i fuck snsd.. whatever.

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