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Lee Min-ho and Jung Il-woo Act Homosexual

Lee Min-ho (Boys Over Flowers) and Jung Il-woo (Return of Iljimae) are best buddies. That fact is well-known. Sometimes auditioning for the same roles, this time the two flower boys will take on roles that have more in common than being tall and handsome. The BFFs are stretching their acting muscles by acting homosexual.

For the upcoming MBC drama “Personal Preference” (개인의 취향), Lee Min-ho‘s character is not actually homosexual, but the character acts homosexual in order to get close to his love interest, a girl who only befriends homosexual men. “Personal Preference” is set to air sometime in April of this year.

Jung Il-woo will be taking on a character who is homosexual in the play “Beautiful Sunday” (뷰티풀 선데이). In the play, there is a gay couple with a woman in between them. The story is of how the couple breaks apart and is told from different view points. Jung Il-woo is coupled with Lee Jun-seok.

The  opening day for “Beautiful Sunday” is February 4, 2010, at the Hanyang Repertory in Daehang-no, Seoul.

About his role, Jung Il-woo said, “A play within a play, because it is a homosexual role, there are a lot of difficult parts. But I look forward to playing this character, that many don’t get a chance to come in contact with.”

Good luck to both actors!


80 Comments on “Lee Min-ho and Jung Il-woo Act Homosexual”

  1. devi chan says:

    oH…My goOD…
    Lee Min Ho so cUtE…..
    Joong Il WoO So hAndSome…

    —KoReaN Lovers IndOnesia—

  2. mia says:

    yakin tuch berita..????
    setau gw AA gw(lee min hoo) dan calon gw (jung ii woo),,ngareeeppp gpp ko,,..gak homo tauuu..tapi beneran ya???? coz gw gak ngerti bahasanya siiih.

  3. jevnisy says:

    beeeeeeeeeneran th berita setau w lee min hoo
    normal ko jung ll-woo jg normal ko w yakin mereka gk homo
    tauuuuuuuuuu jgn bkn asal2n berita
    dh…. gk bgt…..

  4. misza says:

    min hoo and jung il woo
    soo cute

  5. Ely anggarina says:

    Lee min ho and jung il woo ,they are cute and handsome

  6. MARIFE says:

    LEE MIN HO and JUNG IL WOO are both handsome…lalong lalo kung ngumiti cla OH MY GOSH…!!!

  7. Ferlyn Supan says:

    they have magic in their smile that attracts and pulls the hearts of women :))

    goodluck min ho and il woo ^^

  8. jevnis says:

    hahahha jung il-woo
    jd peran gay…
    tp tetap ja diah gntng
    dan lee min hoo juga

  9. lirafae wells says:

    hi jung ive always watch high kick it ia because of u

  10. lirafae wells says:

    i hope na makabisita ka dito sa pilipinas especially sa bataan tnx ha im your #1 pan

  11. joy says:

    ya…. that’s so duper duper major major true, that jung ill woo is handsome, i really like him a lot….i hope that this 2 buddies will be caste in one major major project and also kimbum…i think it will be a good hit all over in Asia…

  12. loveilwoo says:

    I love Jung il woo very much ^^

    Jung il woo and Lee min ho so cute

  13. […] drama scene since “Take Care of Agassi” in 2009, while focusing on theatre in “Beautiful Sunday,” is finally returning as a flower boy “death guide” for a well-off woman (Nam […]

  14. Graham says:

    Obvious gays are obvious.

  15. […] role in “Take Care of Agasshi,” Jung Il-woo went to the theater with the play “Beautiful Sunday,” playing a challenging role of a young gay man with AIDS. The rising star explained how his […]

  16. len says:

    lee min ho and jung il woo are very handsome and cute..!!
    i hope na makita ko kayo in personal..!!!
    I love you oppa.!!!! saranghae…

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