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Who Has These Chocolate Abs?

What a pleasant surprise!

These abs belong to ballad singer Lee Seung-ki! (I didn’t see that one coming…)

On SBS‘s “Late Night TV Entertainment,” Lee Seung-ki gave fans a good look at his ab-baring photo. The variety program star said he was a little surprised that they wanted to take a photo this way. We, all, are pleasantly surprised.

The poster is a part of the press released for Lee Seung-ki’s 2009 Hope Concert in Seoul, to be held December 12 and 13, 2009, at Seoul’s Olympic Park Fencing Stadium.

Since the broadcast, netizens are eating this photo up! Currently, Lee Seung-ki is topping online surveys asking, “Who has the best abs?” above former 2PM member Jaebum, “IRIS” star Lee Byung-heon, and “Ninja AssassinRain.

What do you think of Lee Seung-ki’s killer abs?


45 Comments on “Who Has These Chocolate Abs?”

  1. kaleneyy says:

    first ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. -__- says:

    aha i guessed right.

  3. lee74 says:

    oh my!!!!!! is this really seung gi’s abs.. you are right, we didn’t see this coming.. wow!!!!!!

  4. joelib says:

    LOL i guessed right

  5. iv3kr says:

    i guessed right ; LOLL he’s getting really popular

  6. aaYoSon. says:

    Whoa i did not expect those to belong to seungi.
    lolll but wow.

  7. seunggi wife.. says:

    i’m actually drooling right now!
    seunggi so delectable..

  8. db4lb_yo says:

    There were some comments in variety shows about his abs, but didn’t think he’d have THOSE abs

  9. jojo says:

    WOW!!!!! SHOCKED THE HELL OWTAF MEEEE!!!!i thought he was just cute!but hes sexi tooo!!! WAAAAH~

  10. Heartbreak96 says:

    oh dang it, i guessed rain…dang it dang it, who would’ve though? woo seunggi is cute

  11. Lucia says:

    it looks kinda fake as if his face was plastered on
    but i guess they wouldn’t do that cause he has to reveal them either way

  12. sevenup says:

    Whoa! They did a ton of photoshop on that one!

  13. maceyUSA says:

    they probably airbrushed whatever abs he does have to show more definitions…..BUT, if his abs really look like that then….WOW! LOL now, on whatever show he’s on they’ll ask him to show them off.

  14. NyNy says:

    Oh really, I’m a bit surprised he had abs! Thought it was Rain and 2AM SeulOng.

  15. mini says:


  16. saya says:


    I Never think that

    that great

  17. jaimiepham says:

    DAMNN . really? (: that’s beautiful

  18. chris says:

    why did they color him brown?

  19. Mel says:

    Omo so hawt! but he looks kinda dark in the picture O.O and I kinda feel his abs were airbrushed a little… I dunno it is only my humble opinion….

  20. Hehe says:

    Haha it’s sure nice to look at! Happy thanksgiving every!

  21. Hehe says:

    oops i ment everyone

  22. […] Gi has abs! Wow, photshopped obvsly. I love him […]

  23. xoxcinderellaxox says:

    OMG!!!!! Is it really him?! I feel like it’s a photoshop…. Too good to be true.

    • luv_BB says:

      he does hv a killer abs,
      he said in 1n2d that the camera shouldn’t capture his bare abdomen~if not,they hv to rate the show ‘R’..

      u better believe those are his!

  24. pikah pikah says:

    my jaw r really dropping!!


    now we know the reason why that he doesn’t and couldn’t show his abs on 2days1night!!!
    ~OMG!!forgive me!!-i couldn’t stop staring at those abs!!

    ~fighting seunggi-yaa!!!!~

  25. mkttlk says:

    wow, our cutie pie has great abs but pic looks photoshopped.

  26. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Wow! i didn’t know Seung ki oppa had abs!

  27. hye jun says:

    i didnt expect this cutie pie has this killer body~~oh boy……yummy….~~~~its totally out of blue…

  28. 2&1 says:

    until he pulls up his shirt and reveals those abs are connected to his face, I won’t believe it. the promo pictures look like photoshop was used. If his body was that fit, they’d be promoting it more.

  29. MBLAQLOVER says:

    Totally unpredictable o_o

  30. nomoyepu says:

    that’s his abs.try to watch 1n2d where park chan ho appeared…

  31. soju says:

    lmfao @ those who voted dRain.

    these abs look 1000 times better than dRain’s ever did!

  32. Doraemon says:

    I wonder if photoshop has a lot to do with his abs being this perfect. hhhmmmm

  33. SHINee freak says:


    I wouldn’t think that he would have used this as a flattery video.. either he had no ideas or it was a last resort.. Probably because he liked it so much that he decided to use it for his own music video.

  34. Girl says:

    HOT! HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. bellay05 says:

    a lot of people answered rain

  36. cham828 says:

    i got it right because i saw this article before, but i still can’t get over it.. cute and angelic face + hot chocolate abs = insanity..
    i never thought that is the body hiding behind those cool outfit.

  37. diy says:

    i thought those were rain’s abs ๐Ÿ˜›

  38. fraulein says:

    Further proof that 99% of korean male entertainers get pec implants

  39. ThePinkKara says:

    i on the other hand thought it was JYP’s…..

    silly meee….

    yey!jae come in 2nd….<3

  40. SYAHIRAH says:

    that’s makes me really crazy about him..
    seung gi i love you..!!!!

  41. phililen3 says:


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