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T-ara album jacket revealed!

Hyo-min‘s rocking those shades!

They look good as usual, but is this an album photoshoot or accesorise campaign? The hand models girls covered their faces in most shots which, is quite a pity. We have to say So-yeon looks better with long hair. Bo-ram has to work on her ‘evil seduction’ because we think she still doesn’t exude any sex appeal. Or maybe she’ll surprise us during their comeback?

Their repackaged album title has been amended, it’s now ‘Breaking heart’ as opposed to the previous title, ‘Braking Heart’. According to their website, it was a typo error. We are tremendously looking forward to their comeback. With a hot track like ‘I go crazy because of you’, who wouldn’t? Check out the photos below.



23 Comments on “T-ara album jacket revealed!”

  1. first? says:

    first o.o, btw, love their theme

    • first? says:

      fine lol second x3, also, what’s with all the hand signals? was it connectd to their new album or just part of the pose :o?

  2. Jase says:

    probably pose

  3. Garfield says:

    Boram and Jiyeon look the best.

  4. t-ara forever says:

    they all look mature .. love t ara ❤ … fighting

  5. meh says:

    hahaha their outfits make me think of safety hazard signs xD

  6. hyungmin1o says:

    oh gosh ..

    they’re all beautiful ..

    t ara ❤

  7. Chiara says:

    I liked the other shot better… This one is nice but I guess I’m tired of bands wearing the same exact outfit of variations of a color or pattern (stripes here)… Also I don’t like the filter they used for some pictures, the girls look like they have green hair ( I don’t know the members name )

  8. winwoot says:

    where’s their paws ? hahaa . acting like big girls at last . but yeah they look like doing some modelling for accesorise brand lol . try creating a new style mayb .

  9. Hana says:

    eh…there ok…but i like their song lol…t-ara fighting!

  10. HiWorld says:

    oh dang.. unnie’s =)

  11. JT says:

    Wow. They’re really beautiful. And i’m glad they added a little more color than just black. makes them just a bit more different than the other girl groups who’re also doing the whole “sexy black” thing.
    Can’t wait!

  12. Dala says:

    their sooo fricken pretty!!!

  13. ella says:

    BEAUTIFUL. t-ara is the best.

  14. tonii says:

    i’m digging their comeback more and their concept.KARA failed to deliver with their LUPIN thingy.their mv didn’t even show anything LUPIN or “stealer/thief” concept.

  15. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    They look like taxi’s that are modeling~ ha ha

    but their concept has really changed!!!

  16. jen says:

    hehe im starting to like them
    their songs are pretty good actually
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  17. meriko says:

    hauda uiep!

  18. stoepidcoepid says:

    sexy new t-ara. xD

  19. NoNotaro129 says:

    They look great in This Style. Especially black and yellow tone costume.

  20. me says:

    no.. hyomin should stop wearing those glasses… it doesn’t match her.. makes her look.. fobby.. haha.. love their new song though..

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