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BEAST’s album cover is a “shock”

What’s the use of being in a group if you can’t take a group photo together?

Boy group, BEAST’s new mini album, Shock Of The New Era” album jacket was  stitched together.  The reason behind this was the tight schedules of the individual members made it almost impossible them to meet up in one location. With hot body, Lee Ki-kwang, in MBC’s “High Kick Through The Roof” and Yoon Don-joon in” Sunday Sunday Night corner Danbi,” they barely had enough time to shoot a music video.

What a shock?


27 Comments on “BEAST’s album cover is a “shock””

  1. kelly says:

    yay! shock shock

  2. christy says:

    so..what. i still love them…n_n

  3. Wglover says:

    That is very look a like with 2PM’s 1:59 album cover.. I wonder if that’s just me though

  4. jeosung b says:

    B2ST is the BEST of the BEAST!!!

    luv them ❤

  5. LPK says:

    They are all so hot!!! Eventhough they didnt take a picture together, they still rocked the cover.

    By the way, I like the banner. BoA♥

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  7. -BLAH. says:

    I like the dark mysterious vibe they got going on. =)

  8. HiWorld says:

    aaaww, w/e tho at least theyre getting popular =)

  9. Smoo says:

    What’s the bid deal? 2PM’s cover was very similar, and sometimes individual shots can be better anyways.

  10. ddong says:

    wtf they just copied micky yoochuns hair D::D)

  11. ddong says:

    wtf they just copied micky yoochuns hair D::D)

    (sorry like half my comment didnt post or something….(or maybe it did lol)

  12. they really changed a lot! they look mature compared to their bad girl mv… but love the change though! :]

  13. […] BEAST's album cover is a “shock” « POPSEOUL! […]

  14. I seriously don’t feel like reading popseoul anymore.
    I think popseoul writer is way too biased!
    I notice that in most Wonder girls posts, if possible, the writer would express the article in a bad if he or she was an anti-fan of WG. I’m not a WG fan though.
    So what if a group is too busy to meet up for a photo?
    They are still working hard to promote this album and everything.
    I do agree that it looks abit like 2pm’s album cover but it’s no big’s the looks of each Beast member that makes a really huge difference in a good way.
    It’s the best it can get. LOVE BEAST:)

  15. SHINee&Beast says:

    I really don like this popseoul writer-.- THEY are like SUPER BIASED-_- Come on >< So stop being obviously biased-.-

  16. Hot nana says:

    Need more in depth info in members of the groups.

  17. Holly says:

    I’m pretty sure there have been many Korean albums through the years that have featured the singers separately. Koreans just really love to complain about anything and everything with celebrities it’s extremely annoying. It looks more like a concept to me than anything.

  18. T.R.A says:

    well atleast its not like DBSK’s situation 😦
    they were never together in the break out video 😦

    oh well


  19. mudpuddles says:

    Separate photos is becoming a big issue now? ShinHwa’s album covers were taken separately too. Gees. Freak out and blow it out of proportion, popseoul.

  20. alia says:

    i really like you BEAST , you are totally hot and awesome ,i love u all ! your new song is so fantastic and i really like it , it so awesome !! aww ,

  21. waan says:

    I LOVE YOU BEASt u guys are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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