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Lee Byung-hun is Kim Tae-hee’s bodyguard

With a protective arm around Kim Tae-hee, Lee Byung-hun escorts his co-star through the mob of reporter to receive a special award for their work in the KBS drama, IRIS at the 2009 Republic of Korea National Awards at the National Assembly on December 21st.

Girls Generation also picked up an award for “2009 popular music.”

Check out the winners:

2009 film: “Jump” ( 국가대표 2009)
2009 popular music: Girls Generation (SNSD)
2009 TV program: Tears in the Artic
2009 Radio program: Kim Mi-hwa’s world and us
2009 Sport: Under 20 national football team
2009 Musical: Dae-jung-geum, the Musical
Special award: KBS drama, IRIS, Lee Byung-hun and Kim Tae-hee
Kim Tae-hee & Lee Byung-hun

Girls Generation


43 Comments on “Lee Byung-hun is Kim Tae-hee’s bodyguard”

  1. xingyzheng says:

    that’s cute

  2. lilah says:

    Wow! They’re so cute together!
    Congrats SNSD!!!!

  3. joelib says:

    what a loser

  4. La Belle says:

    Kim Tae Hee deserves the title of “Best actress”. Tears in my eyes when seeing drama “IRIS” especially when Seeing was tortured by her lover & when Seeing accepted the death of her lover.

  5. La Belle says:

    Kim Tae Hee ‘s acting is great. Tears in my eyes when seiing Seeing Hee was tortured by her lover.

  6. Micheal says:

    Kim Tae Hee’s acting is GREAT through many situations such as romantic scences, actions, etc… with many different emotions from happy to sad to angry, etc…

    I vote for Kim Tae Hee

    Role of the north female agent is monotone (just sad & cool & broken heart) & easy to play.

  7. PVL says:

    It is just right – they deserve that award – What a good comeback after their long hiatus in television – their performance in IRIS is really amazing and above all they really look lovely together as couple. Hope more projects for the two of them, I’m really looking forward for it.

  8. hehe says:

    taeyeon looks gorgeous as always! so do yoona and yuri. i like yoona’s hair like this a lot.

  9. RedIris says:

    My hear felt pain when I saw Seung Hee was tortured by her lover & when she accepted his death. These scenes are difficult as well as other scences such as romantic scenes & action scenes. Kim Tae Hee really did great job as well as LBH.

    Wish KTH to become the best actress.

    Other actors did good job too as supporting roles.

  10. rose says:

    kth’s acting has improved so much in iris!

  11. more says:

    Kim tae Hee dated Jung Woo-sung areant him and LBH Friends. That is so nasty on Kim tae hee par if they do date

  12. tychul says:

    hate taehee but I love byunghunie. ;D

  13. samoa says:

    Kim Ta Hae best actress in Korea-JOKE OF THE YEAR.

    • bubba says:

      Hahahaa, I totally agree! KTH may have improved but she DEFINITELY didn’t deserve best actress over KSY. Period.

  14. Mutsay says:

    Don’t hate her because she is beautiful !!!!!!!

  15. Dottie says:

    I love this couple!

    And those Lee Byunghun haters: Until someone ups Tiger Woods’ fourteen-women record; everyone’s a good man in my book. Plus, gorgeous Lee is NOT married.

    I think he’s just beautiful.

  16. Hana says:

    I love him! ❤

  17. Perla says:

    Why – Joke of the year – she is by par good as anyone else and she really improve tremendously and she is capable of any award as well.

  18. Anti-unfair says:

    Todays, with eye drops, north female agent can easily have tears in eyes on the farewell scence with LBH. It is too easy to make the face cool & sad throughout the drama. So, any actress can play that role. Why north female agent deserve any praise? North female agent’s acting is just so so.

    I believe Kim Tae Hee did the great job & deserved the praise in Iris drama especially in the scenes of being tortured, accepting the death of LBH, kissing, bed scence, struggling with terrorist & shooting the terrorist (as the sniper).

    KTH does not have boyfriend now, other actors are just friends. Please do not have bias on her because she is so perfect.

    Ofcourse, LBH is the best leading actor. Any way, Sa woo did his job good. His role is more difficult than the role of north male agent. Why Sa woo did not get any praise but north male agent did? UNFAIR.

  19. Anti-unfair says:

    It is UNFAIR if someone gives north female agent a praise but critisizes Kim Tae Hee.

    It is UNFAIR if someone gives north male agent a praise but complains the acting of Sa woo.

    LBH is the great leading actor and Sa woo is the good supporting actor.

    KTH is the great leading actress & north female agent is supporting actress.

  20. Iris fan says:

    Great job for both LBH & Kim Tae Hee.

    Other actors, actresses, all team also did good job.

  21. SecreteXfile says:

    LBH is the best actor. KTH & LBH deserve this award. Great drama. Great job Kim Tae Hui.

  22. more says:

    Kim tae hee is just a pretty face with so so talent

  23. FRUITY says:

    I LOVE that DrAMA!! and they both look good together!

  24. piggybank says:

    Whaa!!! Congrats u guys! The great job has paid off..

