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Is Rain the “Biggest Badass Star”?

MTV believes you might think so.

Ninja AssassinRain is a nominee for the 2010 MTV Movie Awards in the category of “Biggest Badass Star” along with Hollywood heavyweights, such as Sam Worthington (Avatar, Clash of the Titans), Chris Pine (Star Trek), Channing Tatum (G.I. Joe), and Angelina Jolie (Wanted).

Quite a worthy nod considering that the MTV Movie Awards represent the American youth mainstream.

It is hard for me to gauge how people would vote for this particular category, since the profile blurbs mention a few movies that were not technically released in 2009-2010. So am I supposed to vote based on the level of badassery just this past year or overall? Looking through the categories, Rain would win hands down if he was a “Global Superstar” nominee.

Do you think Rain deserves being titled the biggest badass by MTV America?

If you think so, click over here to vote. The results and show will air June 6th.


35 Comments on “Is Rain the “Biggest Badass Star”?”

  1. f(x)istheBest says:


  2. lucies2 says:

    I love Rain, but my vote goes to Angelina Jolie!

  3. Summer says:

    No way all. RAIN IS THE BEST BADASS STAR. He’s sooo much harder working than any of the nominations

  4. rocky says:

    Let’s just hope MTV doesn’t see his Korean cd cover where he dolls up his eyelashes. Badasses don’t look like women unless they are actually women.

    Chris Pine is the bigger bad ass. He made star trek cool for people who couldn’t care less about Captain Kirk.

    • Kaybee says:

      Hahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahaahahaha!!!! Your comment made my morning! Who need coffee now! …”dolls up his eyelashes” Hahahahahahaaha…. 😀

    • sue says:

      oh i don’t know, i kind of thought that spock was more badass than chris pine; too bad spocks not on the list 😦

      anyways off tangent: id vote for bi just because he is working hard to break into the American entertainment industry.

  5. Calico says:

    Angelina wins hands down. Rain just wasn’t believable but he did look great.

  6. Min2 says:

    Yes,and i know his gonna win this award

  7. Joli007 says:

    LMAO, badassery?

  8. Dovey says:

    I’m not really sure, but if he happens to win, then a sweet congratulations to the man. And no, I’m not gonna vote just because I don’t want to. XD

  9. nkaozoueher says:

    I think he deserves better, but if he had to be here, then YEAH ALL THE FREAKIN WAY!

  10. Afromantic says:

    Phooey!! I tried to log in to vote for Rain but you need an account to do so. No more accounts for me but Rain definitely has my vote 😀

  11. Boomi says:

    I don’t know if it deserves it, but I voted for him. In any case, I always will be happy if a Korean receives a prize!

  12. Uridissie says:

    I’ll vote for Rain! ^_^
    I’m not a fan but I’ve been seeing tweets that he has this great appeal.. especially on the movie ‘Ninja Assassin’. I watched some parts of the said movie (coz i’m not really a fan of bloody movies, I covered my eyes on most of the scenes :p ) and I do agree that he did very well on playing his part on that film.

  13. miki1 says:

    Of course he deserves it!! Nobody trained as hard as he did for this role and his fight scenes were so superb that they warrant it. Title is tongue ‘n cheek and in MTV standards but I want to see him on stage and be the proudest badass star for all of Korea!!! BTW, how do you say “badass” is Korean?? ^_^

  14. sweet rainna says:


  15. =.='' says:

    i don’t understand the reason behind why there is so much hype and stuff about rain. he’s only okay-looking, his english skills aren’t really that up to par, his acting needs more practice, his dancing moves are (sometimes) okay, his singing isn’t really that excellent, must i go on? what’s the big hype about him?

    • melody says:

      Wondering have you ever watched A Love To Kill drama in 2006 stared Rain. Although I really love Full House, I thought that his acting in ALTK was superb, and I become his fan because of his acting in that movie. Have you ever seen Rainism dance choreography? That dance was freaking hot, and I have not seen any dancer or singer who can dance to that song better than Rain. He works so hard for the last 8 years to become so big in Korea today, and many artists are considering him as their ideal man or idol. There is no one in Korea who can be good at both acting and singer in Korea except Rain

      • C. Slaughter says:


      • =.='' says:

        he’s not a good actor or singer thank you very much.

      • Chuchu says:

        Melody, What you stated is not true. There are other stars that can sing, dance and act better than Rain. Several of the DBSK guys can dance, sing and act. They sing and dance wayyyyy better than Rain. Rain used to my favorite Korean star until I saw others who could sing and dance better than him. As for his acting in A Love to Kill, I honesty wonder if Rain was just being himself since he comes from a rough background anyway. Other actors and actresses work just as hard as Rain at becoming buff and learning their lines. I agree with the person who stated there is a lot of hype that surrounds him but there is not a lot of substance.

  16. yeppers says:

    Angelina is the true badass!

  17. xoroxox says:

    no, he’s the biggest want to be…!!

    • theend says:

      and the delusional author said:

      >>Looking through the categories, Rain would win hands down if he was a “Global Superstar” nominee.

      ahhhaaaahhahahha can’t be an absolute failure in America and win that one.

  18. Chuchu says:

    Angelina Jolie wins this hands down. There is nothing like a woman who can kick azz and who looks good doing it.

  19. Afromantic says:

    Rain is hot so this =_= person is just another typical hater. You comment on every article with your hate filled remarks thinking you make sense but you do not. I am not a major fan of SNSD but I don’t comment on their articles. Why? Because its dumb! I don’t waste time on things I don’t like. I’m assuming you’re a teen or a younger kid. Because for someone to spend so much time hating on someone else, they have to have the intelligence of a child…just an assumption. 😉 God bless you but learn the good ol’ quote: “you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say nothing at all.” saves you a lot of trouble.

    • =.='' says:

      how am i the typical hater? and no, someone obviously can’t count. i only comment on articles that i think aren’t worth the words used to write them. i don’t comment on every single article. as for my comment, wheredoes it say “omgosh, he’s so ugly, he’s so stupid, etc” like other typical hate comments? how does my comment not make sense? i was questioning the reasoning behind the big hype rain has. again, someone obviously can’t read english. :]
      and no, you’re wrong, i’m not a young teen or kid. so can i tell you a quote too? don’t assume things you don’t know. :]

  20. fraulein says:

    Much as I love Rain, there is no contest. Angeline Jolie could knick it.

    The rest of the nominees have too much distance between them and Rain

  21. Afromantic says:

    That’s not a quote dude. Secondly, the fact that you try and insult me by saying ‘you obviously can’t read english’ proves that you are indeed a child. I rest my case. Good day, kid.

    • ;] says:

      That is a quote, “DUDE”. And you’re welcome :] Oh and okay, I’m a kid, I can have more fun than you :] But you keep coming back and giving me more to comment on, why do you do that? You’re giving me more fun ^_______^

    • ;] says:

      Oh and btw, I’ll correct myself. It’s not that you can’t read English, you can’t understand the words you’re reading. So I’ll say it again, my comment wasn’t a typical hate comment, I wanted to know why there’s a hype. Can you understand now? K bye.

  22. divina says:

    yes!!!!!!!!thats why his movie rated R!!!!!!!!!!

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