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F.T. Island’s “Beautiful Journey” of “Love,Love,Love”

The indie rock band F.T. Island has returned to Korea with a new album and single!

For the past few months,F.T. Island has been in Japan promoting their singles “Flower Rock” and “Brand New Days“. This month the band decided to return home and share their “Love Love Love“!

The band released their second mini album entitled “Beautiful Journey” on August 25th. Along with this new project,they have started their weekly entertainment show promotions of a new single called “Love Love Love“.

We know it’s been awhile,but now we can witness their “beautiful journey” of “love love love” back to Korea!


16 Comments on “F.T. Island’s “Beautiful Journey” of “Love,Love,Love””

  1. -BLAH. says:

    Love Love Love FT Island! (:

  2. jnyarcalas says:

    They always comeback with something fresh! Love it and them! ^.^

  3. Summer says:

    OMG!!! I LOVE F.T ISLAND!!!!! SARANGHAE!!! not sure if im feeling the red hair though. i was feeling the blonde thing that was going on, but red, im not so sure

  4. toffu(^_~) says:

    aww i loved honki’s hair in “you’re beautiful”…now it looks funny

  5. random sh*t says:

    they never fail to impress me.

  6. thebest says:

    Indie? Since when were they indie?

  7. ForeverK-POP says:

    0ow~~ love love love oppa Hongki oppa Jaejin oppa jonghyun de most’… Hik Hik … My Ft island love ya~~

  8. kpopobsess says:

    Waaah I love them so much!!!!!
    They are so cute!!
    Hongki oppa’s hair kinna confuse me >.<
    But I still love him!! ❤

  9. pooja says:


  10. kpop says:

    omg.. love guys,, nice song … goodluck..
    love you you jong hun..

  11. Jang Geun Suk says:

    Goodluck.. GO GO GO !!

  12. […] Island recently made a comeback with their title song, “Love Love Love” and appeared on tvN music show ‘Newton‘ to discuss their group […]

  13. […] had a new photo shoot for the winter 2010 collection. In August, the band released their song “Love Love Love” from their album “Beautiful Journey” and it was really […]

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