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Jang Dong-gun and Ko So-young lavish wedding!


something we mere mortal can only dream of…

Mega stars, Jang Dong-gun and Go So-young tied the knot on 2nd May. The wedding ceremony was held at Shilla Hotel. After teasing the entire nation with their wedding photos, the  A-listers couple dazzles us with their conspicuous beauty and guest list. About 500 of influential people were invited. From US Ambassadors to the fellow A-listers. What perfect place to hand out your business cards huh?

Mr and Mrs Jang will be spending the long passionate night in the hotel’s presidential suite. Just to rub it in as to how filthy rich they are, the suite cost US $8000 per night. Can just imagine how delectable the wedding banquet would be…

The golden couple shall leave for their 4 day honeymoon at Bali,Indonesia the next day. We still do not understand why some people Lee Jung-hyun would turn up wearing casual clothes. Why jeans? It’s Jang Dong-gun’s wedding for crying out loud!

Go So-young, looks ravishing in her Oscar De La Renta gown. And it sure hides her pregnant belly well. Jang Dong-gun on the other hand, is all dapper in his black tuxedo. A beautiful couple no doubt. Check out the photos below.

isn’t she lovely…isn’t she wonderful?



44 Comments on “Jang Dong-gun and Ko So-young lavish wedding!”

  1. hayz says:

    congrats to both of them,… they both gorgeous,..

  2. gee_tee says:

    Congratulations to the newly married couple! JDG looks dashing while KSY looks radiantly beautiful. I wish them all the best. 🙂

  3. ais says:

    korea’s brangelina!!! lovely couple indeed 🙂

  4. yuki says:

    wew, they will go to Bali, wkwkwkww

    HAJAR GAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. fraulein says:

    I love looking at pics of guests at A lister wedding like this.

    That pic of KSW and picture looks so darn good. Although the wifey’s body language of clinging onto the husband’s arm like that is a sign that not all is well. But still, little Luke has got to be the cutest tike after Suri Cruise

    And Song Seung Hoon has not changed out of his East of Eden filming attire yet?

  6. cute girl says:

    Kwon family are really adorable with the baby.

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  8. LadyIgraine says:

    I had to double take Kwon Sangwoo’s family picture. I just can’t believe he’s married and a father, lol!

  9. comet says:

    I’m so glad theirs wasn’t the cloak-and-dagger kind of wedding where no photographs were allowed to be taken! I’m so happy for this lovely couple. Wow! Korea’s ‘who-s who’ seem to have gathered for JDG’s wedding!

  10. Monick says:

    So Ji sub looks super sexyyy

  11. db4lb_yo says:

    really hope they’ll be happy

  12. nileey says:

    congrats to the happy couple!

  13. Missy says:

    As great as these 2 are…when it comes to wedding pictures, Eun Ji Won and his bride had the best wedding photo(s)…released. Background and scenery were amazing!!

  14. InMyHead says:

    Congratulation to JDG and GSY! Btw, where the hell is BAE YONG JOON? Is he attend the wedding or not? Im looking for Choi Ji Woo also!

  15. bambelina says:

    what a dream couple !

  16. cdnpoint says:

    Best dressed guests-the couple in the blue outfits, which are very spring-like and joyful even.

    Most upset-looking female guest-the one on the gauzy brown twist dress-she looks ready to clobber someone for taking her photo. The dress is wearing her and the shoes are not helping.

    Rain-he is dressed for a club night, not a wedding.

    • kai says:

      My sentiment exactly. Seems that people in Korea don’t dress up much for weddings other than the bride and groom. Most of them looked like they were out for a casual dinner and worst, even dressed in black.

  17. Yvonne says:

    I hate to rain on such a seemingly happy wedding, but there is something sinister about the bride

  18. lalala says:

    where is wonbin?i thought he is a good friend of jang dong gun?

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  21. bo young says:

    they are the royal couple of korea

  22. Jp says:

    I wonder why not many photographs of A list celebrities such as Choi Ji Woo or Wonbin. If I am not wrong, Wonbin acted with him before.

  23. luvyenz says:

    Finally…congratulations Jang-Ko’s couple. Have a baby before marriage it’s a trend in korea’s clebrities? wow…hope u have a nice n cute baby,chukae…

  24. erka says:

    congratulation to couple . they are gorgeous. wish a happy

  25. seanna says:

    actually the mosy impressive is not the money spent but the guess.its soooooo star studded that you just want to look and look the photo to see the star.

  26. kai says:

    I have never watched any drama with the bride in it but with all the advances in cosmetic surgery in Korea, she should have gotten rid of the mole on her nose.

  27. dee says:

    ooohhh..she looks so beautiful…
    actually lea michelle from the “glee” series wore the same dress to the Golden Globe
    I didn’t know that there is a wedding gown version of it
    and it looks definitely better worn by GSY!!!

  28. Jeydi ! says:

    !!!!!RAIN<333333333333333….he and Jang Dong Gun had super "Giordano"-CF's right ?;) …oh and Kwon Sang Woo's little family is soo cute:) maaaany stars 😛

  29. angelLAZY says:

    OMG! so many STARS came to his wedding!!! I wish I was there!!! T.T he was my DREAM GUY! and seeing him getting marry is so heart throbbing for me! >.< LOLS. He's the ONE guy who got me all crazyed up for kdramas and korean guys! I was only 13 when i fell in love with him! and now im 20 and he's getting marry and is going to be a daddy!!! WOW im so happy for him and his wife… they look BEAUTIFUL!

  30. lizandu says:

    So Ji Sub super hot! I don’t know why the hell someone would wear jeans to a wedding?!

  31. nda says:

    congratulation……happy wedding… i hope thet hapily ever after…no divorce!!!!!

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  33. peace says:

    Oh man! the second picture at the end is the hottest.

  34. m'lati says:


    but Shilla Hotel…the super expensive presidential suite reminded me of Chae Rim Wedding on May 2003

  35. yyang0124 says:

    whoo hoo!!! congrat to you both!!! god bless u & your soon to be born child!! Love ya!

  36. vikky says:

    ¿Korea’s brangelina? jajajajja is pathetic.
    Where is Han Jae Suk? I thought he is a good friend of Jang Dong Gun? Obviously not.

  37. dory says:

    All these hot korean guys and no date…where is Song Hye Kyo? I want to hear about all the dramas.
    Love you Song!

  38. grapes* says:

    well they seem perfect for each other..congratulations to them..:)

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  40. jhochelle says:


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