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[PopSelca]The Wonder Girls’ Woo Hae-lim is a Twitgoo pro!

This girl knows how to tweet her pictures!

The newest “So Hot” member of the Wonder Girls is showing off her twitter skills. She can now add tweeting to her language fluency list.(Korean,English,Twitter,etc..) You have to admit tweeting is a new language.We tweet more than we talk to one another! Hae-lim has mastered the new social networking language with her personal Wonder Girl Twitter page. You can read all her fluent tweets here:

The Wonder Girl not only tweets she can twitgoo too! What is a twitgoo? Apparently, it’s another way to share your twitpics. I know all of you know what that is. We are all addicted to the great mighty twitter. Hae-lim teaches us a different way to share pictures via here twitter page. Check out her Twitgoos right here:

Now, don’t “Tell MeNobody” never taught you anything! You can now cry “2 Different Tears” of joy with your newfound Twitter wisdom. Thank you Hae-lim!


26 Comments on “[PopSelca]The Wonder Girls’ Woo Hae-lim is a Twitgoo pro!”

  1. Yuhee Song says:

    i love her makeup

  2. Summer says:

    DOn’t like the Wonder Girls and don’t have or need, or like Twitter

  3. rocks says:

    Hae lim sarangge

  4. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Its weird how she’s not pretty in the Nobody and 2DT pics but she’s pretty in the selcas

  5. tewkewl says:

    she needs to get surgery on her upper lip. actually, she needs to have to give her an upper lip.

  6. kay says:

    caked on makeup can do wonders……well kinda on this girl.

  7. soni says:

    She’s cute and no, she doesn’t need surgery.

  8. Dovey says:

    She’s fluent in English as well? I never knew that.

  9. risadark says:

    honestly..watching the wonder girls perform live isn’t the same anymore..they literally look UNHAPPY and LACK THE UMPH THE ENGERY…

    don’t get me wrong..the new girl has a beautiful voice but still..this group would have been better off being a group of 4 like 2ne1..

  10. dollylady says:

    twitter is so addictive these days!

  11. The makeup is horrible, but I think she’s rather hot! I keep focusing my attention on her during recent performances – something about her is very seductive. xD

  12. rocks says:

    woo hae lim is the best

  13. suga says:

    wow she actually looks good for once in the bottom right one!


    she looks old like in her 30s or 40s

  15. […] [PopSelca]The Wonder Girls’ Woo Hae-lim is a Twitgoo pro! This girl knows how to tweet her pictures! […] […]

  16. charlie says:

    i dunno why but i like the other wondergirls better… not digging the new chicks. it’ll probably take a while to get used to the new member….

    anywhoos. she needs some lip plumper on her upper lip. i wonder what her before pic looks like?

  17. Gaga says:

    Her lashes look scary… I don’t think she sings as well as
    Soo Hee in 2 differnet tears. Just my opinion.

  18. keiguluv says:

    I am so tired of Popseoul’s author’s puns…this one was actually funny but usually they’re overdone and used too often. Also, good authors never assume that their readers know what they’re talking about. Many people won’t know what Twitgoos are, myself included. As a result, the message of this whole article was lost to me and others. I don’t see why Hae Lim’s pictures are “different” from other selca pictures that I’ve seen from other artists.

  19. Monnica says:

    Hae Lim~ 😀 Haha, I’m really starting to like this girl a lot more than I did when she first joined. ^-^

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