  25. International Fan says:

    Great job for both of Kim Tae Hee & LBH. Want to see both of you in the next season of Iris (if any)

  26. mona says:

    i’m from the philippines, i’m an avid fan of lee byung hun..i have been following the show “IRIS” on the net…i dont like the ending of the story that LBH is end-up with KTH. Eventhough that there is one woman (sun hwa)who always beside him. Ready to give her life to him…I’m very happy that the role of LBH was killed in the drama…
    There are also scenes that they are in jeju island..(the hotel and the pool i already saw it in “all in”…)

  27. QuestionToMona says:

    You want to marry all the woman who help you? Greedy & not loyal!

    Seung Hee did save Hyun Jun’s life when she shot the terrorist who could shoot him (episode 17 or 18). If Sun Hwa told Seung Hee that Hyun Jun was still alive, the result would be different.

    Sun Hwa is good when lie to both Seung Hee, Hyun Jun & make them believe their lover was died?
    Any lie to get the love does not worth the praise.

    It is cruel to get the love by making Hyun Jun believes Seung Hee was died.

    Great job for Kim Tae Hee, Lee Byung Heon.

    Role of Sun Hwa is monotone, easy & any actress can play it.

  28. SmallCat says:

    I love Kim Tae Hee’s acting as well as LBH. Great job.

  29. Step says:

    Kim Tae Hee’s pretty charming
    She is beauty, talent and intellectuality…
    popularly speak she is a irreproachable belle.

  30. ToMona says:

    1) Hyun Jun did not shoot Sun Hwa when she tried to assassinate him. So, Sun Hwa owed Hyun Jun a life.
    So, getting the bullet in the arm at the final episode is somewhat can be interpreted that she pays what he did for her in the past.

    2) Seung Hee did help her to escape NSS.
    Seung Hee save Hyun Jun life (in episode 17, 18 or 19) by shooting the terrorist who was going to shoot him.

    3) It is bad when Sun Hwa misled & made both Hyun Jun & Seung Hee believe that their long time lover was died. Sun Hwa’s maneuver to get the love is cruel.
    Sun Hwa loved Hyun Jun & lied to him & made him believe Seung Hun was death. It is bad.

    4)If Sun Hwa told Seung Hee the truth that Hyun Jun was alive, the result would be different.

    5) In Akita, Japan, if Sun Hwa told Hyun Jun that Seung Hee was alive & was looking for him, the result would be different.

    6) Man does not have to sacrify himself to marry any woman just because she saves his life, especially when the fact is that she just pays what he did for her in the past. If he did not spare her life in Japan, how could she live until now?

    7) Any way, it is up to Hyun Jun to choose who he felt in love & he chose Seeing Hee.
    Seung Hee loves only him. She said that she would die with him as needed. She tried her best to look for him & that made her was captured & tortured, etc…

    The role of Seung Hee is very difficult & Kim Tae Hee’s acting stole my heart.


    • White says:

      I think Seung Hee is smart to shoot terrorist to warn about the plot & then remind Hyun Jun to save the president. Doing this way, IRIS cannot know she destroys Iris’ plot (all terrorist died at site)

      Great job for LBH, KTH

      I love Kim Tae Hee’s acting so much, especially the bed scene & the scene she was tortured, the scene she accepted Hyun Jun’s death

  31. Nothing says:

    I think Seung Hee is smart to shoot terrorist to warn about the plot & then remind Hyun Jun to save the president. Doing this way, IRIS cannot know she destroys Iris’ plot (all terrorist died at site)

    Great job for LBH, KTH

    I love Kim Tae Hee’s acting so much, especially the bed scene & the scene she was tortured, the scene she accepted Hyun Jun’s death

  32. KoreanLove says:

    i love Byung Hu Nim!!! i swear!! and i love Agent Seung Hee!! Too bad im in SG and the only channels that i could watch on Korean is KBS World & Arirang TV..frequently, i went to to catch the rest of the i wish SG can subscribe SOLELY KOREAN CHANNELS ONLY!!! Waaah ;(

  33. LBH4EVER says:

    hoping that lee byung hun and song hye kyo will be paired again in a tv drama or a their tandem in “all in”.

  34. AmericanFan says:

    We love Kim Tae Hee’s acting & beauty.
    Great job.

    LBH, also great job. KTH & LBH are just friends, so your hope for LBH+other girl may come true.

  35. AustralianFan says:

    Me too! Here, I & my friends love KTH’s acting & beauty. Great job Kim Tae Hee, LBH

  36. Thanh says:

    I & my friends live in Vietnam. We support Kim Tae Hee & love her acting & beauty. She is popular here too. With us, she is the best.

    We dislike any person who criticizes her, especially when the criticism is unfair with many bias.

  37. nonik says:

    Yups…. i really really love this couple!
    Their acting so natural and match especially in action and bed scene ^^,
    KTH is a smart and beautiful actress while LBH is a great actor!!!! it’s a good job!!!! 🙂

  38. Max says:

    Congratulation LBH, KTH. I love your acting. GREAT DRAMA.

  39. IRISLover says:

    Love the too of them…LBH and KTH are perfect couple:)

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