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Hyori faces major plagiarism accusations

It’s going to take more than a clown to cheer up Hyori… her composer, Bahnus helped compose seven songs for Hyori’s ‘H-Logic’ album and 6 out of 7 songs are being questioned for plagiarism.

So are these accusations legit? They might be since there is no acknowledgement stating that these songs were sampled in the album credit.

Sampling is when an artist takes a portion of the sound recording and uses it for their own song. To prevent legal actions and plagiarism accusations, artists who want to use sampled clips must first obtain authorization from the original artist before they can sample.

Out of the 6 accusations, one song is confirmed to be plagiarized from a Canadian girl group- Cookie Couture.

Cookie Couture released their song “Boy, Bring it Back” in 2008 and Hyori released her song “Bring it Back” this year.

Stacy Maroske, a member of the girl group released a statement on after finding out Hyori had plagiarized their song:

“I was shocked when I first heard Lee Hyori’s 2010 recording. I couldn’t believe how similar the song was. It’s almost an exact replica, even down to our vocal riff’s. I mean we worked really hard as a group to write this song and perfect it back in 2008. It just seems really unfair that this song is being sold on iTunes by an artist who has stolen the song from us. It’s plagiarism, and we hope we see justice.”

Cookie Couture fully owns the rights to the song “Boy, Bring it Back” and they have hired a lawyer to go after Hyori. Although it is uncertain who Cookie Couture will be suing, Hyori has some trouble coming her way.

To make things worse, none of Hyori’s representatives could be reached to comment on the accusations.

Here are the songs that Hyori is being accused of. Take a listen and you be the judge:

Cookie Couture- Boy, Bring it Back VS. Hyori- Bring it Back

Lil Precious- So Insane VS. Hyori- I’m Back

Melanie Durrant- Feel the Same VS. Hyori- Feel the Same

Mikis Theodorakis- The Train Leaves At Eight VS. Hyori- Swing

Jason DeRulo- How Did We Get VS. Hyori- How Did We Get

Annie Lennox- No More “I Love Yous” VS. Hyori- Memory

Incredible similarities don’t you think?


374 Comments on “Hyori faces major plagiarism accusations”

  1. hey guys says:

    lee hyori is ORIGINAL
    이효리가 원조라고
    lee hyoriが援助です。
    Лий hyori е помощ
    لي هيوري هو مساعدة
    Lee Hyori adalah membantu

    제발 좀 알고 떠들어 읭?

  2. nabi의 생각…

    이효리 이번앨범 나름 변신을 많이 해서 괜찮았는데. 알고보니 다 도용한것. 예능에서 보여주던 자신감 자존심 다 어디갔니….

  3. CandyGirl89 says:

    omg can someone translate these korean messages?

  4. Truus says:

    Foreign netizens who do not speak Korean found it that Mnet Bahnus lied to the public.
    All the original artist never sold their rights.
    all information you will need is publicly available.

  5. CandyGirl89 says:

    all songs stolen

  6. a natezen says:

    hyory is korean s garbage zz

  7. pagisto says:

    All about this issue is suck,

  8. What’s this? This is song?
    Hyori is bad..

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